A California billionaire is bankrolling an operation to destroy Trump’s Presidency

Many conservatives are aware of billionaire George Soros, and how much he contributes to liberal causes. However, not many are aware of California billionaire, Tom Steyer.

Steyer is trying to usurp Soros as the top funder of leftist causes.

And he just made a huge commitment to impeach President Trump.

Steyer has committed to another $10 million to his efforts to impeach Trump. That’s in addition to the $110 million he’s already committed.

Steyer’s organization, “Need to Impeach” is exactly what it sounds like. A leftist nonprofit organization bent on impeaching the President for any conceivable reason.

Need to Impeach’s first objective is to takeover the House and the Senate in order to garner enough votes to remove the President from office.

The Daily Caller reports:

Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer is hoping an additional donation of $10 million to two of his organizations, ones with goals to impeach President Donald Trump, will help flip the House in favor of the Democrats in November.

Steyer made his announcement Monday in a livestream for participants of his Need to Impeach organization, which claims on its website to have nearly 6 million voters signed on as of press time.

This $10 million donation will add to the $110 million he has already pledged ahead of November’s elections, Bloomberg reports.

Steyer’s donations make him a big player in the Democratic political sphere, and if he can garner lethargic voting cohorts to head to the polls this fall, he hopes the likelihood of a Trump impeachment will be higher.

Steyer is trying to jumpstart the waning “blue wave” that has lost steam in recent weeks after so many “experts” in the media predicted a Democrat takeover of Congress in the Midterms.

While many in the media are still predicting doom and gloom for Republicans in November, the special elections have thus far proven them wrong.

But Tom Steyer seemingly has an endless pile of money he’s devoting to attack President Trump.

And that could mean trouble in November.

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