A brand new poll gave Nancy Pelosi the bad news she feared the most

Nancy Pelosi just got the shock of her life.

The Speaker of the House got smacked in the face with a new reality that she had no idea existed.

That’s because a brand new poll gave Nancy Pelosi the bad news she feared the most.

Democrats thought their house majority was secure.

They thought wrong.

A private Democrat poll of swing districts shows socialist Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are the new faces of the Democrat Party.

And outside of the hardcore socialists on social media, they are both wildly unpopular.

The Daily Caller reports:

“If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk,” a top Democrat involved in 2020 congressional races told Axios, addressing the poll’s details. “[S]he’s getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races.” The poll included 1,003 likely voters who are white and have two years or less of college education.

More than 74% of voters in the poll recognized Ocasio-Cortez, with 22% of people surveyed holding a favorable view. One of the New York Democrat’s colleague, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, received a similar level of fanfare among those polled. She was recognized by 53% of the voters, with 9% of people holding a favorable view of her.

The poll, which was shared to Axios on the condition of anonymity, shows swing voters don’t think much of Ocasio-Cortez’s brand of Democratic socialism. Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%.

Donald Trump isn’t going to run against the eventual Democrat nominee in 2020.

Trump is going to make 2020 a referendum on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and their socialist ideology.

And that is a fight Donald Trump could win.


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82 Responses

  1. Gary D Jones says:

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Some just stink way more than others. Trump should have lost the election with 3,000,000 less votes than Hillary got! The Electoral College was never intended to be able to vote in a president. The government is supposed to be of the people,by the people and for the people.The Republicans have found a way to circumvent that and thereby cheating their way into to Whitehouse. It certainly wasn’t by the peoples choice.

  2. renato says:

    all the liberal lunatic squad will be gone in next election

  3. Vickie Ross says:

    Get Cortez, Omar and Taliaib out of office. Sign the petition www. pjtn.org

  4. Ilona Bogdan says:

    These four terrorist tell from Tramp He is a “resist “. People do You know only those tell from somebody resist hu real is resist. Only those know how is to be a resist right ? And the 4 terrorist You can see from a kilometer they are .Did somebody put the question What these killer,resist ,terrorist looking four here ??????? Thinc America !!!!!! and gat direct in Congress from nowhere .

  5. Km says:

    I call the squad, AOC, Tlaib, Omar and Pressley the ‘Death to America and death to Isreal Squad’. They are the reason our forefathers put a provision in our laws for us to have the right to bear arms. Need I say more!?

  6. Peter wightman says:

    Pick the right question to get the answer you want screws up any poll. Pollster should do well to remember 2016 & for California remember Deukmajian

  7. Phil says:

    Fire David Stockman. ze is Fake New !

  8. Randy131 says:

    President Trump condemned the Democrat “Squad” (Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, & Ayanna Pressley) not for the color of their skins, nor their religion, or their sex, but he condemned them for denouncing, attacking, and cursing Israel and the USA, and calling the American people and Jews trash.

    President Trump did not say the Democrat “Squad” should be deported, he said instead of trying to change our government, they should go back to the country they are from and fix those broken governments that caused them to seek refuge in the USA, and after they fix those governments, come back to the USA and tell us how they did it. Where is the threat of deportation or racist words or actions in this comment?

    The Democrats want to make this a racist statement, even though it is not. The Democrats do this so their base won’t read the statement and decide for themselves if the statement is racist or not, but instead just accept the Democrats’ propaganda indoctrination. Then this indoctrinated Democrat base will spread the lies to everyone else, in the hope that the American people won’t vote to re-elect President Trump, despite all the great things he has done for the USA and it’s people in just 2 1/2 years. President Trump has accomplished things that Obama and the Democrats couldn’t do in 8 years, with the last 7 1/2 of those years being in the economic recovery that Obama, the Democrats, and the liberal biased media, all proclaimed in June of 2009.

    So President Trump condemned the Democrat “Squad” for mainly cursing Israel and the USA through denouncing and attacking them. But President Trump is the most active Christian President in over the last 150 years, and GOD declares in the Holy Bible, in the Book of Genesis: Ch.12, Vs.1-3, – (1) The Lord said to Abram (Abraham): “Go forth from the land of your kinsfolk and from your father’s house to a land that I will show you.” (2) “I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” (3) “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you.”

    The USA has certainly found blessing in Abraham’s progeny, as many other nations also have. President Trump is a Christian who means what he says, as is also commanded by GOD. What makes anyone think that GOD doesn’t mean what He says, especially when saying, “I will curse those who curse you.” The Democrat “Squad” are all members of the US Congress, and in being such they represent the US government and it’s American people whenever they curse Abraham’s progeny, which GOD has said that He would curse those who curse Abraham’s progeny, the Jews and Israel.

    How many times does it declare in the Holy Bible that we should fear GOD, as well as love and obey GOD? What fool would not fear being cursed by GOD for those (the Democrat “Squad”) in our US government and representing us, cursing them that GOD has blessed and promised to curse those who curse them?

    I completely agree with what President Trump had said condemning the Democrat “Squad”, not for the color of their skin, nor their religion, or their sex, but for cursing the Jews and Israel through denouncing and attacking them, and I would even go further in that condemnation of the Democrat “Squad” then did President Trump.

  9. Isabel says:

    President Trump was extremely kind to suggest the America haters go back to fix their country and come back. President Trump should have had the right to immediately deport those America-hating, ugly, egotistical pieces of crap. Immediate deportation is called for and Miss no-it-all, Cortez, should be banned to a Puerto Rico ghetto. President Trump needs to have the power to immediately correct WHATEVER is going wrong in this country filled with other countries’ trash. I am a LEGAL immigrant who loves this country and respect its laws.

  10. True American says:

    The United States of America is a Christian nation, founded upon Christian values by founders who believed in our God, the ONLY God. Therefore, there is no place in the USA for those unwelcome members of the Islamic cult! No Muslim should ever be allowed to become a citizen, allowed to vote, run for political office, or hold any position of authority in our Christian Country! These are rights that belong only to humans, not Muslim animals!!!!!

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I’m sorry true American but I beg to differ from you. I am not seeking anything other then to point out that not all Muslims are as you say “animals” & quite honestly I am offended by your statement. As a Muslim, I guarantee you that there are MANY of us that are pro-America, & Trump supporters. I don’t expect nor request you change the way you view Muslims, but please do know that as in any sect, race, or whatever, there is always good & bad.

      • T. Bell says:

        They are most ALL scumbags and trash ! Never trust a mudslime POS !

      • rufusvondufus says:

        Really? There are many of you? You could have fooled me and all other Americans who love this country. It seems to me that the vast, vast majority of muslims are of the stinking terrorist type and you are a very small minority. If there are so many of you why don’t you come together and disavow those who are haters and terrorists? That’s because there are not many of you at all, just a very few!This is why all of you need to go back where you can practice your archaic ways in peace and kill each other without worrying about being arrested.

      • rhodey says:

        I think your statement is fundamentally flawed. There is nothing wrong in being a Muslim but I like
        thousands upon thousands of Americans we are still waiting to see a condemnation of some actions taken by Muslims. One of the basic tenents of your Muslim religion is the death to infidels i.e. Christians. They (Muslims) seem singularly silent,, I may well ask who have you selected to obliterate. Were you a child bride betrothed to some old mullah 40 years your senior, if not have you come out vocally to condemn such a practice.
        I agree whether Christian,Muslim or atheist there are good and bad purveyors, the difference
        between them is-that Christians believe in love, where Muslims seem more interest in hate and
        death to infidels

      • Yes there is and you ones that came in 50’s wanted a better life, The ones coming in last 4 yrs are ones causing the hate and pain , Obama is root of all evil

    • MARY COMBS says:

      There are a lot of Muslim converting to Christianity. They cannot allow themselves to be ID’d for fear of death. God loves all of us. Many of us have been mislead by extreme, controlling religions, cults, and political affiliations. His true word has been twisted and altered. Our greatest commandment is to love one another. He did not say to love other Christians, he said “one another”. It’s always easy to preach to the choir but those in the most need of his word, are those who have never been exposed to it or don’t believe at all. Plant some good seed and watch it grow. Blessings

  11. Earl says:

    The DumbocRAT Party is truly ANTI-AMERICAN IF Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are the new faces of the Democrat Party. IF you have a thorn in your side you can stop the pain by removing it. Come 2020 the AMERICAN PEOPLE can remove them.

  12. Sara says:

    If we listened to NBC, ABC or any of those liberal channels Hillary was going to be president. Ha Ha Ha

  13. Carl says:

    Nasty Nancy is the second most hated woman in politics right behind Crooked Hillary.

  14. Vasu Murti says:

    Trump trails Biden, Warren and Sanders in new poll

    NBC News
    Mark Murray

    Jul 14th 2019 11:59AM

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump trails the top Democratic contenders in hypothetical matchups, according to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll’s first ballot tests of the 2020 general election.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the president by 9 points among registered voters, 51 percent to 42 percent — outside of the poll’s margin of error of plus-minus 3.5 percentage points.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is ahead of Trump by 7 points, 50 percent to 43 percent.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., holds a 5-point advantage, 48 percent to 43 percent.

    And Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is ahead by just 1 point, 45 percent to 44 percent — a jump ball.

    With more than 200 days until Iowa caucuses and more than 470 days until Election Day 2020, the poll is a very early snapshot of the general election, and much can change.

    But Trump is faring worse than Barack Obama at this same stage of his re-election race.

    In the August 2011 NBC/WSJ poll, Obama held a 1-point edge over eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney among registered voters, 46 percent to 45 percent.

    Obama ended up winning the general election by 4 points, 51 percent to 47 percent.

    Breaking down a Trump-versus-Biden race:

    Biden’s larger lead over Trump is largely due to the former vice president’s stronger performance among independent voters, whites and suburban residents than the rest of the Democratic field.

    In a Trump-versus-Biden contest, the president has the advantage with men (51 percent to 42 percent), white voters (50 percent to 43 percent) and whites without college degrees (56 percent to 37 percent).

    Biden, meanwhile, leads among African-American voters (85 percent to 9 percent), women (59 percent to 34 percent), suburban voters (49 percent to 43 percent) and independents (45 percent to 41 percent).

    Against the other three Democratic contenders, however, Trump runs even or slightly leads among independent and suburban voters, and his advantage with white voters is in the double digits.

    Trump’s job rating stands at 45 percent:

    President Trump’s job rating in the poll essentially matches his percentages in those hypothetical 2020 matchups.

    Forty-five percent of registered voters approve of the president’s job, while 52 percent disapprove — which is broadly unchanged from the last several NBC/WSJ surveys.

    Trump’s best numbers come with Republicans (89 percent approve), rural voters (62 percent), men (53 percent), those ages 50-64 (53 percent) and whites (52 percent).

    His worst numbers are with Democrats (just 7 percent approve), African Americans (18 percent), Latinos (29 percent), women (38 percent) and voters ages 18-34 (32 percent).

    The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted July 7-9 of 800 registered voters – more than half reached by cell phone – and it has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.5 percentage points.

    • William A. Cannon says:

      It’s an nbc poll!

    • rufusvondufus says:

      Hey, nimrod, Hillary was going to defeat Trump by 10 or more points. Just ask that axehole, Frank Luntz who makes an idiot out of himself on Fox.

    • Linda M. says:

      Vasu; I have a bridge in NYC that is mostly traveled by Democrats. We took a poll to verify that information.And those that are not Democrats you charge them double. Would you like to buy it? Make your party proud. Show your support.You can even get permits to hang all the flags the Democratic party supports; Planned Parenthood,Antifa, NWO just to name a few… You truly are a lost soul…

    • rhodey says:

      Vasu Marfi, surelu you must know that repeating a half baked, sorry fully baked poll is more ammunition that you believe this verbal vomit. To believe it, puts you in the ranks of the German people before and during World War II who were convinced that the Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebels spoke the truth, you need to improve your historical knowledge.
      Most of us can spot “false news” a mile away. Historically do you not know that pose a question to obtain the answer you want, is how pollsters can come up with weird answers. Have you forgotten 2016 ??? the
      amazement shown by the pollsters,TV talking heads to discover the people wanted Donald Trump not Hilliary, she too cannot understand or accept she lost. Finally a classic example in California the race for the Govenor was Brown a Democrat. Polls and exiting voters all proclaimed that Brown would win. Surprise, surprise Democrats voted with their feet despite saying they had voted for Brown in reality they voted for a Republican by the name of Deukmejian – an Armenian American.

  15. Debra Lambert says:

    God bless out Great Brave President Trump. 2020. God Bless USA. Obama brought in ALL THESE MUSLIMS & COMMIES. WORKING FOR UN AGENDA.SOROS PAYS THEM & YOUNG TURKS. Brenner went over to Muslim belife.Enemy with end.

  16. Candice says:

    Simply stated, the Democrats have crossed a fine line. They are all nuttier than fruitcakes!

  17. bagster53 says:

    once again the only thing the democrats can throw at trump is the racist b/s , maybe if they would shut up about racism , we could get to 2007 , when no one even thought about racism except the radicals , and you never herd anything about it on the news , till the 1/2 black illegal kenyan terrorist came along and started a new race war

  18. Joseph Marks says:

    Let’s Get rid of the scum that occupies the majority of the House of Representatives. They are a cancer in our society. A dose of 2020 election defeats for the Demon Rats is the cure.

    • Jo Scott says:

      Saw the gang of 4 on the news today. After the way they talked about Trump and our nation they should be hauled out of DC in chains, to Iran. Am sure they’d be welcome there since their message fits right in. Pelosi is in deep dodo now, HA HA HA, maybe this will finish her, Little Chuckie and their gang of slime off.

      • Retta says:

        If she had not laid the platform for “Hate Trump” and ” don’t do anything to help him succeed in Making America Great Again” programs the take over by the “Squad” may not have happened. It is all her fault!!!!!

  19. MICHAEL WRIGHT says:

    Just how much Scrutiny can the Democrats party stand. Mix them all together and you might have one honest person. But,then that is debatable.

  20. Mongo says:

    Mongo says f—-k Nancy Pelosi.

  21. laura says:


  22. Marilyn Hopson says:

    I agree it’s a sad day when the Democratic party turn against us and the law by informing illegals who have been demanded by the court to be deported that if they don’t have a warrant they can’t take them or she said don’t open your door what happened do the Democratic party the laws don’t mean anything they think they’re above the law and these for that they call the squad heaven help us they are simply communist that’s how the Communist party started out and they want the government to be over us more than what they are have they lost their minds and I agree with the president they are constantly putting down America our values are laws and if they don’t like America and they don’t abide by our Constitution and our laws they need to get the hell out of the country and go back to wherever their ancestors came from because it sure wasn’t here

  23. Charlieslic says:

    I’M so God Damn sick n tired of that SENILE OLD MAN J BIDEN let’s make that the hole DUMB ASS DEMOCREEP PARTY

  24. Charlie Frank says:

    I’M so God Damn sick n tired of that SENILE OLD MAN J BIDEN let’s make that the hole DUMB ASS DEMOCREEP PARTY

  25. Ms McCain is a big mouthed bore. She’s obviously starved for attention. She has joined up with those scary dumb lady Democrats to bash our country. What’s the point Megan? Can’t get over the lousy campaign that your Dad ran & lost??

  26. mikle says:

    My family was all democrat (18 people). But after Cortez, Imar and Talib we all republica,

    By-by Pelosi, cortez, imar and talib.

    • Lee Cross says:

      Great….please share this on Facebook.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      Welcome to the honest side. We truly dont care if you are white, black, brown , green, straight, gay, or think you are a tree. It honestly doesn’t matter to us. It sure seems to matter to the progressive liberal side tho.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I am with you mikle,
      I was never a democrat, but I am now a Trump loving, pro-America conservative.

  27. dlmstl says:

    Imagine the status of ‘The Squad’ with the Hunchback of Chappaqua as POTUS? No Mueller Report, a leftish SCOTUS, with Weinstein and Epstein free to continue their life of debaucher.

  28. She needs to let us know just how many cow farts it`s going to take to kill us.
    Are the cow farts racists?

    • Phyllis says:

      AOC, Omar and Talid are helping flush the Democrats down the toilet. I wonder why Pelosi , Waters Warren and Harris haven’t gotten the job done. Lord knows they are all crazy enough. Let’s just hope they succeed. If they don’t they will finish the job of destroying the country that Obuma started.

  29. Mike Flanagan says:

    Just let them Bitches F up the 2020 for the dumbokrats.

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      They wont ruin it for the dem party. With all the states going away from the electoral college, and all the illegals voting, and the cheating, they will walk away with all 3 branches of government.

  30. robert says:

    demorats will become extinct

  31. Doug West says:

    God Bless Cortes. One of the dumbest congresspersons to ever achieve that office along with Omar and a few others. She is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. Hope she twitters every hour and takes all the interviews the fake news folks offer her.

  32. Doug West says:

    God Bless Cortes. One of the dumbest congresspersons to ever achieve that office along with Omar and a few others. She is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. Hope she twitters every hour and takes all the interviews the fake news folks over her./

  33. I believe Nancy polock is unpopular, and i believe aoc only has a handful of idiots that
    support her. As the new faces in the democratic party, I don’t think they have a chance in hell.

  34. rhodey says:

    The far left vocal Democrats are drowning out ,out playing the remainder of Democrats., which in turn will fortunately greatly assist our President in 2020.
    These brainless idiots would do well to learn their History, study what made America what it is today and thank God they were born here.The same applies to those who came here legally and wanted to be Americans.
    Sadly those who fail to unerstand American history also fail to realise that America is lea\d

  35. Byron McDaniel says:

    Our education organizations are not teaching our youth true history and reality.
    Our teaching force has been hijacked by extreme liberals with personal agendas!
    May GOD have mercy on us.

  36. Jim C says:

    We are being destroyed from within by people who forgot what being an American means. By a media that is bought and paid for by a few elites that want to run the country their way. By stupid people who vote without any idea of what or who they are voting for. By an education system that allows someone who committed domestic terrorism by bombing a police station and then later becomes a COLLEGE professor. By voting for people who kill someone and they still vote for him to the senate for 50 years. My god people open your eyes

  37. Tom says:

    Democratic Party is dead if these anti american media stars are ceded any power. I am not a Pelosi lover but she is better than the alernative. The Fake NEWS MEDIA is also dying a slow death like CNN. MSNBC is next.

    • gretchen says:

      I hope you’re right about the Fake news..it needs to die!!!!

      • Gary Jones says:

        Just because you do not like what other people (Individuals which have a right to voice their opinions) doesn’t mean you have the right to mimic Donald Trumps rhetoric by throwing fits and calling it ‘Fake News’ Trump is the MASTER of FAKE NEWS.

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