A Democrat that was in line for a big promotion just got the worst news of his life

Republicans and even Democrats are all calling on Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam to resign after a weeks worth of scandal.

But things just got even worse for Democrats.

And this startling news could spell disaster for the Democrat politician who was waiting in the wings.

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is next in line to replace Governor Northam if he chooses to resign.

So far Northam has balked at making his decision.

And we may have just learned the reason why.

Justin Fairfax has #MeToo allegations against him.

Breitbart reports:

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) — the official tipped to replace the state’s Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who is facing bipartisan calls to resign after a racist photo in his medical yearbook emerged, is denying recently resurfaced sexual assault allegations from 2004.

The alleged incident, which was reported by Big League Politics over the weekend, is said to have occurred during the 2004 Democrat National Convention. As WUSA9 reports, the Washington Post has not corroborated the claims, which the paper has been looking into for months.

In a statement released early Monday morning, a Fairfax spokesperson denied the allegation, affirming that the man who could be governor “has never assaulted anyone – ever – in any way, shape or form.”

The false allegations lobbed by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh are coming back to bite Democrats.

Now things couldn’t get any worse for Northam, Fairfax, or Virginia Democrats.

Ralph Northam could choose to remain in office, which would lead to a red wave in Virginia’s odd year 2019 state elections.

Alternatively, Justin Fairfax could assume the office and create yet another public relations nightmare for Democrats.

In the meantime, Virginia Democrats are being forced to juggle with two high profile officials with major scandals on their hands.

Both of these stories come off the heels of Virginia Democrats announcing their support of abortion up to the moment of birth.

Virginia Democrats are caught up in a big mess that has blown up in their faces.


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54 Responses

  1. Loren Clobes says:

    It seems so crazy to me that we are concerned about what someone wore years and years ago, and because of that, he is not abloe to hold office, and yet, we have a new extreem liberal Rep., who is out to destroy our country.
    Where is the world are you people when “MS. Destroyer of our USA” is offering one LIBERAL bill which is designed to “make The USA a Third or Fourth world Nation??????????

  2. Charles says:

    Fairfax is accused just like Kavanaugh was. Democrats should be responding in a similar manner. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Public lynchings should be ocurring in various legislative committees.

  3. guy says:

    Fairfax is a rapest, but its ok as he’s black and a liberal. However, once a thug always a thug

  4. John J says:

    Loved the picture, respect people with balls, don’t even think about resigning!

  5. dlmstl says:

    Stay strong and remain resolute. Just another sound as the ‘Swamp’ is being emptied. Take note how Fairfax’s story changed to consensual AFTER the WaPo restated the basis for their decision about this story last year. It’ll be interesting to see if the templet applied to the Kavanaugh accusations will be the same this time.

  6. Rose Nariman says:

    I have never read so many remarks about Democrats. They show your ignorance. I’ll bet you watch FOX News exclusively. It’s mostly propaganda, in case you haven’t heard. Same with MSNBC, CNN AND VIRTUALLY ALL THE NEWS PROGRAMS on cable. They are corporate owned and the owners dictate what may be reported and what may not. I suggest you try to find some legitimate News outlets on U-Tube. If you are looking for TRUTH, that is. Personally, I never watch main street media. It’s all bogus, designed to propagandise the public. Same thing with all the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff. Good Luck!

    • Nancy says:

      The ignorant one is you Rose Nariman. Not only that, but you’re biased as well. There are so many remarks about democrats BECAUSE that’s what this article is about and therefore the comments about how corrupt the democrats really are.

      I suggest you try harder to hide your biases and spend less time trying hard to make it seem that you’re partisan. You’re not.

      Ha, U-Tube! What a crock! EVERYTHING is on U-Tube but only an idiot would look there for the “TRUTH”. Personally, I never watch U-Tube for truth or verification of a story. That’s just asinine.

    • Nancy says:

      You’re the ignorant one Rose Nariman. And you’re biased as all hell too. Funny how you can believe a U-Tube and swear that one can find the TRUTH only there is pathetic and hysterical. Your attempt at trying to seem unbiased and intelligent is laughable. You’re not.

    • Nancy A says:

      You’re the ignorant one Rose Nariman. And you’re biased as all hell too. Funny how you can believe a U-Tube and swear that one can find the TRUTH only there is pathetic and hysterical. Your attempt at trying to seem unbiased and intelligent is laughable. You’re not.

    • sligh says:

      TRUE.Try THE EPOCH TIMES for the truth in news.

  7. Lawrence Paiva says:

    All I can say is: Was Al Jolson a Racist….?

    • Teregram says:

      Black Face wasn’t considered racist back in the day, at least by non blacks (would be interested to know if blacks were offended back then). Today, EVERYTHING is “racist’ for purely political reasons. This whole racist accusation against the VA governor is merely a distraction from his support of the vile infanticide bill.

      • Ladypyro says:

        I agree with your theory. Cause enough of a smoke screen and you won’t see anything going on behind it. Like infanticide, the me too group ignoring the charges against a liberal, and hiding what Pelosi is trying to do to destroy the nation. It’s all interconnected, however the MSM is trying g to silence and shame the right. We need to find the same coverage and get our rebuttals out there!

  8. Patrick Henry says:

    Once again DEMS prove that they think that they can do anything that they want. THEY want to MURDER babies NOW and DEMS in power think that they can SEXUALLY assault ANYONE that they want to. IS there anything that DEMS wont do???? OH yea they can NOT tell the truth about anything!!!!

  9. Judith L. McCoy says:

    In order to return Virginia to a Godly, moral state , we need to cede northern Virginia, Richmond and Tidewater to Maryland and DC. The rest of us are mostly “normal”. I don’t want to live in a state that kills babies on demand but protects frogs, bugs, trees.

    • Josephine says:

      Thank you for your comment. I do not live in Virginia but I am sure that what you have stated is true. I’ve met many folk from Virginia who have high morals.

  10. Richard M Morris says:

    Funny how the Democrats keep getting away with stuff , maybe this time they will have to pay the price.

  11. G says:

    The people of Virginia are really having it tough! It seems their TWO top state officials are guilty of their own party’s top TWO cardinal sins!
    What should they do? The Democrats are supposed to be the party of redemption but, are they? Heck no, they dig and search for scandals to force Republicans out or “impeach them”. Now as the right reverend Jeremiah Wright says “their chickens have come home to roost”!
    Unlike the Dems, I feel bad for Virginia ‘s citizens. But, this should be and is “their” people’s decision and Nasty Nancy and Schmuck Chuck need to call the dogs off and let Virginia handle Virginia’s problems!
    I am disappointed and appalled that the Govenor did not have the foresight and wisdom to think about the future when he allowed those pictures to appear in the yearbook.
    As for the Lt. Govenor, I do not have details on exactly what he did.
    This #metoo and feminism thing has gone too far! I am speaking as a woman and know of what I speak and have a right to address it! I have worked all my life and before I was married and after I married. During the years I was approached, touched, called, and contacted in every way by men. I never once reported these men to any authorities. Did I suffer in silence, no way! I actually handled each situation myself and believe me when I say, the harassment stopped immediately! Each man was different and I handled each one differently and it worked! Be smart ladies there is no reason to ruin a man’s life because he approached you, thinking you liked him or it would be okay. God made men to procreate the world and unfortunately they don’t all come with sexual self control. Don’t get me wrong, I love men and have always enjoyed their company and attention from them, the “right” kind of attention! That is a whole other thing compared to rape, molestation, and other chronic sexual abuse acts that cannot be controlled or stopped because of fear or a woman being overpowered. Those should always be reported to the authorities. Those sexual criminals must be stopped to prevent other attacks and maybe deaths.
    Ladies, be smart, you know in your head and heart how to handle situations. This #metoo movement has been overdone and run in the ground. This is the way of the bleeding heart liberals and their “causes”! They are raising weak minded, cringing, dependent, women who ruin men’s lives instead of taking charge of their lives and handling situations! If you can’t handle a situation then, have his butt arrested!

  12. Alen Gasper says:

    So should the Lt. Gov.!!!!!!

  13. Ron says:

    The demon rats have to believe the woman statement ,should be James down their throats. If their constituents had the ability to reason they would never get away with such hypocrites. Dems have a metal disability with no cure.

  14. John A Bird says:

    Nothing will make this nation great again until we remove both parties and vote in Constitutionalists, follow the rule of law, maintain our sovereignty, and regain our freedoms. The very first thing to do is stop the Mueller witch hunt, throw him and all of the deep state in prison, and secure our borders.

    • George says:

      Amen please look up Margaret Sanger see what she stood for then started Racism extraordinaire

    • James Miller Peelor Jr says:

      You are so right. The democrats are out and out attempting to ruin this country and the republicans don’t have the proper physical anatomy to run it as it needs to. Not only that but there are way too many rhinos in the party.

    • John Dibble says:

      You’re half right. We need to throw out the parties. But Mueller is the light showing the worst depravity of some Republicans who have sold out for Trump coattails and are dragging the party straight to Moscow!

      • Rose says:

        The Democrats made all of this up because they are the party full of corruption. Trump did not collude with Russia, but Hillery sure did along with Obama, Mueller and Billy boy. They sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia. They all have committed TREASON!

  15. James Miller Peelor Jr says:

    They both need to get thrown out of politics. The democratic party is like a cancer on our country. They are running rampant with their outrageous actions, while accusing republicans of those actions they themselves are doing. It has always been the democrats MO. How on earth could any Christian be a democrat?

    • George says:

      Amen please look up Margaret Sanger see what she stood for then started Racism extraordinaire
      Why aren’t black pastors preaching this truth
      Why are people surprised to see kkk affiliated with demon craps, they started the kkk they exclusively receive the Margaret Sanger award

    • John Dibble says:

      You’re half right. We need to throw out the parties. But Mueller is the light showing the worst depravity of some Republicans who have sold out for Trump coattails and are dragging the party straight to Moscow!

    • Rose says:

      I cannot understand that either. I think the ANSWER is they CANNOT! No true Christian would do the things they do, they just proved it with Abortion. There is nothing that they will not do. God has prepared a special place in Hell for them!

  16. miller says:

    Gotta believe the woman

    • reality check says:

      What woman? It was not even a woman but hearsay from another – – just another right-wing smear tactic which seems much in line with the continual mud slinging of the GOP. Researchers looked into this months ago and found nothing. If you look at the Republican nomination for president and campaign, most of it was personal attacks by Trump against others, including lies like that Ted Cruz’s Dad had something to do with assassination of Kennedy. Trump has no real platforms – – vast majority is attacks – – against Mexicans, against allies, against Muslims and other minorities. Trumpers are filled with venom and vile, but a few are good people.

      • James Miller Peelor Jr says:

        You, apparently are a lost cause to the democratic destruction of this country.

      • John Dibble says:

        You make too much sense to be writing here! You will only wake up the trolls and the worst of the deeply unstated commies looking for more Russian recruits.

      • Rose says:

        reality check, you are the one who really neesa REALITY CHECK> President Trump has been fulfilling all of the promisesthat he made during the election. Democrats are out to destroy not save and build up this country again. Obama never did one good thing in his eight years. He did so many horrible thing like give billions to Iran, stole from the people of this country to fill his own pockets, Needlessly spent millions on their private vacations. Spent tax payer money on their private millions for liquor for their parties. Payed his mother inlaw for baby sitting with tax payer money well over 100 thousand dollers. Just another way to suck money out of taxpayers. Michelle had more aids than any other first lady ever had, much more than Malinia. Michelle took family and friends on a trip tp Africa and tax payers paid for it. Their are expenses that they should have paid that were personal……every other President we ever had, had to pay for their private dinners and clothing and every day necessities. They paid for nothing. Obama charged everything to the people. I bet we had to pay for their under wear. He was paid a salary of $400,000. So he could pay for personal things. There has never been a crook such as him in the White House. Do a little research!What did he spend 9 Trillion $$ on ??? He did nothing for the American people. Nothing for the Blacks, you would have thought he would have done something for all of the black on black crime in Chicago! There are so many things that Obama did against this country that we could go on, and on, and on!

  17. Cindy says:

    Due to justin fairfax’s race, as usual for demonicRATS, he will get s pass.
    blacks just Can’t be racitsts ok rapists…right???

  18. Navy PO2 says:

    Democrats are baby killers!

    • reality check says:

      No, they are not. They just recognize that women made the choice before Roe v. Wade and after – – and that as long as they were going to terminate pregnancies, might as well have clean conditions rather than back alley abortions. The Roe v. Wade decisions did not increase abortions, it only reduced maternal deaths by 40%!

      IF you were TRULY pro-life rather than pro-birth, you would be strong advocates to help children in poverty and to eliminate starvation in America, but you are NOT.

      • Nancy says:

        You definitely need an total reality check. You mention back alley abortions but you don’t mention the for profit continuous selling of baby parts which BTW, HAS increased abortions and purposely wanting these women to carry full term babies to be aborted moments before birth for the sole reason of selling full term baby parts. FOR PROFIT and luxury sports cars.

        If you were truly a human with a conscience, you’d be pro-life AND pro-birth because anything else is just plain ole murder. And you’re complicit in all of them murders if you’re advocating for such atrocities to occur to the most innocent ever created.

        • AND, also he/she is talking of HELPING children living in POVERTY, eliminate STARVATION in America….BUT SUPPORTING the INFLUX of MORE and MORE ILLEGALS who are POOR, many UN-educated so that those that come here ILLEGALLY are INCREASING the numbers of people living in POVERTY/STARVATION….AND they are bringing DISEASES, GERMS, VIRUSES that were ERADICATED from America, so our whole population could end up SICK, especially the POOR who will have THEM around where they live in POVERTY already…..!!!!

          TYPHUS going around in Los Angeles right now….And MEASLES outbreak in 10 States so far……..!!!!!

          • Nancy says:

            You’re right! Thanks for picking up what I missed. Truly misguided people who in one breath scream “save the children separated from their parents at the border” while the next breath they scream “It’s my body and I have the right to abort what I created”.

            I’m not absolutely sure, but my guess is they don’t know the real meanings of the word “inhumane” and “immoral”.

    • Rose says:

      Yes they are, Navy P02 , you are so right about that!

  19. Robby Dunbar says:


  20. Robby Dunbar says:



    • Bill says:

      The onus in this ridiculous delimna is on the backs of the Virginia voter.
      The Virginia voters of today consist of DemocRat blacks in Washington DC and corrupt government employees and politicians in and around the Capitol. It shows how uninformed those who aren’t corrupt truly are. It’s really sickening, nauseating.

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