A former CNN insider revealed the real reason Jim Acosta hates Donald Trump

Jim Acosta spent four years warring with Donald Trump.

The two regularly went head-to-head with Trump lambasting the network as “fake news” while Acosta would heckle the President.

And this former CNN insider revealed the real reason Jim Acosta hates Donald Trump.

Fox News Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz used to host CNN’s Sunday morning media show.

Kurtz addressed the comments made by Jim Acosta and other CNN reporters in a piece for The Atlantic where they admitted they did not intend to cover the Biden administration aggressively.

In the piece, Acosta claimed President Trump calling out media bias was a “national emergency” and that his job should merit “hazard pay.”

Kurtz blasted Acosta for publicly admitting he would not cover a Democrat administration as aggressively as a Republican administration and that he has a “personal vendetta” against President Trump.

“I was absolutely shocked,” Kurtz stated. “Look, Jim Acosta got a book deal and a little bit of fame by constantly trashing President Trump, debating him by the rather than questioning him and pushing his own agenda. For him now to tell ‘The Atlantic,’ among other quotes, the Trump presidency was a nonstop national emergency and that he couldn’t stomach the president’s attack on the press really shows that for Jim Acosta this has been personal vendetta.”

Kurtz cited other CNN on-air talents and their overheated rhetoric about the President as why few Americans trust the so-called “mainstream” media.

“Acosta’s colleague at CNN, reporter John Harwick, calls President Trump a psychopath and a kook. No wonder conservatives don’t trust journalists. No wonder the 74 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump think there is a blatant double standard,” Kurtz added.

Kurtz is correct.

A brand new Gallup poll found just 10 percent of Republicans trust the so-called “mainstream” media.

That is a direct result of Democrat partisans like Jim Acosta pretending to be journalists.

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