A CNN anchor handed Elizabeth Warren the worst news of her life

Everyone thought Elizabeth Warren torched her 2020 chances when she announced she was 1/1,024th Native American.

She just launched a presidential exploratory committee anyways.

But Warren was greeted with the worst news ever.

A recent Harvard-Harris poll showed that Elizabeth Warren’s favorability ratings are under water.

Only 33 percent of voters viewed her as favorable.

CNN went on air to speculate why her approval ratings are so low.

And one analyst said, “Massachusetts voters who know her best don’t like her in comparison as much as the other Democrats, it’s a warning sign to me.”

Some Democrats are claiming that voters don’t like Warren simply because she is a woman.

Warren believes she’s the natural successor to Hillary Clinton.

And she thinks she can do what Hillary did not – defeat Donald Trump.

Do you think Americans don’t like Warren just because she’s a woman, or is it because of her leftwing policies?

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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56 Responses

  1. Tom Hall says:

    Warren is just what we needAnother liar!We need to removeALL those clowns from politics

  2. Gonaes says:

    If Elizabeth Warren thinks the American voters would buy her 1/1,024th native American heritage claim she is just as stupid if she thinks she could beat President Trump in 2020.
    But, give it a try Elizabeth Warren. The public needs a good laugh.

  3. Marie says:

    Since she lied about her heritage-background-family lineage (or whatever you wish to call it) one lie begets another and another and another etc., and to think we would vote for 1/1024 – umm – nah – Not A Chance! Close it up Liz, your so-called campaign is a total waste of money????. Go drink a beer or two????????????????????????????????!!!

  4. Don says:

    Thing is she’s a typical Dumbascrap “indian princess” so will need slapped by voters before she recognizes the truth…..she’s not wanted.

  5. Rod says:

    Just like our retread Speaker of the House, 3rd in line to the President. Our President & Vice President need to take extra precautions.

  6. EttaMae says:

    ????????????????????. Perfect summation. Love it

  7. cc says:

    she needs to take her feathers and go home

  8. john furlong says:

    Democrat–same thing!

  9. jim says:

    the nutty woman is a LIAR

  10. dlmstl says:

    This bumper sticker posted today says it all………WARREN 1/2020TH! LOL Stick a fork in her, she’s done!

  11. Keith W says:

    If you don’t want warren or hitlery in politics after 2020, INSIST ON PICTURE AND PERMANENT ADDRESS (NOT P.O. BOX) I.D., or you will get the dead, pets, and cartoon characters voting. AND NO MORE “Oh. Look I just found 2 ballet boxes in my car trunk or locked room. And they’re all for hitlary or warren.

  12. Jeff says:

    She is a Fake, Phoney Muslim Loving Democrat who will say ANYTHING FOR A VOTE! BEWARE!!!!!!! FAUXAHONTAS!

  13. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Warren cut her own throat with her American Indian fraud. Her negative numbers increased with every new revelation about her.

  14. Yarema says:

    Bruce E. Jenkins: If you believe that CNN has no credibility whatsoever, then you would not believe the point of the article that the CNN anchor handed Warren the worst news of her life. You can’t take comfort in some CNN articles and then turn around and claim that CNN has no credibility. Even when they publish articles favourable to the Republican cause, you should be consistent and dismiss them.

  15. Bruce E Jenkins says:

    Trump is The only candidate period who has the courage, imagination and integrity to move this country forward. Look what he’s accomplished already. The wors trouble with the Democrats is theirbunwillingness to admit and correct mistakes ; no it’s theirvirrelevant agenda; no, it’s their lies and hypocracy; no, it’s their disregard for the Constitution and the law; no, its their disgusting use of smear tactics; it’s their self serving, inadequate solutions to serious problems; no, it’s their highly questionable campaign funding sources, no it’s theirvprofiteering from the offices they hold; no it’s their biased and negativevview of America’s history, no it’s identity politics and it’s weak correlation to performance, no It’s _________(add your favorite).

  16. Nunyer Binnis says:

    It worked for Butfuk H Obamarx…

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