A CNN host stunned viewers into silence by admitting this is his biggest fear about Trump

CNN embodies all the worst tendencies in the corporate-controlled media.

But now CNN is facing a new panic.

And a CNN host stunned viewers into silence by admitting this is his biggest fear about Trump.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made waves for attacking the Left’s woke ideology as a “mind virus” and blasting Twitter’s censorship as a threat to democracy.

But Musk just put his money where his mouth is and bought 73 million shares of Twitter, making him the company’s largest stockholder.

The price of Twitter’s shares surged on the news.

CNN’s Brian Stelter spent the last several years successfully hectoring his ideological left-wing allies in social media to censor conservative speech.

On the latest episode of his streaming Reliable Sources show, Stelter and his panel discussed Musk’s big move at Twitter.

CNN Business writer Clare Duffy suggested that Musk buying an over 9 percent stake in Twitter could mean that he would push the company to adopt a more pro-free speech content moderation policy and become more transparent with its algorithm, which it uses to shadow ban or suppress conservative content.

“Elon has criticized Twitter for not allowing free enough speech. And so I think the big question will be whether he’ll try to, you know, get Twitter to change its content moderation policies. He also suggested that maybe Twitter should make its algorithm open source so that people know how it works. So I think those are some of the changes we could potentially see, but, you know, Elon always also talks a big game,” Duffy stated. “He knew what he was doing when he was sending out those tweets. And so, you know, it does suggest that he’s gonna try to shake things up at Twitter.”

This worried Brian Stelter, who claimed there was a “fear” about Musk taking on such a large financial stake on Twitter.

“There’s interest in billionaires, there’s celebration of Musk. There’s also fear, I think, sometimes or wariness of- okay, so here’s the richest man on the planet who just bought a big chunk of one of our most important communications tools,” Stelter said. “He’s also one of the biggest owners of satellites in the world. So he’s incredibly powerful, incredibly, I don’t know, am I allowed to use the word strange when talking about Elon Musk?”

Stelter and the rest of the leftists at CNN are only worried about one thing.

And that is that Elon Musk will push Twitter to not only stop banning conservatives, but to also reinstate Donald Trump on the platform if he runs for President in 2024.

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