A Clinton puppet at CNN just admitted to a lie that will destroy his credibility forever

Since the 2016 election, many top Clinton allies have joined CNN to spread fake news.

They are now trying to use their influence at the network to remove Trump from office.

But a Clinton puppet at CNN just admitted to a lie that will destroy his credibility forever.

With impeachment in full swing, Fake News Networks like CNN are trying to create the worst anti-Trump narrative they can.

They are bringing out everyone they can to form this narrative.

The most rabid anti-Trump figures around are being brought in as credible figures to describe the events, while even those neutral to Trump are barred from appearing on the network.

One of those figures is Joe Lockhart, who was former President Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary for a number of years.

Lockhart is one of CNN’s political analysts.

And Lockhart just proved he is willing to openly spread fake news.

Using his Twitter account, he spread around a false claim that he overheard a conversation between two Republican Senators freaking out about claims made by Rep. Adam Schiff in the impeachment trial against Trump.

Lockhart claimed on his Twitter account:

“Overheard convo between two Republican Senators who only watch Fox News. “is this stuff real? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server. If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence.”

The Tweet went viral, with liberals taking the claim entirely serious.

As it was going viral, he finally came out and admitted that he simply made up the claim, saying:

“Ok maybe I made up the convo, but you know that’s exactly what they’re thinking.”

After working for the most disgraced President in modern history, Lockhart clearly has a lot to gain from President Trump being removed from office.

So he is willing to make things up in order to do that.

But in making this false claim, he is proving to the American people that he can’t be believed.

He is proving just how untrustworthy he is.

That isn’t shocking to any pro-Trump American.

He is a Clinton lackey who now works at CNN.

So he is loyal to perhaps the most untrustworthy President in history, and employed by the most untrustworthy “news” network on television.

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39 Responses

  1. Shelley says:

    If anyone had any doubt that the CNN & DEMOCRATS were NOT all under the BLONDE BIMBO ‘S foot who was the FIRST EMAIL READ BY JAKE TAPPER but hers. She just doesn’t get it SHE LOST. &. HE WON!!!! Is she ever going to realize she wasn’t wanted. & thankfully never will win

  2. Mac says:

    And Bloomberg has allocated a ton of money to abolish the 2nd amendment. You know how that’s gonna take place to sway ppl on his side like Virginia ???!!

  3. The Dems will PAY for all this in the 2020 election !! Too many lies and too much deception even for the Dem supporters. Vote them ALL out…………enough with his Coup against Trump !

  4. J says:

    Justice is not blind she is bias as hell and the more money you have the more bias she becomes.

  5. Mac says:

    They need to be charge barring false witness and charge the media a million each time they back it up without proof

  6. Mikey says:


  7. Jim Schafer says:

    If the impeachment fails, that would mean that Schiff was not believed and the President was acquitted. but if the impeachment was successful, that would mean that Schiff was believed and the President’s charges were imposed as planned. So, I voted “no” because I felt that if the impeachment failed then Schiff was not able to convince the Senate that the President was guilty as charged, By the erroneous charges, that have NO place in the constitution.

  8. Mb says:

    Do what Puerto Rico is doing now
    They hauled a guillotine in front of the governor’s property just as a warning
    That should be the strongest feedback toward the corruption and abuses of the taxpayers money

  9. tbone188 says:

    How long do we have to put up with the lies and misinformation from the left. Why can’t this government put a stop to public lying? Just saying “OK I just made it up doesn’t cut it. Years ago these “news” organizations would have been split up because of their size and influential bias. We should follow that method, they are being driven by the will of just one person or one family and it is wrong.

  10. Braveryder says:

    Do you notice that the anti-Trump folks who are providing the “dirt” hope to not be called for the misleading information. Once it hits the airwaves its like rabbits in springtime. The words are repeated over and over and over until the public begins to believe it is true. Then when the instigator of untruthful information is called to answer, they fain it wasn’t really true or maybe I misunderstood, or no, maybe I made it up. They continue to do this because there is no consequence for their actions. The American people need to create a consequence which will terminate the falsehood statement. Only then will “blatant LIES” become less prevalent on social media and drive-by media.

  11. Truthseeket says:

    If a United States News Network knowingly reports incorrect, inaccurate, false, salacious rumored trash, unsubstantiated news items such as Mr. Lackey presented as Network News, as well the individual pundit’s opinions, news anchors, or even televised guests with pure opinionated commentary should suffer grave penalties! Pundits, news anchors should be barred from ANY future broadcasts and falsifying informative guests should be barred from public appearances as well as print media, there is no place for this in our News and in our Society. It is a breach of honesty in the United States for “News” to be allowed to be put into the public arena to brainwash and fog the absolute truth! Networks should be harshly fined by the FCC and given a probationary period in which A (1) reoccurrence of “false fact reporting “ would result in loss of their Broadcast License! Yes truth changes in honest errors but in those cases a CLEAR AND DIRECT STATEMENT OF CORRECTION BROADCAST AS SOON AS DISCOVERED OR REALIZED! This false promulgation of NEWS ISSUES must cease! If a Network wants to report opinion statements that is fine but there should be a Chiron on the report (a border comment) identifying the comments as “COMMENTARY/ OPINION.”

    Today’s society and viewers see reporting on a Network and believe the information to be true and factual. It has to be made a regulatory process to keep Fact news as fact and opinion as just that opinion … viewers cannot and often choose not to discern the difference nor do some have the mental ability to even made the distinction.

    I find this same issue in even in the halls of Congress … censure needs to come out of the closet with the harshest of penalties for those “Lawmakers choosing to bend the truth into submission as Fact.,” …. which on its face is unsupportable by fact … but merely innuendo! To do this is to promote a lie, deceive others in Congress, and the American people. It is sick for someone – Congresspersons, Attorneys, even Judges – telling me what someone’s ACTIONS were intended to mean as well as a thin connection of non-related or even irrelevant second hand or third hand comments strung together like a poorly conceived ”Nancy Drew Fictional Mystery.” Often these are presented as conjectural factoids! This is a travesty and has to be called out!

  12. travis says:


  13. Aubry Garrison says:

    One more lying democrud , not really news anymore now is it ? Everyone wonders where the snowflake generation comes from , listening to idiots like crazy nancy , shifty schiff and now this idiot , its no wonder .

  14. Just ANOTHER idiot Dem making up stories, getting caught in the lie and then having to admit it was all FICTION !! These people are all insane and should have to answer for their acts of Treason.

  15. Mary Brandeberry says:

    It seems like CNN hires a lot of Obama Administration people, for some reason. These people worked for Obama and perhaps still controlled by Obama. It’s about time that people realized that Obama was involved in a lot of scandal. Don’t forget, the cost of Obama care. Benghazi, money pallets to Iran, the cover-up for Hilary, and holding donations to various countries. No scandal, LOL.

  16. Shaun Honor says:

    Is not willfully and knowingly telling a lie about other’s slanderous and a crime? I don’t understand why if i do it, i get a fine, sued, locked up, or all three. The media is teaching people it’s ok to lie, if you have enough pull/clout/money. Look at what some people get away with that others would not. Granted, in life there are reasons to lie, i.e.. National Security, surprise parties, and how someone looks. GET REAL AMERICA!!!!

  17. Gary says:

    Flockhart is right up there with schiff and nadler. Make up anything to reach their goal.

  18. Erik Johnsen says:

    ONLY the FAKE News Networks Aer Covering The Impeachment Trials…CNN…MSNBC n Fox News !!! Just How Did They Manage That ???

  19. John Bilotta says:

    CNN is a joke , if they didn’t pay all the airports , restaurants, and hotels to broadcast their channel they wouldn’t exist.

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