A court’s decision left Barack Obama’s legacy in shambles

Obamacare is on its last legs.

When it was last challenged in the Supreme Court, liberals managed to keep it alive by declaring it a “tax.”

But now a court’s latest decision could unravel Obama’s legacy forever.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor declared the law unconstitutional.

Now that Congress has removed the tax penalty, the remainder of the law has been invalidated.

If Obamacare is successfully destroyed, Obama’s legacy will be left in shambles.

However, the decision will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Fox News reports:

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was struck down by a Texas judge on Friday, a move that could suddenly disrupt the health insurance status of millions of Americans. The decision comes amid a six-week open enrollment period for the program.

Texas, along with 19 states, had argued to U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor that they had been hurt by a jump in the amount of people utilizing state-backed insurance. When Congress cut the tax penalty from the program in 2017, the states claimed, it essentially undercut the Supreme Court’s reasoning for finding former President Barack Obama’s signature legislation constitutional in 2012.

“The remainder of the ACA is non-severable from the individual mandate, meaning that the Act must be invalidated in whole,” O’Connor wrote in a 55-page opinion, according to Bloomberg. O’Connor is a conservative Republican appointee who previously blocked other Obama-era policies.

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine has predicted that the decision will be appealed and the Supreme Court will uphold the law.

However, with two Trump Justices now on the Court, it is more conservative than it was in 2012.

The case to declare Obamacare unconstitutional has never been stronger.

Do you think Chief Justice John Roberts will stab Americans in the back again?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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49 Responses

  1. Loren Clobes says:

    Repeal OBUMMERCARE, and let the world know that OBUMMER,s “wife” is suppsedly male whose real name is Michael,
    We, as a Christian Nation, certainly deserve so much more than the lies and deciet which is finally coming out in the open.

  2. The Redhawk says:

    Obama legacy = a bucket of human waste he carries around …..all that will be left by next year….

  3. John Taylor says:

    Yes, ACA was and is unconstitutional. So is DACA as it was not legislated by Congress.

    • Iver B Bye says:

      John Taylor–EXACTLY CORRECT!!! My question when the “conservative” Chief Justice AFFIRMED obamacare’s constitutionality was, “I wonder how much he was paid to vote THAT way?”

      There is NO CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION about whether the Congress should “Repeal and REPLACE.” it should be REPEALED COMPLETELY. Healthcare is NOT AN AUTHORIZED function of the U.S. Government.

      Before someone can run for elected office, they should have to pass a STRICT CONSTRUCTIONIST Constitution Test and when elected and “swear to uphold and defend the Constitution” and THEN they VIOLATE the Constitution with an unauthorized bill, that should be grounds for IMMEDIATE TERMINATION from that elected position.

      ALSO, when elected, appointed, or put into ANY POSITION IN GOVERNMENT AT ANY LEVEL, from President to Dog Catcher, the employee of the People of the United States or local government entity, gives up his right against self-incrimination regarding ANY ISSUE PERTAINING TO HIS POSITION, AND IF HE TRIES TO CLAIM THAT RIGHT AGAINST SELF-INCRIMINATION, THAT SHOULD BE DEEMED AN ADMISSION OF GUILT AND THAT PERSON IS TO BE INSTANTLY TERMINATED AND ESCORTED FROM THE BUILDING!

      I am getting fed up with these politicians who don’t care about the Constitution and are in positions of power ONLY FOR THEMSELVES!!!

  4. Darlene Lyon says:

    I feel that if the Government has stolen from people who couldn’t get insurance and were charged, they should be reimbursed for this LIE!!

  5. Ernst says:

    This court decision did not really hurt the Obama legacy. The Obama legacy is already to bad as to be undamaged by anything. How can you make rotten garbage stink any worse?

  6. Ernst says:

    Obamacare really has been a disaster for most responsible, paying citizens. Rates have gone up so much that many people are frozen out of the program. This is an effective war on the middle class, perpetrated by Democrats. Democrats today are funded by the rich and so support the rich (though denying the fact in public – Hillary’s hidden speech to Goldman Sachs) and voted in by the poor and so support the poor. The middle class is abused and destroyed by the Democrats.

    The legacy of Barack Obama includes “Fast and Furious” which killed Americans, IRS targeting which politically weaponized the government bureaucracy, surveillance and abuse of unsupportive journalists,, based FBI investigations, false “Red Lines” which damaged US credibility overseas, a disastrous Iran treaty and payoff which facilitated Iran’s nuclear weapons progress, big lies in support of Obamacare, and a host of other crimes against America. The legacy of Obama is truly ugly.

  7. Steel Magnolia says:

    Thank You Righteous U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor !!!
    Let 0NE JUDGE After Another STEP FORWARD __

    • Kevin O’Neil says:

      That Scumbag former President , does not deserve to be in this great Country!!! The Chief Justice should be
      Be removed as well!! He clearly does and did not uphold his Contitutional obligations!!!

  8. Sharon McGuire says:

    I wish the judge who declared Obamacare unconstitutional was on the Supreme Court, but I’m glad he made this declaration anyway! Of course, it’s unconstitional to mandate that people buy health insurance—especially when you exempt Muslims from doing so on religious grounds. This was Obama’s attempt at Dhimitude against America—the tax that Muslims impose on non-Muslims when they allow them to LIVE even if they aren’t Muslims. (They aren’t always so “blessed” as to be given the opportunity to pay a tax and live!)

  9. Barry says:

    Obamacare was always unconstitutional and finally a judge with a brain using the rule of law declared it as such!

  10. Carole ANNE Quinn says:



  11. M says:

    Does anyone know where the Republicans are with writing a new healthcare bill? They had better be working hard, we must have one ready to go if the SCOTUS upholds the TX judge’s decision! We have to learn to work and stick together like the Dems do if we are going to beat them at their own games!

    • James midnight says:

      Let’s keep Government out of Healthcare. We were doing fine before OBOZO care.

      • M says:

        James midnight, Govt. out of medical care suits me just fine! I just want Congress to be ready if O’care goes away. The last time it came up the GOP had egg on it’s face because there was no plan of what to do. If it comes up in the House Jan 2019 through Dec 2020 the Dems will have the House anyway and if they do something the Senate can stop them. I feel sometime that trying to get the GOP to work and work together is like “herding guineas ” (it can’t be done)!

        • Gail says:

          Government in Healthcare is communism. They don’t need to plan anything . Whatever happened to being responsible for ones self . That’s what is wrong with Americans they think that the government is the answer to all our needs . The federal government was never suppose to have power like this over us .Our children are dumbed down to the point of no return . The poor have the well fare and Medicaid and the freebies . We used to be people who stood on our own feet and were creative .Illegals make up 59 % of the welfare and then its blacks and then Asians . White people only account for 2% . In 2014 we paid 2.4 billion dollars for illegals to have babies . How about doing that for our people . They don’t want us to just have rates we can afford then they can’t control us .

  12. Craig Vandertie says:

    His legacy is destroying the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built upon by replacing it with sharia law, I am infuriated o e the fact that no 1 has ever enforced the 1952 law making it illegal for any muslim to be on United States soil or tried to correct the wrong by stripping those here of their citizenship and sending them back to the part of the world where the terminal viral disease primarily exists.

    • Gail says:

      Did you see where Amazon is gathering information on people with its new app . That app tells them who is against Sharia law . They never said what else they were doing with the info . But their goal ( they said ) was to gather info to determine if people were trustworthy as well . Amazon is for Sharia law

  13. bagster53 says:

    every thing the kenyan freak did was illegal , and taxing you for not buying something is just stupid , maybe they should tax you at wall mart if you don’t buy anything , and their still lying about the aca and how many millions it will effect , they lie about how much the cost has gone up , and the only one it helps are the bums on welfare , that get free insurance anyways , as for the kenyan freaks legacy , it’s like asking hillary what her acomplishments are , you get a daaaa

  14. Scott27 says:

    One, I doubt the Supreme Court will uphold that ruling; and in the meantime nothing has changed. Two, I’d be ok if it were repealed as long as we get Trump’s “wonderful health care that everyone will love and it will be cheap.” Not holding my breath, however.

    • Randall Griffith says:

      Remember Ginsburg steps down in Jan/2019. So one more conservative on the SCOTUS.

      • Scott27 says:

        Wishful thinking, Randall. For one, you can’t find that announcement in any reputable source; and two, she’s too strong and determined to retire next month. Besides, shouldn’t they be about the law.. rather than conservative or democratic?

        • D.A.N. says:

          If they were about the law, 0care would have been dead long ago. It was either an illegal tax to start with or else it was an illegal law. Tax Bills have to start in the House. It was gutted in the Senate and then sent back to the House as a whole new Bill.

  15. dandy says:


    • a fool says:

      Agreed! We must do things JUSTLY for the Good of All! Nevr take away anyone’s Right! Charity and Dues are not the SAME Things! One is done with FREE Wiil t he otehr is a DUTY!

  16. Carlos says:

    I’ve heard this as often as Trump is finished. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  17. Bob says:

    As much as I would love to see the obummer care decision reversed, I honestly do not think SCOTUS will reverse their previous decision; unless there are seven hard-core evangical conservative justices on the court.

    • Tom Stark says:

      More than you do, Douchbag! I hope if they kill Obamacare they place an extra tax on “repubicans” who raise so much hell about it and let the pay directly for those they denied healthcare to!. Suffer bitch!

      • M says:

        Tom Stark, Waaaa, waaaa, waaaa! Do you ever have a nice positive thought in your mean and nasty head or a nice pleasant comment to say? I’ll bet you are really a joy and and a blessing to be around. Lighten up before you have a stroke or heart attack or cause your family to! Be cool and laid back, try it, you might like it! Maybe….

      • Byron Ray Sosebee says:

        Go to Hell, Dumbass!

      • Mama says:

        Tommy Boy,
        Just because you didn’t get picked for kickball on the playground is no reason for you to punish the rest of us for your FAILURE as an adult! Liberal trash……

    • Diane says:

      Roberts based his decision on the fact that was a “tax”….that has been deleted by Congress…what leg does he have now? I think they will vote to overturn it.

      • D.A.N. says:

        While I would hope that they would hear it and over turn 0care, I doubt that Roberts will give it the 5-4 vote needed to dump it. The only hope otherwise is that the SCOTUS refuses to hear the case and allows the lower court’s ruling to stand. Roberts will not willingly allow his vote to be overturned.

  18. Gerry says:

    This dirtbag has NO legacy !!!!!!

    • Noenameson says:

      I disagree. Respectfully. His legacy is 1] the LEAST transparent of any presidency. 2] THE MOST Corrupt of any American Presidency. 3] The most incompetent, lying, unconstitutionally invalid President EVER! 4] The most egregious homosexual, muslim , One World Government EVER President . 5] He had the most incompetent , lying , anti-American Cabinett EVER [Hillary and Benghazi, Pelosci, Reid, Eric and his “Fast and Furious” fools , Trayvon Marvin and how many mass shootings and cop killings EVER! 6] How many vacations a week , how many golf games a week, how many sitcom appearances a week and ALL ON OUR TIME and DIME. How many vacations did his wife/husband make without her/his husband/wife/president?

    • Mama says:

      Ahhh, Gerry
      You are so right…
      It amazes me how many ignorant sheeple still think he is Jesus Christ! You can’t fix STUPID!

  19. Randall M says:

    So much to say about the illegal president from Kenya. So let’s just sum it up by saying that he will go down as the WORST and most corrupt Person in U. S. history. And Killary a close second. Traitors. Both of them.

  20. Ralph M says:

    Why and that he is still on the loose, is a mystery to me.

  21. JAMES G. MOTHES says:

    There is still a village in Kenya that is missing it’s idiot!!!!

  22. Christiann says:

    End Common Core in schools, too that teaches the kids to be good communist and to hate God and country!!

  23. joe says:

    Obama and the Democrats left this country in Shambles, Obama worst POTUS in history and largest traitor

  24. James P Hutchins says:

    obama needs to be locked up for treason and corruption against the American people.

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      You’ve got this exactly right James Hutchins!!!! Why can’t our Justice system work for criminals like the Obama’s and the Clinton’s?????

    • Noenameson says:

      Execution. YOU FORGOT he needs to be EXECUTED for crimes against the American people and Constitution!

  25. ugly says:

    Obummer needs to be declared unconstitutional and sent back to Kenya his real birth place which made him unconstitutional along with EVERY thing he signed while in office!

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