A brand new video spells big trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrats

Joe Biden and the Democrats remain on the defensive.

Biden and other liberals continue to remain silent in the face of Black Lives Matter riots and civil unrest.

And now a brand new video spells big trouble for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Black Lives Matter rioters burned the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin to the ground for two straight nights after police shot Jacob Blake after video footage showed Blake allegedly ignoring police instructions and reaching into his vehicle.

Joe Biden immediately condemned the police and America as racist and refused to speak out against Black Lives Matter rioters who burned a church to the ground and torched multiple businesses.

Biden and other Democrats’ claims about the shooting were undercut by new video footage that shows Blake wrestling with the two police officers.

The Daily Mail Reports:

The 29-year-old unarmed black man who was shot seven times by a Wisconsin police officer on Sunday was involved in a brawl with several Kenosha cops moments before the shooting.

Amateur video shows the events leading up to the shooting – though the footage is taken from the opposite angle of the initial viral cell phone clip in which Jacob Blake is seen walking toward his SUV before he is gunned down.

In the latest video, Blake is seen wrestling with at least two Kenosha police officers.

In the footage published by the Daily Mail, Blake overpowers and breaks free from two police officers just before he walks to the other side of his vehicle and officers shot him as he reached into the car.


An arrest warrant had been issued for Blake on July 7 and he had previously been charged with sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct stemming from a domestic abuse incident.

Blake was transferred to the hospital where he was in serious condition that later stabilized and Blake is expected to live.

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