A court is hearing one case that could land Trump’s lawyer in jail

Democrats have not thrown in the towel on impeaching Donald Trump over Robert Mueller’s report.

And there was just a major escalation on that front.

Now a court is hearing one case that could land Trump’s lawyer in jail.

Democrats were dealt a massive setback when a three-judge panel on the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the administration’s favor by holding that the court could not compel former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify because the court had no role in settling competing claims between the executive and legislative branches.

McGahn asked for a court ruling after President Trump asserted executive privilege over to prevent his former White House counsel from testifying.

Mueller and his Democrat prosecutors used McGahn’s 30 hours of testimony as a major building block in their supposed ten possible instances of obstruction of justice even though the report refused to take a position on if President Trump actually obstructed justice.

Democrats appealed the decision to the full D.C. Circuit Court and argued that unless the entire bank of judges stepped in and overturned the initial ruling, Democrats on the Committee would have no choice but to hail McGahn and other Trump administration officials that refused to testify even under subpoena.

“The House could direct its sergeant at arms to arrest current and former high-level executive branch officials for failing to respond to subpoenas, after which the legal issues dividing the branches would then be litigated through habeas actions,” House lawyers argued. “But arrest and detention should not be a prerequisite to obtaining judicial resolution of the enforceability of a congressional subpoena.”

Even though McGahn told Mueller he did not believe the President committed any acts of obstruction of justice, Democrats want his testimony for the spectacle of the former White House counsel testifying against the President.

Democrats believe the negative headlines will damage the President’s re-election chances or even form the basis for a second round of impeachment.

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17 Responses

  1. DUANE says:


  2. Pete Harney says:

    The Democrats have spent way to much of US Taxpayers’ money chasing dead ends, time for America taxpayers take over Congress due to the inability of politicians to get back to the reason of why they were elected by American Taxpayers and wasting are money on their quest for power. Politicians, legal idiots chasing their tails with money that is NOT theirs and hidden rules and laws that taxpayers don’t have any knowledge of nor any hope knowing with the politician’s secrecy or illegal BS.

  3. Robert says:

    Bob Harold and James H. Roberts. You both are traitors to the country that I love.The President has endured over 3 years of the closest scrutiny that anyone has ever endured. And He has been acquitted on all charges, while his enemies have tried every underhanded methods of every kind including framing him. And what came out of all this money and manpower?? NOTHING!!! These guys all HATE Donald J. Trump and they tried every way they could to bring him down and all their trash was debunked with facts. Give it up. He didn’t do anything. If he was you would have found it by now. This proves that you are all idiots and just won’t believe the facts when they are given to you. You just twist them and try again to try and make him look bad every single night on the news and during the day with the newspapers. But all you have done is to make him MORE popular. Because you are not fooling us the American people. And I call for everyone who brings false charges and those who align themselves with these traitors to face military tribunals outside of the cesspool of the DC Courts but before military judges and the UCMJ. Good luck with that.

  4. Rickster says:

    Demorats are just this stupid! Being led by the useless pos Obama and his team funded by another pos george soros! These idiots should be arrested and sent to Gitmo , they have no case and keep trying every angle they can to sway the election even if they make something up! There is no case from day one! Hillery rotten ass clinton paid 9 million with Dmc money, for a fake dossia that the fbi changed the wording to get a judge to sign orders for fisa warrents! This was Hillery and Obama from day one, there enough wrong doing right there to land each one in gitmo! Investigate that! It’s so obviously illegal! How much clearer of a crime does it get! Plus all the idiots from that point on who’s committed crimes and treason! How does these fake demorat trials evenot make it to court! Then soros on news blows it up like it’s real! Nothing but sorry ass demorats showing how stupid they are playing there soros games! Vote this garbage out of goverment and show them you’ve had enough of there fake trials! Hopefully William barr will put these people in gitmo where they belong ! Deep state goes after do many people and threatens there family’s to point they won’t touch it! Deep state and cortuption has to be removed from goverment and that’s all there is to it! 50 years of cortuption is enough! There holding america and progress up while we get pourer the deep state adds billions to there pockets controlling stock markets and interests rates, to oil. They do nothing but lie to people with the news Brainwashing america! VOTE THIS DEMORAT TRASH OUT OF GOVERMENT

  5. trebor says:

    Let me get this straight. If you are innocent and keep saying so you are guilty of interfering with the investigation even though at the end of the investigation and a half and hundreds of millions of dollars have found the President has not been guilty of anything, but maybe interfering with the investigation that found nothing. Now an investigative congress is going to do better. We are paying for all this crap untill Trump wins in 2020 and all these idiots are going to find what a real investigation is all about.

  6. James H Roberts says:

    It’s about time that Trump’s corruption is revealed!! Trump should be unable to claim executive privilege stopping testimony on his actions being investigated!! The President is not above the law nor is he the law!! Covering up his criminality only proves his guilt!! Impeachment is the right thing to remove the corruption of this Presidency, the process needs to be done again, Trump is a good reason to be impeached time and time till the corrupt Republican Senators wake up and see just what we have for a President, a narcissistic criminal!!!

  7. Paul Kern says:

    I see bon is a Marxist hater and a twinks. Playing his games and tripling while Mommie and Daddy slave to pay for his worthless college degree.

  8. James 75th Regiment says:

    Oh yeah Barrack Obama and his little team of corrupt misfits…Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, General Hayden, John Brennan and holdover from the Clinton days Leon Panetta, Leon & Biden wasn’t even sure if they should kill Bi-Laden. Which is the only damn thing the administration did that was even worth discussing…

  9. Rev J says:

    Hey toilet treasure, demented dems, ASS party leaders, corrupt scum bags and I can go on forever, stop flapping your gums and making idle threats. Grow some balls and act on your threats to make these arrests. But ya know what all you can do is talk us to death. Your just like you last democratic president full of hot air. You know the guy who made the red line in the sand against Syria and the caved when Syria crossed his red line. If you can’t or won’t say his name, Barrack Hussein Obama.

  10. ABC says:

    McGahn was not Trump’s lawyer!

  11. avatar666 says:

    Calling republican voters “deplorables” broke a major rule of American elections: you don’t attack the voters. Rather than being the party that doesn’t like the republican party in 2020, Hillary set the democrats up as the party that doesn’t like the voters in 2020. And, they appear to be doubling down on insulting voters in 2020.

    That’s fine with me, I don’t like democrats either.

  12. KennyK says:

    They just keep beating that same Dead Horse, and we keep on beating the same Dead Donkey…
    Trump for the American people 2020!!!

  13. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! These Crazy Dems are continuing to orchestrate a Coup against the President. Time start charging these people for the TRAITORS they really are ! These are typical Third World antics and have no place in the USA !!

  14. George says:

    Time for Executive Action for Sanctions without Prestigious

    Democrats are making a Mockery of the American way of Life and the Constitutional Law of the Land

    Trump 2020!!!

  15. Bob Harrold says:

    CORRECTION !!!. This is NOT a witch hunt! It is really a SERIOUS investigation into the illegal and immoral actions of this terrible and crooked President. He belongs in jail, rather than the White House. The sooner the better for this country.1

  16. Walter Ferine says:

    The Leftists, left and democrats have gone far enough. This is where we patriots have to do what our elected , never Trumper, so called , leaders have shown over and over again, that we must take overt action and sabotage wherever we can and as secretly possible , the organizations and money sources of our sworn enemies. Words DO NOT work anymore. This truly a civil war.

  17. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    Where is the DC Sniper when you really need them.. what the hell there only demrats

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