A former Obama advisor just destroyed Joe Biden for pushing this outrageous deception

Joe Biden was once Barack Obama’s loyal wingman.

But things are so bad under Joe Biden that even Obama loyalists are panicking.

And now a former Obama advisor just destroyed Joe Biden for pushing this outrageous deception.

Joe Biden was given a successful economic recovery from the pandemic by President Trump.

But it took Biden less than a year to sink the economy to lows not seen since Jimmy Carter.

Biden’s $2 trillion American Rescue Plan was supposed to be for pandemic relief.

Instead, it wasted trillions of dollars on the biggest left-wing special interest giveaway in American history.

The economy was flooded with trillions in debt-financed money that sent inflation skyrocketing.

Inflation is now at its highest level in 40 years.

But many experts say the worst is yet to come.

Bowing to the environmental wackos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Biden set out to destroy American energy.

Pipelines were banned, drilling permits were shut down, and oil companies were threatened to be wiped out by Green New Deal policies.

Throw in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and gas prices are setting records across the country.

Crushed by rampant inflation and record gas prices, the economy is now headed towards a recession.

After creating this crisis, the Biden regime has been flailing around trying to come up with excuses to pin their failures on.

With Russia in the news, Biden has turned to the Left’s favorite boogeyman, Vladimir Putin.

“Make no mistake, the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin,” Biden said.

At another event, Biden claimed, “Now the second big reason for inflation is Vladimir Putin and gas prices. Not a joke.”

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki and the corporate-controlled media have dutifully parroted this ridiculous lie.

Biden thinks the American public is too stupid to notice that gas prices and inflation were skyrocketing long before the Ukraine crisis.

Former top Barack Obama advisor, David Axelrod, was having none of this ridiculous excuse.

He said, “Why not just be blunt with people … now they’ve overcorrected, and for a few days he [President Joe Biden] was saying, you know, everything was Putin’s price hikes, inflation was Putin’s fault.”

“People don’t believe that either. They know that we had inflation before this. They know that guy prices were high before this. You can’t blame everything in the economy on Putin,” Axelrod continued.

A former Obama advisor publicly calling out Biden over this only proves what a laughable excuse using Putin is for high gas prices.

Even Democrats aren’t buying Biden’s malarkey.

Since he has no solutions to inflation or gas prices, Biden is left fumbling around for excuses.

Axelrod joins former Obama officials Larry Summers and Steve Rattner in blasting Biden over inflation.

Both have blamed Biden for creating the inflation crisis.

With former Obama officials openly critical of Biden, this could be a sign that Democrats are ready to pull the plug on his failing regime.

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