A Democrat’s career is over because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh

The Senate voted to advance Brett Kavanuagh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Everyone wondered how it would affect the 2018 midterms.

The answer became clearer when one Democrat’s career ended because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin announced he would vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

He only did so after Republicans secured the 50 votes necessary to break a Democrat filibuster.

It was a typical empty gesture by Manchin.

Manchin – who claims to be pro-gun but sponsored legislation creating Barack Obama’s national gun registration database scheme – is a two-faced politician.

Voters learned not to trust him.

That’s why he is in a dog fight with West Virginia Attorney General Pat Morrisey.

Donald Trump Jr. called Manchin out for his phony vote on Kavanaugh.

It was a devastating tweet that made it clear the people of West Virginia needed to vote out Manchin.


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62 Responses

  1. Floyd Morris says:

    If a voter, lyes to any of the sorryassed REPRESENTATIVES of what was our America. They would be in prison for years! If a military man dose his job he go’s to prison! But if any of the sorryassed SOCALLED REPRESENTATIVES of the people can, and has have told the people that thay are to Represent are lying and not one of the leaches on America’s taxpayer’s money, will say one thing to each other , everything is going the way they want, they couldn’t careless about our America! !!!!!!!!

  2. Terrie says:

    I am a republican, but I think as long as Joe Manchin does the will of the people of WV, he should be reelected. Sadly, most of our Senators and Representatives forget that they are representing those who elected them. Instead, they voice their own opinions when voting like Senator Murkowski, who voted no because of her own opinion, not the opinion of those who elected her. She deserves to be voted out.

    • JLR342 says:

      I agree, and I’m a republican also. Senators need to vote the aims of their constituents, but being Liars is not Kosher. Vote concerning the truth, not dreamed up lies that you know are lies, but perpetrate in order to sway the voters rather than to be swayed by the voters.

    • Donna Palmer-Robin says:

      I AGREE. GET RID OF THESE UNAMERICAN politicians. Not representatives of the people. .
      Donna Palmer-Robin

  3. dlmstl says:

    The most significant vote ever cast in the US Senate was made in 1868 by Senator Edmund G Ross (R-KS). Remember him? If you don’t, then how do you justify this cowardly, self-preservation attempt from Manchin? He’s toast, along with Donnelly (IN), McCaskill (MO), Heitkamp (ND), Nelson (FL) and hopefully Testor (MT). Adding those seats for the Republicans will negate the undo influence of the Rino’s. This would be the Dems ‘Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave’ come true.

    Imagine the utter chaos on the Left should RBG, Breyer or Sotomayer leave the bench. A recent photo of Sotomayer showed a hunched over women that did not look healthy. POTUS Trump would more than likely nominate Amy Coney Barrett (1972). The Dems may have to put some of their membership under suicide watch.

  4. Rex Whitmer says:

    Actually, it appears that the entire state of West Virginia is going Republcan! He’ll be re-elected, just wait and see!

    • Franie says:

      Manchin is a democrat. Why would republicans vote for anyone who puts his wet finger to the wind to favor popular votes?

    • Tim Thompson says:

      Change parties your a shoe in regardless for voting to seat Kavanaugh, a fantastic vote to adhere to our constitution and bill of rights. Your old party has turned communist let’s face it, you need to go where your truly appreciated. Thank you on behalf of all patriotic Republicans. God Bless you.

    • Donna Palmer-Robin says:


  5. Sandra Thompson says:

    The Democratic has nailed its own coffin. The left has bought into lie after lie. and can no longer see the truth. The father of lies (Satan) blinds them. The irony here is that the more radical the left becomes, the stronger you make the right. Despite all, this is a government that was built on truths. Fortunately for the right, the cream always rises to the top. God-speed Judge Kavanaugh. Help us bring truth to America as outlined by the Constitution.

  6. Jeanine says:

    Term limits. We need term limits for congress. And they only get half pay when they are done serving. They have way too many benefits that they do not deserve. Even if a good person gets elected in, they don’t stay that way. The democrats really need to be voted out, just for what they have done with Kavanaugh. Enough is enough. I wouldn’t vote for a democrat no matter how good they were, just because of how the party has been acting. Time for most of them to GO.

  7. B taylor says:

    Two faced Joe needs to go. Like most pols he tries to have it both ways. Congress is full of these creeps. Maybe Americans are developing a memory.

    • Alberta says:

      Joe Manchin is one of the finest, most honest men you have ever had in office. We need a lot more like him. Yes, I’m a Democrat!

  8. Steve says:

    I live in good ole WV,and I will be the first to say this is just another smoke and mirrors illusion. Polls here has Joe up 12 points if he confirmed Kavanaugh and an even heat if he voted against him. Once Flake and Collins committed , it was safe to come out in support. I hope that he voted for Kavanaugh because that’s what the majority of West Virginians wanted, but I’m a little skeptical about the whole situation. If Joe really wants to represent us to then he needs to support President Trump’s agenda, because we voted for him in overwhelming fashion. Joe is the only blue rep that we have out of 5 that we send to Washington. So if he gets back in ,I only hope he will side with the POTUS and the people of our state and not the extreme left who are against our way of life. Per our motto,MOUNTAINEERS ARE ALWAYS FREE!!!!

  9. Terry Rodwell says:

    CORRECTION: You can’t milk the cow and the goat at the same time, and expect not to get kicked by one of them.

  10. Terry Rodwell says:

    I watched Joe Manchin vote FOR Obamacare, then AGAINST our POTUS who was trying to repeal this disastrous insurance program and give us a more competitive one — and then AGAINST the tax cuts…and now he votes “Yea” for Kavanaugh because it was politically expedient (his state is 60% RED), and his vote wasn’t exactly “crucial”. I mean, MY GOD — this guy bounces around both ends of the aisle like a ping pong ball on drugs — and you never know WHEN he’ll change course and screw POTUS and America on something we really NEED. Manchin is not Mr. Do Right For America — he’s more “Mr. Do Right for Manchin”. My Grandma always said — “You can’t milk the cow and same time, and expect not to get kicked by one of them”. Frankly, I think Manchin’s time is UP. He’s UNRELIABLE. I’d rather see a Republican in the Senate who is loyal to POTUS and will protect his incredible American Agenda. #MAGA

  11. Donel says:

    The Dems. will eat their own!

  12. Joanna says:

    Why should Manchin lose in 2018? He voted his own opinion not what his party wanted!! Manchin deserves KUDOS for being his own person!! To hell with the LOONEY TUNES Party!!!

    • josie Wright says:

      He needed turn RED like a lot of American’s did. He is a good man and his party overplayed their hand on this one and this time. Go Red Joe, I did many years ago- I couldn’t be more proud. Democrats have lost theri minds yelling and screaming… horrible people.

    • John Sivo says:

      No it’s not what his West Virginians wanted.

      • Evelerich says:

        Well, maybe the stupid, blind ones like you. Everyone with more than 3 brain cells could see that this was never about Kavanaugh groping Ford. It was to keep a constitutional minded judge off the Supreme Court. This entire thing was a sham, and only blind, stupid, idiots believe otherwise.

  13. tom mattt says:

    Check with me when he is doing 5 to 10 and that will be a real meaning for your headline!! Why don’t you research his financial benefits for the rest of his life from the government and see just how bad him leaving congress really is ??

  14. Jimmy says:

    All democrates deserve to loose there seats because of the lies and the damage they have put on us the american people.

  15. Dr. J.D. says:

    Congratulations on the victory this round. Democrats will not knife Manchin in the back, that is something your side does when GOP do not follow your cult teachings. Instead of being thankful to him, you are sure bashing him in some of your posts. Actually, this procedure may be the best thing to happen to activate Independents and Democrats and get them to the polls.

  16. Jayne Cox says:

    I take acception with the lies that I just listened to when Chuckie just addressed the senate.
    He lied when he said that voting for Kavanaugh will put so many things in jeopardy. He thinks all the entire US is not listening, is stupid, or both.
    I no more than 24 hours ago listened to Mr Trump say everyone with a pre existing conditions will never have a problem getting insurance.
    Yet, Schumer just stood on this floor and said that would be in jeopardy. Lies , all lies!
    Don’t they get tired of lying, or even telling the public all the lies they come up with?
    Sad, very sad they HAVE TO LIE!
    This is our judiciary committee. Very bad, and sad!

    • Ron says:

      What must be realized is today’s Demorat Party operates totally on lies and hypocrisy! Without that, they could not exist!

  17. Danny Noble says:

    I just watched Mansion say AYE in the Senate Gallery and people started screaming. I can’t take the vote that this page offered because I’m pleased with what he did but I would also like a new republican seat since we got Jonesed last year by the communist Left. If Mansion gets voted out maybe Trump can find work for him.

    I would not vote democrat for dog catcher, I know Mansion voted with Schumer most of the time, but I’m glad to have his vote today. Supreme court is biggest thing a president does.

  18. Ingrid says:

    Another compelling reason for both houses of congress to have term limits. It is a matter of honest temporary service VS corrupt careers. It is a matter of governance by the people VS governance by “professionals” who do what will most advance their careers the people be #%@*ed.

    • Tony Bell says:

      Amen my friend, time career politicians cease shanghaiing our government for personal gain. Though true altruism is very rare, we have a much better chance when terms are finite.

    • DrD 78 says:

      Exactly right, Ingrid! We need term limits, and no lifetime pensions for legislators to stop these professionals from wanting to be controlling our system and our lives as is now the case. They only want these legislative jobs,and to keep them long term as they do to enrich themselves, not work for the benefit of our country!

  19. Dan says:


    • … so very well said ! 🇺🇸

    • n wilson oliver says:


      You have stated succinctly what the problem has been over the nearly two years past. The dysfunctional Left had (in their delusional “minds, i.e., indoctrinated, programmed”) created the perfect coronation for their queen b*tch to assume the pretender’s throne–They created their own fantasy with such effect that they, Jack Nicholson’s words, “(could)n’t handle the truth.” They thought they had Secretariat when they had an old nag who failed as Secretary, and fortunately despite their best narrative, Americans saw through the self-deception and voted in a non-politician.

      The fact that Trump is hated by so many fools who cannot reach back to reality reflects how far we had traveled down the road of the Oword’s never-defined “change” which turned out to be stoking the embers of racism, a weak confusing foreign policy, disrespect for American culture, heritage, and law! Trump has struggled to turn the tide, at great risk to himself and his family–the cancerous Deep State is not only malignant but almost incurable to use an appropriate analogy.

      This was a crucial battle, as the Left’s Battle of the Bulge–they used slander, ambush and deception as the Nazis used Allied uniforms attempting to stem the tide with a victory that did NOT materialize–We can be thankful that the Constitution has been SAFEGUARDED from the Leftists’ “progressive” justices who display contempt for their role of INTERPRETING CONSTITUTIONALITY and instead choosing IMPLEMENTING POLITICAL OBJECTIVES in disregard of their sacrosanct responsibilities.

      This would have been a crushing loss for the the Constitution had Judge Kavanaugh been rejected.

      We collectively and individuality need to express gratitude in whatever manner we choose to pray–it was that important.

    • DrD 78 says:

      I totally agree with you, Dan!

  20. Sue says:

    If these senators are going to follow someone, remember who voted them into office. The People voted them in to speak for THEM not join their party buddies and follow their lead. Get back to The People, or get out.

  21. Francisco Machado says:

    Manchin’s vote for Kavanaugh has been committed for a while – according to him because it’s what his constituents want. Given the overwhelming WV support for Trump in the Presidential election, there’s no doubt that Manchin is right about that. If he voted against Kavanaugh’s confirmation his loss would be guaranteed. A lot of Democrats are not far enough Left to fall under the hypnotic spell of the Progressives, never mind the Radical Left who consider Bernie too Conservative.

  22. I agree with the President. There are just too many of these politicians in office. They sit on the fence waiting to see which way the wind blows. They always side with the group or the issue that will give them the greatest advantage. Time for this nonsense to stop. Sh*t or get off the pot. I would hope the electorate of WV have a little more intelligence than to fall for Manchin’s kind of antics.

  23. Randy Lee says:

    A Democrat in WVA right now has an up hill battle.

  24. Jeri Stewart says:

    Did he actually vote for Kavanaugh or just pretended that he was going to?
    If he really did then I commend him but if it’s just a game like most Democrats play then he is a spiteful ass. But then again, nothing the Looney Liberals do surprise me anymore.

    • Ugly Bad says:

      All the Manchin men are all alike! Now maybe he can go home an work with A. James pick up junk! I moved out of WV 30+ years ago and was/am proud the claim my roots are WV grounded!

    • Danny Noble says:

      i heard him say yes just now in voice roll call vote.

  25. Janet says:

    Although I moved many years ago, WV is my home state and I follow what goes on. Manchin is history. I believe every demonRat up for reelection is history. The country has just plain had it. They are disgusting, rabid sewer rats. God bless those that have enough sense to #walkaway.

  26. Mike W says:

    The democrats have done NOTHING but show complete hypocrisy. They whine about hearing evidence from Ford who has absolutely no case – her friends and allies will not even collaborate her story. Yet they totally give a pass to Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison. They whine about people saying this over and over but DO NOTHING about it. The democrats have shown that firmly believe that ALL women should be heard – as long as they are NOT accusing a democrat.

    • truthistruth says:

      Wow, are you a sore winner . . . ever heard of being gracious and with some class? You are doing EXACTLY what you claim Democrats do – – WHINE and p*ss and moan. You need to save your griping for the midterms and maybe go out and have some prunes, because you sound like a constipated old man!

  27. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    Whenever a Democrap says they are voting their Conscience I know they mean they are all following the party line right or wrong just like those kept “Uncle Joe” in power. If you’re too young to understand that, “Uncle Joe” is what FDR called Stalin. If you don’t know what he was, GOOGLE!! He and Hitler were co-equals when it came to killing people.

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