A Democrat Party boss made a massive announcement that changes everything for 2020

Democrats are pretty much leaderless going into the 2020 election.

Whoever becomes the Democrat nominee will fill the void as the de facto leader of the Party.

And a Democrat Party boss just made a massive announcement about 2020 that changes everything.

For Democrats, the 2020 election is going to be establishment vs. fringe.

With far-left candidates like Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris going for the nomination, establishment Democrats are looking for someone to challenge them.

One of those potential candidates was former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

With his long-time fundraising experience, and close relationship with the Clintons, even once serving on their foundation’s board of directors, he is a perfect pick.

But he just announced that he isn’t running for president in a move sure to upset many establishment Democrats.

As reported by Yahoo News:

“Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe won’t run for president in 2020, meaning establishment, centrist Democrats will have one less option in a nominating free-for-all that so far has highlighted the party’s leftward shift.

McAuliffe said Wednesday night that instead of joining a crowded Democratic field vying to challenge President Donald Trump, he will concentrate his efforts on helping Democrats win this year in Virginia — with the possibility that he runs for governor or president in the future.

“Where can you help people the most and change people’s lives?” McAuliffe said on CNN, arguing that he could “beat Trump like a rented mule” but doesn’t “want anyone in Virginia to think I’ve abandoned them.”

“I’m staying home to do what I need to do to help Virginians,” he added.”

His choice not to run, in a race many have been expecting him to run in, could be because of a few things.

The first possibility is he’s leaving room for former Vice President Joe Biden, which is the reason former Secretary of State John Kerry declined to run.

It could also be due to a massive scandal relating to one of McAuliffe’s former companies.

Before running for Governor of Virginia, McAuliffe co-founded an electric car company called GreenTech.

In recent months, his former company was forced to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy following backlash for his shady dealings with Chinese investors.

His company was financed by dozens of Chinese nationals who later turned on him, suing the company in 2017.

Of course, that was after the company received taxpayer dollars under federal government programs and the then-future governor helped get EB-5 visas approved for foreign investors in the now failed “green” car company, basically handing them permanent resident status in this country for jobs that were never created.

The bankruptcy, on top of shady business dealings with China, were sure to come back to bite him on the campaign trail.

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75 Responses

  1. Jack Handy says:

    McAuliffe IS A ‘corrupt’ COWARD. &&&
    KNOWS ‘it’ . Does the Va. ‘ citizenry’
    KNOW? 0r Care To Acknowledge ?
    What re ‘JURISPRUDENCE’.

  2. zee & co. says:

    Hey! U comm’d !!! Glad U had good Easter. Some did not.
    Anyway, the ‘lost’ souls have no ‘intention’ to blog a site of their kind. Just Here To ‘disrupt.’. & WILL be ‘sorry’ WHEN SHTF. &&& Take note what i inked to Vasu/jd.
    >McAuliffe a Total COWARD PUNK’ . that’s all. Signing 0FF this blog. hope U Read. C U ’round ‘town’ rite?
    & U ‘know’ the co aka’s rite ? RITE. HaHAAAA. STAY the
    ‘Code’ my man. ps. Mama say: listen to Hawk/Eagles etc
    & snark IS ‘no wash’. lol

  3. The Real M says:

    zee, (and company), I had a really nice Easter and hope you did as well! JD and all that “crew” are a hopelessly brain fried bunch of pansies! Hopefully “they” (and I use the term loosely) will find a nice liberal site to explore all the possibilities with people of their own kind. You know, the kind of people who have been on so many “trips” out of this world they are not sure what planet they are on. 🙂 Later dude!

  4. zee & co. says:

    ps, Real M. .
    jd Has ‘mucho’ To sort 0ut of his brain . Not Easy.
    When ‘taken ‘0ver’ by a
    Negative ‘boogie’ ‘Spirit.

  5. zee says:

    Real M. . jd Has ‘mucho’ To sort 0ut of his brain . Not Easy.
    When ‘taken ‘0ver’ by a
    Negative ‘boogie’ ‘Spirit.

  6. zee says:

    To Real M. & E’0ne.
    zee April 21, 2019 at 8:54 pm
    Happy Easter Real M. glad u look at post. Important to ‘Come Back’ For Review !!!
    jd Is ‘brain swirling’. & ‘lost’. Too bad.
    Jack / Mama / Hawk say the same. !!!
    ♥ U / & All. Later..C U around ‘town’.

  7. zee says:

    Happy Easter Real M. glad u look at post. Important to ‘Come Back’ For Review !!!
    jd Is ‘brain swirling’. & ‘lost’. Too bad.
    Jack / Mama / Hawk say the same. !!!
    ♥ U / & All. Later..C U around ‘town’.

  8. The Real M says:

    zee, I hear you saying that JD’s brain has turned to jelly from jellyfish meds! Love it, love it, love it! 🙂

  9. HawkMaster. says:

    TO VASU / dr. < JD.
    Read post below.
    Thank Yourself IN Doing So.

  10. Jack Handy says:

    A Potential Candidate, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.
    > ‘PUNKED OUT re TOO MANY ‘skeletons’ IN the Closet. ie Nefarious’Corruption’ / Bankruptcy / China / EB -5 Visas. etc
    &&& COWARD NOW – for ‘scrupulous investigation’ ___
    > RUN McAuliffe, RUN ___ Go, live a Life’ ??
    > WAKE UP, VASU & co. ( & ‘dyed in the wool’ Dems )
    ‘BUSTED’ ___

  11. zee says:

    Hey Cochise, jd Not on ‘weed’.
    More like ‘Prevagen’ (jellyfish)/ 0R
    ‘other’ brain type supplements
    WIDELY Advertised.

  12. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    No that was OBOZO AND HIS MAN-WIFE.

  13. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    Aren’t you a little old to be believing in fairy tales? Demorats and the rest of their I’ll has shown their true colors by NOT working for American s but for ILLEGALS.

  14. Audrey M Turner says:


  15. Steel Magnolia says:

    To jd/ Bloxom jr. scroll 1/2 down for comm.

    AMEN ! Bloxon Jr. Amassing Largesse’ $
    Means NOTHING in Moral Backbone.
    & Yes to jd. Dems Are Stronger & MORE
    CORRUPT than EVER, in History.

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