A CNN host asked the one tough question that could destroy the network

CNN is in turmoil.

Even the left-wing network’s own employees are not on the same page.

And this CNN host asked the one tough question that could destroy the network.

CNN announced it fired Chris Cuomo immediately after CNN claimed an investigation uncovered a new allegation of sexual misconduct against the primetime host.

After CNN fired Cuomo, so-called “chief media correspondent” Brian Stelter was forced to put aside obsessing over Fox News and cover Cuomo’s firing on his Reliable Sources program.

Stelter – who is a reliable Democrat Party cheerleader – stunned viewers by asking if CNN forfeited their credibility by not firing Cuomo sooner.

“Has CNN lost trust as a result of this?” Stelter wondered out loud.

Former Baltimore Sun media columnist David Zurawik slammed CNN for a lack a journalistic ethics after CNN initially stood by Cuomo after reports revealed he participated in strategy calls with Governor Cuomo’s advisors on how to respond to the women accusing Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment.

“We’ve really lost our sense of media ethics,” Zurawik said. “In our profession, especially in the last few years, you have to ask yourself first — and this is the mistake Chris Cuomo made, and in some sense I think CNN made this same mistake in not forcing him to ask it — Who do you work for? Who do you serve? Obviously you serve and work for your employer or you don’t get a check. But beyond that, who are you talking to? You should be serving the public. That often times puts you at odds with people in power.”

CNN is playing games.

The report that Cuomo allegedly sexually harassed a former colleague surfaced months ago in The New York Times.

CNN was willing to stand by Cuomo and keep him on the air in spite of that allegation.

It was only when the New York State Attorney General’s office released its report detailing how Chris Cuomo worked his media sources to help his brother that CNN fired him.

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