A former Trump ally betrayed America with a jaw-dropping attack

President Trump has enemies in Washington, D.C.

That includes many of his former allies and even administration officials.

And one former Trump ally just launched a jaw-dropping anti-Trump attack.

For less than a week, Anthony Scaramucci served as President Trump’s Director of Communications in the White House.

In that short span, he embarrassed himself horribly, forcing President Trump to fire him.

After his embarrassing White House stint and firing, he thought he’d slide into a gig as a pro-Trump talking head, but no one in the media wanted him for that.

So he changed colors, becoming a vocal anti-Trump figure to get in front of fake news networks like CNN’s cameras.

And on a recent CNN appearance, he declared that Trump “will not be the nominee come November,” stating he will either be forced out of office, or Republicans will force him to drop out of the race.

Breitbart News reports:

Scaramucci said, “President Trump will not be the nominee come November. He’ll be either out of office or make a declaration that he’s not running for re-election. Now you’re going to have an open system in terms of who’s going to be that nominee.”

He added, “Two months from now, there’ll be an impeachment inquiry. He’ll be the third person to be impeached. Then you’re also seeing cracks in the foundation of the Republican establishment which generally dislike the guy. They’ll say good things about him right now because his supposed approval ratings in the Republican party are high. But I think those are superficial numbers.”

“As more of that information comes out, there’ll be a Goldwater, Howard Baker moment where they’re going to go to him saying, look. you got to leave,” he continued. “Or maybe they can negotiate something with Speaker Pelosi where he can stay until the end of his term. He’s either leaving before the end of the term or not running for re-election. Okay? The level of illegality is so far and beyond what could be normal. This is still a country that’s a rule of law country.”

Of course, this claim is ridiculous.

Trump holds a historic 95% approval rating in the Republican Party.

If leading Republicans were stupid enough to oust him, they’d have trouble winning a presidential election again soon.

But that’d be hard considering that Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

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    TOM, Your pea brain has just had a nuclear insanity explosion! You had best grab up that gang of trolls you have with you and haul ass! I called the men in white with the straitjackets to come get you and your insane troll buddies to put you away before somebody hurts YOU, the whole bunch of you!
    You are a particularly nasty Dem troll having a bad day! What’s the matter, did Mommy forget to pack a snack in your lunchbox?
    Why don’t you grow up and stop being such a Adam Schit to the “nice” people on this site? They’re being civilized, a social grace you have not mastered, unfortunately.

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