A Democrat’s career is over because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh

The Senate voted to advance Brett Kavanuagh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Everyone wondered how it would affect the 2018 midterms.

The answer became clearer when one Democrat’s career ended because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin announced he would vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

He only did so after Republicans secured the 50 votes necessary to break a Democrat filibuster.

It was a typical empty gesture by Manchin.

Manchin – who claims to be pro-gun but sponsored legislation creating Barack Obama’s national gun registration database scheme – is a two-faced politician.

Voters learned not to trust him.

That’s why he is in a dog fight with West Virginia Attorney General Pat Morrisey.

Donald Trump Jr. called Manchin out for his phony vote on Kavanaugh.

It was a devastating tweet that made it clear the people of West Virginia needed to vote out Manchin.

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62 Responses

  1. Alberta says:

    Joe Manchin is one of the finest, most honest men you have ever had in office. We need a lot more like him. Yes, I’m a Democrat!

  2. Donna Palmer-Robin says:

    Good for you all. Lovehugs 2-U all xoxo

  3. Donna Palmer-Robin says:

    Good for you all. Lovehugs 2-U all xoxo

  4. Donna Palmer-Robin says:


  5. Donna Palmer-Robin says:

    We can only hope they get out of our way.
    We want government FOR AND BY THE

  6. Donna Palmer-Robin says:

    I AGREE. GET RID OF THESE UNAMERICAN politicians. Not representatives of the people. .
    Donna Palmer-Robin

  7. Debra says:

    You got that right!!!!

  8. JLR342 says:


  9. JLR342 says:

    I agree, and I’m a republican also. Senators need to vote the aims of their constituents, but being Liars is not Kosher. Vote concerning the truth, not dreamed up lies that you know are lies, but perpetrate in order to sway the voters rather than to be swayed by the voters.

  10. Terrie says:

    I am a republican, but I think as long as Joe Manchin does the will of the people of WV, he should be reelected. Sadly, most of our Senators and Representatives forget that they are representing those who elected them. Instead, they voice their own opinions when voting like Senator Murkowski, who voted no because of her own opinion, not the opinion of those who elected her. She deserves to be voted out.

  11. Tim Thompson says:

    Change parties your a shoe in regardless for voting to seat Kavanaugh, a fantastic vote to adhere to our constitution and bill of rights. Your old party has turned communist let’s face it, you need to go where your truly appreciated. Thank you on behalf of all patriotic Republicans. God Bless you.

  12. Evelerich says:

    Gotta get them out of the food stamp line first, heir doctor.

  13. Evelerich says:

    Well, maybe the stupid, blind ones like you. Everyone with more than 3 brain cells could see that this was never about Kavanaugh groping Ford. It was to keep a constitutional minded judge off the Supreme Court. This entire thing was a sham, and only blind, stupid, idiots believe otherwise.

  14. John Sivo says:

    No it’s not what his West Virginians wanted.

  15. Franie says:

    Manchin is a democrat. Why would republicans vote for anyone who puts his wet finger to the wind to favor popular votes?

  16. Larry Campbell says:

    I’d love to see President Trump nominate the replacements for Ginsburg and Sotomayor. That would be a 7 to 2 SCOTUS. But they need to be, in my opinion, true Constitutionalists.

  17. dlmstl says:

    The most significant vote ever cast in the US Senate was made in 1868 by Senator Edmund G Ross (R-KS). Remember him? If you don’t, then how do you justify this cowardly, self-preservation attempt from Manchin? He’s toast, along with Donnelly (IN), McCaskill (MO), Heitkamp (ND), Nelson (FL) and hopefully Testor (MT). Adding those seats for the Republicans will negate the undo influence of the Rino’s. This would be the Dems ‘Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave’ come true.

    Imagine the utter chaos on the Left should RBG, Breyer or Sotomayer leave the bench. A recent photo of Sotomayer showed a hunched over women that did not look healthy. POTUS Trump would more than likely nominate Amy Coney Barrett (1972). The Dems may have to put some of their membership under suicide watch.

  18. Rex Whitmer says:

    Actually, it appears that the entire state of West Virginia is going Republcan! He’ll be re-elected, just wait and see!

  19. DrD 78 says:

    I totally agree with you, Dan!

  20. DrD 78 says:

    Exactly right, Ingrid! We need term limits, and no lifetime pensions for legislators to stop these professionals from wanting to be controlling our system and our lives as is now the case. They only want these legislative jobs,and to keep them long term as they do to enrich themselves, not work for the benefit of our country!

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