A Democrat admitted something about the wall that left Nancy Pelosi fuming

So far Nancy Pelosi is refusing to budge on the border wall.

And she’s instructed every House Democrat to hold the line.

But one House Democrat just made a mistake on national TV that will make Nancy Pelosi furious.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), did an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” where he accidently let the truth slip.

And Nancy Pelosi won’t be happy.

When asked if the President had the authority to declare a national emergency and construct a wall, Adam Smith admitted that, yes, Trump did indeed have the authority.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” House Armed Service Committee chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) said President Donald Trump does have the authority to declare a national emergency and have the military build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked, “Does President Trump have the ability, have the authority to declare a national emergency and have the military build his wall?”

Smith said, “Well, unfortunately, the short answer is yes. There is a provision in the law that says the president can declare an emergency. It’s been done a number of times, but primarily it’s been done to build facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this case, I think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying, where is the emergency? You have to establish that in order to do this. Beyond that, this would be a terrible use of Department of Defense dollars.”

Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent Trump from building the wall.

Since Trump floated the idea of declaring a national emergency to build the wall, all the sudden Democrats are claiming to be experts on the matter.

Democrats have been instructed to resist Trump’s efforts.

But Adam Smith accidentally slipped and told the truth.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not Trump can construct the wall with the military.

If the Democrats do not budge on the budget, Trump may be forced to declare a national emergency.


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137 Responses

  1. Tony Bell says:

    No emergency, can anyone say “communicable diseases”? TB, Aids, Ebola, Etc… Un-screened illegal entrants are a National Emergency to every American, against that their is no legitimate argument. It only takes one infected individual to start a pandemic, is this the democrats plan? There are many other aspects as well.

    • ward schuler says:

      Another “emergency” is these attacks on U.S.A.’s borders by illegal foreigners is an act of war using humans as weapons of mass destruction to destroy U.S. National Security ! The asses that funded the convoy stench are the real enemy to destroy by any means necessary ! Next is to help these convoy asses destroy the dictators & drug cartels that make the escaping rfugees lives miserable ! These idiots have to declare war on the dictators of south america, not the U.S.A. where they will lose heavily and gain nothing !

  2. Tony Bell says:

    No emergency, can anyone say “communicable diseases”? TB, Aids, Ebola, Etc… Un-screened illegal entrants are a National Emergency to every American, against that their is no legitimate argument. It only takes one infected individual to start a pandemic, is this the democrats plan?

    • ward schuler says:

      The dems have created their own demise with spite & being a #1 enemy against U.S. Patriotic Citizens National Security to protect Constitutional Freedom 7 Rights ! The dems are the wannabe dictators !

  3. Diane L Revard says:

    President Trump don’t give up. Hold fast. We are with you. I know it’s not pleasant, but we want that wall. You have kept most your promises. Keep this one and we’re good. God bless you and yours.

  4. spunky says:

    no wall yet – stilol shut down – good

  5. doug says:

    i live 30 miles from the border with a nice house several hundred ac. there are time i feel like a prisons on my own land. we live this 365 days a year and have resorted to self help to protect our property. where we are there is no barrier and drugs mules use to freely come across this area. other owners have pretty much stopped it after the destruction and stealing had gotten to expensive to repair and replace. its amazing how they run when they are shot at. not my first choice but my only choice anymore. i am not going to be held hostage by any of these criminals.. we have had them knock on the door in the daytime and middle of the night. but as the word got out, not any more. iam the barrier for now..

  6. GySgt. Lew says:

    Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), and I’m sure that there are others that feel the same, should not support Pelosi in her fight against Trump on the Wall/Fence. Let’s stop this fighting and Build the Wall/Fence that is needed at the Boarder and get back to business.

  7. I can’t believe there isn’t one Democrat that has a mind of there own.When someone like Pelosi and Shumer demand that they listen to them and do what they say. I know our two senators Blumenthal and Murphy will do what they say they are 2 stooges

  8. Bruce says:

    Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
    Hold Steady on Our Course, Dear Mr. President. These Dark Hours are WHY WE ELECTED YOU!
    Run This Ship of State Onto The Rocks If You Must, but DO NOT LET US FOUNDER Or We Will All Surely Perish!

  9. Joseph R Zacharko says:

    I agree with all the people here, except the person who thinks the blame for the Govt shutdown is the Republicans! When in fact we all know its the evil satanic communist liberal Dems who are to blame! Liberal Dems are liars!!! The voted for $25 billion for a wall under obumer, but won’t give Trump $5 Billion for the wall because its Trump! Can’t get any more personal than that, which brings me to my next point. The liberal Dems only care about themselves, illegals, and muslims. Liberal Dems are not doing what the American people want! They only do what’s best for them! Screw the American people!! I say screw the liberal Dems, illegals, and muslims! Build the WALL NOW! All of the polls I have read, all say that 98-99.9% of the American people want the wall! and believe it is a national emergency when the American people are flipping the bill for illegals at $188 BILLION a year and Trump only wants $5 billion, which is what %5 of $188 billion! We can have a wall and save $183 billion dollars a year! Tell me it’s not personal! The stupid greedy satanic liberal Dems can’t see the 95% savings a year, because they are blinded by a person vendetta against Trump at the cost of the safety and welfare of the American people!!

  10. reality check says:

    But, Congressman Adam Smith added that “there is NO national emergency,” therefore the courts would probably deny the President that power.
    The average of polls taken since the shutdown began indicate that Americans are blaming Republicans for the shutdown. In the average, about 50% think Trump is most to blame, 35% think congressional Democrats are most to blame and about 5% think congressional Republicans are most to blame.
    When you combine all the numbers together, about 55% blame Republicans (either Trump or congressional Republicans) and about just 35% blame Democrats for the shutdown.

    • Phyllis says:

      Part of that comes from the propaganda spreading liberal media. The Democrats own this shut down as a result of their arrogant assumption, that America doesn’t need to be safe and protected for the American people. Why would they worry about US citizens, who don’t live in gated communities, or have secret service protection. To them we are dirt under their feet. They only care about defeating the President and regaining complete control of the US. These are the same people who wanted a wall when Obuma was in control and offered 25 million to build it. They are a bunch of sociopaths, and hypocrites. The only polls I have seen are at least 97% for the wall, and as for calling an emergency, look at the chaos these people are bringing to Mexico. It is definitely an EMERGENCY, which Pelosi and Schumer both claim they have no interest in.

    • allen says:

      That is because of the main stream conspiracy news media. All we the people have for informational news is the globalist owned media. The globalists hate Trump, hence the vial vitriol 24/7 on the news. The globalists have managed to shut down a lot of alternative news online sites such as Alex Jones infowars.com, Diamond and Silk, etc.. which were all over facebook and you tube. A person can still go infowars.com directly and read or watch the news. The poles you listed are all main stream news poles. Catch my drift? The Democrats are in on this shutdown as much as the POTUS. The Democrats won’t give an inch, even though 6 years ago they wanted a wall. Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama were all over the news promoting a wall. Obama got 25 billion to build. It was never built, but the law is still there. So, actually, Trump doesn’t need to get more money, it is already allocated by the Dems.

      • Clarence hartley says:

        I have asked the question for many years, how do you get out of a box that has no openings. Here is the answer that I give, do not get in. That is where the democrates find themselves. They decided to take on our President, with numerous lies and they have to try and get out of the box. Every poll that I read supports our POTUS,
        Fake media or all media use their untruthful mood is language knowledge to find ways to support their outrageous positions. Good luck demos at your long term and unsucessive hopes of every gaining the support of real Americans.

  11. Sam Oliva says:

    Accomplish Nothing Pelosi:
    ZERO bills in 27-years.
    She is the turd constipating America and the reason the United States will not tolerate a female vice president never mind president. Millions will celebrate when she joins John McCain.

  12. ARJAY says:

    It is not “Trump’s” wall!!

    It is OUR (U. S. CITIZEN’S) wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really wish people would quit calling OUR wall, “Trump’s” wall!!

    We voted Trump as President in order to BUILD OUR WALL among other important things!!

  13. Leon says:

    Nancy Pelosi does not have to worry about they way that Cong. Adam Smith of Washington State weill vote when it comes to the Wall or Amnesty. Here is his Voting Record from NumbersUSA

    Overall Recent Grade

    15 actions


    Reduce Chain Migration

    2 actions



    Show Actions

    Reduce Visa Lottery

    No Grade

    Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas

    2 actions



    Show Actions

    Reduce Refugee and Asylum Fraud

    2 actions



    Show Actions

    Reduce Amnesty Enticements

    5 actions



    Show Actions

    Reduce Anchor Baby Citizenship

    No Grade

    Reduce Illegal Immigration Rewards

    3 actions



    Show Actions

    Reduce Illegal Immigration at Borders

    1 action



    Show Actions

    Reduce Illegal Jobs and Presence

    3 actions



    Show Actions

    Challenge Status Quo



    Show Actions

  14. Chris Dobrowolski says:

    I agree Trump should declare a national emergency and build the wall and after the wall is finish open the government.

    • reality check says:

      what an ignorant idea – – the TSA workers alone plus the air-traffic controllers could shut down airline travel! it is already the SECOND longest gov. shutdown – – the TRUMP shutdown is being blames on him and the people will get fed up soon! We pay these people and we want them to do the jobs they have been hired to do – – and that includes the president.

      • allen blaine says:

        Since the beginning of air travel until the false flag on the twin towers, we never had to surrender our rights to fly on an airplane. The TSA did not exist. We did not have metal detectors at most airports. You could walk all the way to the loading areas with your loved ones or friends who were flying out. The department of homeland security did not exist. All of this massive expansion of government control over the US citizens is a result of the fearmongering by the government. I remember POTUS Bush standing on the debris pile at the twin towers and declaring that this war on terror could last 100 years. Do you realize that by that time all of us that were alive and remember true freedom will be gone This country is now and will be turned into a police state. Do you really think that this activity to control us and take away our freedoms is by accident? Our grand children and their children will never know what freedom is all about. What do you tell your grandchildren and their children when they come to you and ask “Why didn’t you do something”?

        • Kenneth Hoffman says:

          Mr Blaine, I am not sure I agree with the False Flag concept on 9/11 but this is one of the most memorable pieces I have read on this site. In just 18 years the US has turned into an insecure country that doubts its own people while pandering to some extremists who have declared “mental war” on us. I told my wife when there were Muslim “threats” to certain cities that necessitated closing bridges, highways and buildings in those areas that the “enemy” was doing just what it intended to do — to scare the populace and costing time/money/energy to be expended on those threats. We have turned into a nation of cowards who think the New World Order is something to replace our freedoms. To hell with that! BTW, I spent 37 years in the Air Force and civil service Navy and I will stand behind Trump until someone with bigger balls prove their worth.

  15. Larry says:

    The democrats are insisting we don’t need the wall because we have only caught 6 suspected terrorist. Well we have potentially 20+ million terrorist. Are the democrats so stupid to think terrorist walk around with signs on their backs that say oh my, I’m a terrorist look out for me. If people like these democrats had a brain, they would take it out and play with it.

    • Anniedawn says:

      Larry If a Democrat had a brain it would rattle like a BB in a boxcar so I guess they could roll it out their ear and play with it.

    • BEverly says:

      U R so correct. The Dems are getting dumber and dumber every day. They also are the biggest liars. A wonder GOD doesn’t strike them dead1!!!!!!!!. Only when one of them or their family is hurt or worse will they begin to thinking about a wall. THedems are so corrupt for so long, they have no idea what the truth is. Yes,Trump stretches the truth, we know it, and we do know that President Trump will protect us all as best he can.

      • MARIO DUSSIAS says:


      • Ric B says:

        Stretches it!?!? He has the record for four pinnochio’s and has been researched by the Toronto Star newspaper as telling over 6000 lies or inaccurate information and in only half a term!

      • Laurel says:

        Beverly, much as I agree with you we all know that EVERYTHING IS, WAS, and WILL be President Trump’s fault.

    • Dee Andrews says:

      To my knowledge none of the 911 terrorists were on any watchlist. There have been hundreds of people arrested at the border from suspect muslim countries. Now ask yourself, if they weren’t up to something, why wouldn’t they just fly into the U.S. instead of coming here through the Mexican border.

    • Andre says:

      Larry how can you take out something that doesn’t exist?

    • Larry democrats are nothing but COMMUNIST and I wish the media would startcalling it the way it is

    • Judy Farkas says:

      If only 1 terrorist gets into our country he or she could cause hundreds to die.We see it in England Germany Belgium Sweden’ and of course USA.
      Then to elect 2 muslim extremists into our gov’t is just a abomination.They got elected because their areas are mostly muslims. Their first goal was going against Israel. They get elected here yet they bring their hate against Israel the only democratic country in the Middle East.Israel builds leaders in Medicine Tecnology, Agriculture Water.(There is no such thing as Palestinians arafat made it up see Golda Meir she will explain.) Their goal is to take over the world(see Gabriel) their leaders say it they say it but only some listen.We the people who listen I hope could save our country.

  16. We need the wall; and, at this point, any way we can get it. Declare a National Emergency, President Trump because it truly is. Does not take a Philadelphia lawyer or even a DC lawyer to see that. Just ignore those who are trying to obstruct you and go for it.

  17. Randall M says:

    Mr. President, use all the authority within your power and get the wall built! Quit playing tit for tat with these imbeciles and declare a national emergency. The people want the wall.
    People, If you want to help go to http://www.borderwallnow.com and sign the petition.

    • reality check says:

      That is NOT accurate, Randall, as usual.
      The average of polls taken since the shutdown began indicate that Americans are blaming Republicans for the shutdown. In the average, about 50% think Trump is most to blame, 35% think congressional Democrats are most to blame and about 5% think congressional Republicans are most to blame.
      When you combine all the numbers together, about 55% blame Republicans (either Trump or congressional Republicans) and about just 35% blame Democrats for the shutdown.

      • Laurel says:

        Nobody asked me. DEMONCRATS are responsible for doing ALL it takes to bring the shut down and continue it. President was their tool. Pelosi,”we will never give a penny..Schumer,”the wall will not be built” ..dear reality check

      • Steel Magnolia says:

        ‘Tainted’ poll, from twisted Source.
        ” Statistics ARE the Dirty little SECRETs
        of Pure Mathematics.” Did Einstein
        say that ? hmmm

    • Diane L Revard says:

      I signed it. Thank you Randell

  18. Becque says:

    Building the wall a waste of Defense money? How about all that Social Security Trust Fund that has been “borrowed” mainly by the Defense. Was that also a waste of money?

  19. Edward Hortsch says:

    “Mama” Pelosi orders her minions to resist Trump and they all obey. I hope this all goes to show the public how foolish and hypocritical the Democrats are. They are fighting something they have supported for years, but they don’t want Trump to get the credit for it. I agree with a friend of mine who says we should send baby bottles to all the Democratic Congresspeople.

  20. LILI says:

    Yes, we need the barrier. whatever you want to call it. Dems are so out of touch. they are living in non reality. God forbid something happens to one of there family members by an illegal. They would change there tune in a heart beat. Ask the families of those that have lost loved ones to these illegals. ask people who came here legally and why its not fair for others to get a free ride…..They act like they understand what these people that make a life out of protesting and marching are all about…. They go on u tube and drink beer, they make speeches about equality and everything else, yet they go home to there fenced in mansions and private schools, expensive cars. What does that tell you? I will fight for you as long as you vote for me….,, although I don’t live like you….. what phonies, hypocrits… That’s why trump is in, he is what he is. He is not perfect but he is not a phony baloney…..Dems are all Phony…What did Hillary run on, “don’t be bullied”, that’s it. We all know that!! That’s why we have laws…Please President trump, declare a state of emergency and build the best barrier you can. Listen to those that work the border. What do they want.? See through barrier, barbed wire, How about elecrtromagnetic field barrier????? anything…..My family knows evil all too well…… My mom had a brother that was evil since childhood. My mom is such a good person and her brother did everything in his power to belittle her, he basically hated her, he was jealous of her. He just chose her to hate.. Its so sad. This situation reminds me so much of him. Its like good against evil…..So what if God chose Trump to do good? We are all imperfect in this world. remember that! We have to pray for the Dems that they change there heart……Rosary , people……

  21. Belinda Mitchell says:

    BUILD THE WALL AND NOW! WE DON’T NEED THE DEMS APPROVAL on anything! With you all the way. Thanks for being a great President and caaaring about America. More than I can say for the Dems!!

    • Andy Wood says:

      Just tell the people that are on welfare that we not got the money for all these free bees we need to take half of there’s to give to the immigrants then there will be no problem building it

      • Jacque says:

        TAKE AWAY THE FREEBIES????????OH NO. my obama phone w/ 300 minutes, my obama don’t care tax????, my having more babies than I can afford. my housing voucher…take that away & give to the illegals?

    • Jacque says:

      Demwits only care about illegal votes

  22. Barbara says:

    What alot of these Dems FORGET– people in your state elected you to serve them not the head of congress. YOu work for the people who sent you up to the Capital. She is not your boss ———THE PEOPLE OF YOUR STATE IS. The write you and inform you their thinking. It is you who makes the best decision of what they are asking you. Not Pelosi. How dare she tell you how to vote. That is not her position . NO wonder we are in a mess and in a rut in Gov. All of you people are forgetting that.!

    • Terri Newman says:

      you said the very thing I was thinking when I read that horse humping bitch instructed all the libturds how to vote!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Neither were they elected to defend /protect the foreign INVADERS in our nation; their job is to defend AMERICAN CITIZENS. the people who elected them to represent themselves, not the foreigners!

  23. Richard Pierce says:

    First, I support the wall, but that only address future illegals. Let’s bury the 20-30 million already here with 100 percent E Verify.. Fine employers $10000 per head per day they have working. Stop issuing visas to any country with more than a 10 percent visa overstay. Recall all student and employment visas for Chinese and Russians. Let’s get the spies out of our country. Suspend issuing visas to any Muslim terrorist country. I. E. Iran.

    • Ron Hatt says:

      Most any “SANE AMERICAN”…..Supports a Security wall! King Nancy, in her insanity, & overbearing need for absolute power, rally goes over the top, when anyone challenges her “Royal Decree’s”….This woman is “of the wall”, & a real confirmed “NUT CASE”…….Why the sane Liberal/demoncrats, keep her around like a “pit bull”, is beyond me! 78 yrs old, & like the Supreme Court female Justice….”Methusala”…….{ RUTH VADER GINSBERG}……Should step down, & go to the “Stable”, & eat her oats!

      • trapperwv1 says:

        It really looks like we need a wall around capitial hill to keep the crazies in and away from us , then they can debate all they want while we put sane people in charge.

        • Jacque says:

          Yes build the wall around Capitol Hill, those are the dangerous animals. Letter for that lunatic ocasio, is she an offspring of pelosi? And keep the spineless RINOS in there too.

    • Bob Isham says:

      Well said and long overdue. The first order of business when the boat is sinking because of a leak is to stop the leak. At the same time we need a huge crackdown on the illegals already in our country. My guess is, based on numbers I have seen floated around, is that each illegal costs an average of $70,000 a year of taxpayer dollars (those getting food stamps, rent subsidies, free medical (including dental) and the cost of maintaining prisons and mental institutions for those so housed, plus the cost of government giving out monies to those on the dole. The wall will pay for itself and save our country double its cost each year. Maybe it can even be privatized and sold as an investment with large returns. When and if that happens the Libs will say “that’s unfair, what about the people who have no money to invest”? The wall is essential and every life that is lost or person raped or injured, or those who die of over doses from Mexican meds must fall on the shoulders of the obstructionist morons called Demorats.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Oh yeah, we need a lot more than just the wall; we have to stop ‘birthright citizenship”, chain migration; visa lottery; ALL access (illegally) to social services including all medical care beyond the ABCs of emergency care, when you get to D it’s DEPORT automatically; and the nonsense of releasing them ’til an hearing on an asylum claim; that has to be submitted before entry and resolved before entry as well, period! Otherwise they stay in a camp under lock and key ’til their hearings and deportation, since most do not have a valid claim to asylum anyway. We also have to stop the fraudulent claims for welfare, SSA, and all other social services, and insure that people who fail to verify eligibility are prosecuted for aiding and abetting criminal invaders too.

  24. Terri Magan says:

    Why can’t a rule be put for Congress. Half Democratic and Half Republicans and
    If there is no vote for the wall then take it higher away from Congress. Because
    Congress is our biggest Problem and this bull should not even reach the people.
    The states should do what the President wants not what they want this country is going ass backwards and needs to stop now.

    • RON HATT says:


    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      We don’t need such a law because it already exists; as Trump has said, he can simply declare the situation at the border a national emergency (which it most definitely is), and have the military build the wall; we have the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Navy’s SeaBees, both well experienced at construction, even under combat conditions, where they’d need to stop and fight the enemy off and go back to their building. They could build us a wall in a few weeks, most likely!

    • gary says:

      How about We The People, strip their over corrupt powers and abuse and benefits and pay!of all Politicians!

  25. David Lancaster says:

    Build the wall yesterday. Put those retards pelosi and schemer in GITMO where they belong. Execute there corrupted asses for treason,, I’m sick of all corruption in the house. The Democrats are so left its sickening. Pelosi thinks shes an dictator of everyone. I know there game, and thats to bring one world order ran by the Rothschild and the Rockefellers and don’t forget that bitch queen Elizabeth corrupted as they come. Its time we the people take our country back and get rid if the corrupt IRS and the IMF. We need to go back on the gold back standards, and get rid if that fiat dollar. The real reason why the Dumorats hate Donald Trump is because he’s taking them all down and exposing them and giving our country back to the people. GITMO here they come tribunal trials for treason and pedophiles, all you Hollywood treasonous pedophiles too. You can’t fight God and he’s incharge this time so see ya all you dumbtards..

    • Cath says:

      So many are going to say that the military does NOT build stuff they just DEFEND what’s already there. THAT IS HOGWASH…The Army Corps of Engineers not only design but they DO BUILD – I have worked with state agency that works with them building ALL THE TIME…so….that argument will never float although it doesn’t mean they won’t try to convince the public that no military builds anything….I hope everyone knows better.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        SO do SeaBees; the Navy’s Construction Battalions. They built runways and bases on Pacific Islands while defending against Japanese soldiers all through WW II and in Vietnam as well. They’re GOOD too; on the side they created a clothes dryer and hair dryer for the nurses at the MOB hospital in New Guinea where my Mom served, so they could go on duty dry at least. She brought pictures back of them.

  26. BobbyRich says:

    When will the Dem realize its not just what Trump wants, its what We the people want. Every poll I have seen shows the majority of the people want the wall built. We the people dont care who pays for it. We the people are even willing to help pay for it. What does that tell you! Wake up Dems, do what the people want.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Oh see, now there’s your problem: you think they actually CARE what we the people want! The CoC and industry and globalists all are opposed to it, not for the same reasons necessarily, but opposed, and THOSE are who fill their election coffers so those are the only ones to whom they listen.

    • Diane L Revard says:

      The Democrats don’t care about what we want. We need to vote them out. I can’t believe that they won seats back. What were people thinking. Our vote is all we have. Get friends our to vote the next time. Yes and couch them on who to vote for. We have to wait for another election now. But we need to prepare for our next election. Then maybe the conversation would be better.

  27. Susanne Gupte says:


  28. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

    I cannot believe how the whole Democrat Party has turned against the American people, lock stock and barrel. Hypocrisy is the last thing that any educated human being wants to be accused of and yet almost every Democrat Party leader IS GUILTY of hypocrisy in every sense of the word. They are on video tape stating how important a secure border is and vote against it, stating the the “wall”, “barricade”, or “Fence” is now immoral and does not work to stop illegal immigrants from crossing our southern border. They REFUSE to listen to the facts and figures spelled out by the Border Enforcement Agents, that deal with the problem every single day. The Democrats lie when they say the two children who died crossing the border, was CAUSED by a lack of care from the Border Patrol agents. The autopsies were done and proved that they were so ill from a lack of food and water that nothing could have saved them due to the conditions caused by their parents dragging them thousands of miles to attempt to breach the border. The Democrats still say the Border Patrol Agents were responsible. How can we as a country, deal with a Political Party that denies all of the facts and refuses to negotiate on anything? We are a nation of laws, in spite of the fact that the Democrat Party refuses to acknowledge then or obey them. Instead of fulfilling their duties to the offices that they were elected to, they spend every waking moment trying to overturn the election of President Donald Trump by invoking character assassination, mindless investigations even though no crime has ever existed, AND they think that they have a duty to micro-manage everything our President Trump tries to do or say, which violates his ability to carry out the duties of the President of the United States. Since it is the President’s main duty to enforce the laws of the United States and the fact that they are preventing him of his ability to enforce these laws, THEY ARE GUILTY OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, plain and simple, and they should be indicted and tried for it. The executive branch is a co-equal branch of the government AND IS NOT SUB-SUBSERVIENT TO CONGRESS.

    • Lee says:

      Good post. I was a Democrat for decades and it finally dawned on me that the demoncrats were evil and communist mf. I am now a Republican and will remain. Long live our Constitution and death to traitors. Semper Fi.

    • KATHY says:


    • Cath says:

      Roy and all – the Demobrats ARE refusing to do anything but stomp their feet and have a baby fit – 1 year old style. However, when we look at the countries that are led by communism, Leninism, fascism and all the other “isms” of like kind, the people in charge do NOT, EVER care about the “people” so that goes along with the platform of the Dem party. They DO care more for the people who don’t want to EARN anything, they want everyone – that is everyone THEY want – to get anything and everything FREE to them but suck the blood out of the rest of us and SELL IT …leaving us all dead…that is how they all get rich so that’s all they know – certainly they will do ANYTHING not to have to work – like take vacations to Hawaii and stay in a “suite” that costs $10,000 PER NIGHT! Gee, I wonder who is going to get THAT bill – in some other form – it WILL be sent for US to pay as a “business trip”…

    • Michael Turner says:

      Right on ROY!!

    • Laurel says:

      Roy, Very good post. Pathetic state of union when no censorship or consequence awaits someone who calls our president (or elected official ) a vile profanity in public. Obviously we all have thoughts like this about others. Pathetic that a plot to ruin a man’s life and career through lies and liars under oath is not punished by any of the laws of this country.

      • Judy Farkas says:

        This extremest evil woman cursed our president in front of her son and the country.If she would do that in any arab country she would be stoned or beheaded.Slowley creeping in our govt, their goal is to take over.We must stop them now.

    • GySgt. Lew Souder says:

      This is one of the BEST Comment that I have read.. The Democrats should be held accountable for their crimes, be indicted and tried for them.
      “Semper-Fi” to all my Marine Veterans..

    • Diane L Revard says:

      I hope the demo dums read your post.very well spoken.

  29. FRANK says:


  30. Ronald Weese says:

    Can Donald refuse the pay the congress there pay and call that a national emergency.

  31. FRANK says:


  32. Build the wall using El Chapo’s Drug Money (Ted Cruz) idea, save U. S. lives and store the tear gas for future attacks!

  33. oldkoreanwarvet says:

    Unless we continue taking the stand that President Trump has proposed we will indeed loose our country.Living in California I can say we have lost this state.There are more So.American people living (majority illegal) here than there are borne citizens.It has become a tragedy,

    Jerry Brown has allowed this to happen by seeking votes not caring where he received them or by whom.Now the Dems want to abolish the electoral collage, that will allow the horde of California (sanctuary illegals) and other coastal States to control all future election outcome.We can now ever allow that to happen.

    I believe president Trump knows this and is in the process of rectifying a tragic situation .Thank you sir!  

    • Cath says:

      And Jerry Brown’s daddy started it – even those of us on the east coast should know that. Hey – since Californians and Nancy want to be their own country…let’s let them do that – we’ll save money on federal subsidies for welfare, education, clothes, jail, keeping highway and infrastructure going as well as we’ll get to charge them for OUR electricity, OUR border entry, an “Embassy” in DC, the electricity = they’ll loose the The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – they will have to PAY import fees to the US, and lots more – – let California become a country all on their own – hey who needs to go to the beaches of CA when we have FL, OR, WA and all the Gulf Beaches…and the NJ beaches aren’t bad either…WE WILL ALL BE BETTER OFF IF CA BECOMES A COUNTRY OF THEIR OWN…AND PELOSI CAN BE POCA…AND HAVE HELLERY AS HER VP…WITH BILL TUCKED AWAY IN THE CLOSETS FOR THE “HOLLYWOOD MADAMS”… btw NEW YORK will do just fine producing all the films and TV we want…and there’s quite a business in several other states…FL, NY, NV and others – to say nothing about India and all they produce (yes, you’d be surprised)…CA won’t be missed…maybe by the “gold rush of the 1800s people” is all…

  34. DaveD. says:

    Everyone is uptight re: points of view of the right and of the left. A simple analogy would be opinions on how to kill a rattlesnake. Those on the right wing would say to simply cut off or shoot him in the head. Those on the left would argue first that they are absolute experts on the subject, and then claim that the only way to kill a rattlesnake is to soothe him while cutting off his rattles one by one. In the same manner the need for a Southern U.S. barrier wall (properly patrolled) is beyond question or argument amongst sane and intelligent people.

  35. Philip Simon says:

    C harley Up-Chuck Shumer never like when you bring up the plane insident when he called a stuardess a F–king Bitch, give me two minutes and I will turn off my phone. He goes to the Womens organizations and appolagizes for what. Sounds like the hooooooer Master Teddy the blow job Kennedy.

  36. Danilo Corpuz says:

    Build the wall whatever you have to do Mr. President before it’s too late .

  37. Betty says:

    Of course, CRAZY donald thinks that declaring a State Of National Emergency will be so so easy to do. Typical of that Arrogant, Narassistic, Egotistical Bully Who actually considers Himself above the Law & also Actually thinks that whatever he wants should handed him without any questions at all asked just like the Spoiled, Selfish, Stupid, Retard Brat He is, always has been & always will be his whole Worthless Life.

    • theicecube says:

      But the law says he can, so he isnt going against the law! Sorry to hear about your TDS.

    • ROY S,. MALLMANN II says:

      Wow, Somebody’s hair is on fire! I think somebody is having a very bad day, and is having a CNN overload. The President has the right to declare a “State of Emergency” just like he has done with the California forest fires, and the recent floods. Securing our southern border from illegal incursion by illegal immigrants is an emergency greater that most I have seen. There are 20 million reasons that it is an emergence as they are costing us billions in welfare and food stamps because most all cannot support themselves, which is an economic emergency. Human Trafficking is occurring as a result of these illegal incursions, as well as crimes of violence, murderous gangs running free to commit crimes, as well as many illnesses that we are being exposed to. Most of the illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, and fentinal are pouring across the southern border. If we built the 40 foot high steel picket fence type barrier that also was dug into the ground 16 feet, it would stop the drugs cold and it would eliminate tunneling under it which is how most drugs get through now. Fences and walls keep out the uninvited which is why we have walls in all of our buildings and fences around most buildings, playgrounds, post offices, airports, and borders. We want to stop the illegals that enter as well as the drugs and eliminate human trafficking. Maybe the Democrats do not want to stop these things?

    • jim says:

      What party do you belong too? Look in your own back yard MORON!!!

    • Cath says:

      Betty…hahahahahha you ARE a joke…and WHAT about the “MADAM” of politics – just like the madam of the sex trade – SHE sells OUR national goods and KEEPS the majority of the money paid…in HER pockets…then SHE takes young girls on “dream” air trips with old lecherous men like Bill…she does a great job of cavorting herself, like the Grinch will come and grab everyone else’s EARNED goodies for her own “foundations” then get an award when she makes sure she has rigged all the votes

    • Diane L Revard says:

      Betty, just go away. I don’t even need to see your name and know it’s you. You are so ignorant it’s sad honey. So go with whatever friends you might have and complain because you lost. I wasn’t happy about Obama but at least I didn’t call him names. Do you know what class is. Probably not

    • Judy Farkas says:

      You never say anything irrelevant and have many haters against you. We elected our president and love him for protecting us.If you are so unhappy i suggest you leave our country.We will start a fund for your expenses. Where would you like to go?

  38. Philip Simon says:

    Just build that wall without the congress, stop talking to this so-called lady of power, if it was not for people giving her money, she be a street walker with no chance of political blow jobs to give.( Nancy Pelosi). End of story. What is the use on talking to Up-Chuck Smeckle head Shumer, he is just a mentaly retarded Lawyer. Who walks the voting beat and laughs like a (hyenia and screams like a wild dog.

  39. Mysty says:


  40. The Last Conservative says:

    The integrity of our government officials is on the line. I have long since given up on such integrity . . . but public confidence hangs in the balance. If we ever hope to win another election in this federal system, we conservatives need to urge unity and steadfastness in this current border issues stance. President Trump CANNOT cave on such a key issue.

  41. The question posed in the article, was a question of law. It seems to me that the president can cite the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers went in and beefed up the dams and walls and levees etc. in the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. So the precedent has been set.

    But we all know what will happen. Some liberals will run to a Ninth Circuit type of court out there in California or Arizona or New Mexico or Washington State or Oregon and they will get some judge to put an injunction on it.

  42. Gary says:

    It would be quite interesting if a state of emergency is declared and the wall is built. This would leave the democrats much less bargaining power for DACA or any of their liberal nonsense. Just a thought.

    • William Beard says:

      Trump should tell the Democrats build the wall and I will not ruin in 2020 and see what happens . He could play golf and not have to put up with all this bull and go down as one of the greatest leader

  43. Jo B says:

    President Trump. You do not need to declare an emergency. Simply task the Corp of Engineers or US Seabees or other military construction unit with a Training Exercise to build a wall.

  44. Emma says:

    Declare Emergency, have Military Build the Wall & leave the govt shut down until it gets BUILT!

    • Marie says:

      Fences with razor wire works or they wouldn’t have them around every prison . Very few prisoners escape and if they do it’s not by going over the barrier!
      I think Pelosi, Shumer, Waters and others that are the worst anti Trumpers should go to Tiajuana and spend several weeks there observing and without their body guards!

  45. June says:

    I just wish a few of Democrat family members would be assaulted, raped or robbed by any of their ILLEGALS THEY ARE PROTECTING. That won’t happen since they have body guards with guns, walls around homes, private schools for their kids. Just a few would be great in Hollywood brain dead cronies.

  46. Annette says:

    Pres. Trump, Declare a state of emergency and “get that wall”…..

  47. Larry says:

    Makes sense to me. Why are we fooling around with the phony negotiations? Close the Border from Arizona through Texas. Fund the wall and build the wall…, then re-open the entire protected and secured border.

  48. Sam Ina says:

    We need the wall and riddance of “anchor babies”.

  49. Judy Petitto says:

    It is now or never or we will lose our country.No turning back now whatever it takes.

  50. Mike W says:

    I am so sick of party lines and Schemer and Pelosi telling everyone how to vote. NONE of these damned politician were elected by either Schemer or Pelosi – THEY were elected by their constituents IT is damned well time they start represent the people who sent them there.

  51. Tom Secreto says:

    We MUST build the wall since we have no idea who is crossing into the country. We would be nuts to expose our citizens to a potential threat especially when several known terrorist were caught crossing into the USA.
    Are votes or worse really that important to the Democrats that they are willing to let some Americans be subject to harm.

  52. Diane L Revard says:

    The Democrats need to go back to work for the American people. Not that they ever cared about us. All they want is money and power. It amazes me that people aren’t telling the GOP’s to go back to work. They are spending way to much for personal pleasure. Meaning going after the President.

  53. Diane L Revard says:

    I hope he does declare a state of emergency. That way we get the wall. That would be great. That way we don’t need any thing from the Democrats. They can hold out till they’re blue in the face and we still get our wall.

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