A Democrat’s career is over because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh

The Senate voted to advance Brett Kavanuagh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Everyone wondered how it would affect the 2018 midterms.

The answer became clearer when one Democrat’s career ended because of one tweet about Brett Kavanaugh.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin announced he would vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

He only did so after Republicans secured the 50 votes necessary to break a Democrat filibuster.

It was a typical empty gesture by Manchin.

Manchin – who claims to be pro-gun but sponsored legislation creating Barack Obama’s national gun registration database scheme – is a two-faced politician.

Voters learned not to trust him.

That’s why he is in a dog fight with West Virginia Attorney General Pat Morrisey.

Donald Trump Jr. called Manchin out for his phony vote on Kavanaugh.

It was a devastating tweet that made it clear the people of West Virginia needed to vote out Manchin.

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62 Responses

  1. Mikey says:

    Probably the only way RBG will leave is feet first.

  2. Floyd Morris says:

    If a voter, lyes to any of the sorryassed REPRESENTATIVES of what was our America. They would be in prison for years! If a military man dose his job he go’s to prison! But if any of the sorryassed SOCALLED REPRESENTATIVES of the people can, and has have told the people that thay are to Represent are lying and not one of the leaches on America’s taxpayer’s money, will say one thing to each other , everything is going the way they want, they couldn’t careless about our America! !!!!!!!!

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