A brand new poll had surprising news about Michelle Obama running for President in 2020

Michelle Obama’s presence continues to linger over the 2020 election.

Americans are wondering if she will get into the race.

And now this brand new poll had some surprising news about Michelle Obama running for President in 2020.

Many Democrats are worried their current field of candidates lacks a quality challenger to take on Donald Trump.

They are pining for Michelle Obama to enter the race.

And there is some evidence Michelle Obama would be the Democrats strongest candidate.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll found Michelle Obama leading Donald Trump 49 to 45 percent in a hypothetical matchup.

Rasmussen reports wrote about their poll’s findings:

With some Democrats worrying that the current hopefuls for their party’s nomination can’t beat President Trump next year, speculation has begun anew that Michelle Obama will enter the race. The former first lady still has a narrowing advantage over the president in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that Obama edges Trump 48% to 45% among Likely U.S. Voters, with seven percent (7%) undecided.

The bad news for Democrats is that just 20 percent of voters think Michelle Obama will run for President.

Michelle Obama repeatedly denied any interest in running for President.

But many pundits believe she is keeping her options open and if the Democrats are deadlocked at the convention she would accept the nomination as a compromise candidate.

The evidence for this secret interest is Barack Obama refusing to endorse a candidate as well as saying old men won’t make way for women and that women are “indisputably” better leaders.

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126 Responses

  1. tim says:

    Why do the dumocrates have OLD FAKE news printed !!!!!!!!
    Dumocrates are ASS&*LES !!!!

  2. Ted says:

    The democraps have sunk to such a low point that they could possibly have Fishsmell Obama run. If he, she, or it would run it would be the first and only time in history that a transvestite gorilla would be on the democrap ticket along with the rest of those misfits. The world must be laughing at the USA , once the most powerful nation in the world which has now become a freak show! God save us!

  3. EYESONYOU says:

    A brand new poll had surprising news about Michelle Obama running for President in 2020


  4. newhon63 says:

    The only people who would vote for another 4 years like Obama’s is someone who doesn’t have a job even though there are plenty to be had, never has any intention of trying to invest in their own future.
    They are the ones who think that the government is going to take care of them. No matter how little the government gives them, it is okay because it is free”.

  5. mick hunt says:

    the demoncraps will try to make a new classification for “IT” mike/michelle. the sh “IT” column!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    What should the President be afraid of these whores of George Soros? Mishael, endearing name from its hubby/ wife did not serve the people. He wasnt paid by Soros to that! BARRY SOETORO, FROM INDONESIA, GOT INTO THE USA UNDER A FOREIGN STUDENT VISA! Soros falsified documents to get his boy into our government where Soros could destroy us! That bastard is a WAR CRMINAL and the Judicial system. is afraiid of him!

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