A brand new poll about Robert Mueller sent the swamp into a panic

When Robert Mueller was appointed, the establishment counted on his sterling reputation as their best weapon against Donald Trump.

Mueller could use the goodwill built up as FBI Director to paper over any concerns about the witch hunt he was really conducting.

But one new poll dashed all those hopes and Mueller is in big trouble.

A new survey by McLaughlin and Associates show that by an 18 point margin Americans do not believe Mueller has found evidence of corruption tied to Trump.

The poll also showed that a 44 to 33 percent margin believed Mueller has found no evidence of collusion with Russia.

Breitbart reports:

“A national poll conducted of 1,000 likely voters by McLaughlin & Associates and former Clinton pollster Dick Morris provided exclusively to Breitbart News shows support for President Trump and suspicion of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

By a margin of 51 percent to 33 percent, voters do not believe Mueller has found “real evidence of corruption by the president.

More specifically, by a margin of 10 points, 43 percent to 33 percent, voters feel that Mueller has not uncovered any evidence that “President Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.”

A plurality of voters, 43 percent to 35 percent, said that Mueller’s investigation has “overstepped its designated purpose to investigate links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Trump by investigating individuals who had nothing to do with Russia.”

The poll also shows that voters are losing patience with Mueller’s probe.

Asked if they think “the investigation being conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has gone on for too long and cost too much,” voters agreed by a 20 point margin, 52 percent to 32 percent.”

These findings do not bode well for the establishment.

They were counting on the public buying whatever Mueller was selling as the means to get rid of Trump.

But that’s not what is happening.

Mueller has found no evidence and this poll shows he will not be able to dress up accusations and innuendo as facts he can present to Congress in order to trigger impeachment proceedings.

The public believes what Trump has said all along: he is completely innocent and this investigation is a witch hunt.


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117 Responses

  1. K says:

    In law, particularly murder cases, we constantly hear, “no body, no crime”. Well, in the Trump collusion fairytale, how about “No Crime committed, No interview granted for a fraudulent investigation. I’m still amazed that NO ONE has called for the HRC/DNC Russia Collusion True Crimes investigation!

  2. Joanna says:


    • Joanna says:


    • kathy says:


  3. Bob Hunt says:

    Sterling reputation? Mueller? Come on!

  4. Roger Acuff says:

    After all this time and what We the People have learned how could we believe anything Mueller says. He is nothing more than a smoke screen for Soros, Obama, Clinton and all the crooked communist involved

    • Scott says:

      It’s time to give the anti-American Left in this country a choice. Deportation or being hung for treason. This list is not inclusive but contains the names of Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Lynch, Powers, Rice, McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell, The 2 FBI lovers, and many others. It is also time to fire ALL career unelected people in all Government agencies and rehire the ones that can be trusted to uphold the Constitution.

    • June says:

      You got that right!

    • Rose says:

      You are right Roger, we have all had enough of lying Mueller!

  5. Thomas Townsend II says:

    It seems pretty obvious (at least to me, so I believe) that Comey was and I believe, still is a Clinton / Obama operative working to the criminal benefit of the Clinton family, George Soros, the Obama family, and I also believe, Russia, China and other anti-American interests. This is why his work seems to include extremely biased and selective enforcement of the law — helping sideline, hide, cover up for the many crimes and even, I firmly believe, treasons by tthe Clintons and their many operatives and likely, I further believe, involving the Obamas alongside nany democrats, rinos, and at least some republicans (as we keep seeing aligning themselves with the aforementioned criminals in the furtherance of illigitimate, hate filled, criminal, and even anti-American activities — putting hate, agendas, and foreign interests ahead of those of our nation, enforcement of U. S. laws and our U. S. Constitution, and the well-being of actual U. S. Citizens. This is why I pray every day for the citizens of our once great nation to wake up, take a good look around, and then round up lawfully and ethically every politician in office except for our lawfully elected President; remove them forever from office; throw most of them in prison alongside their darlings — the Clintons and the Obamas; throwing away the keys; and then never again allow any of the politicians in office before 2018 to ever regain any political or public office ever again. In the same spirit of the RICO Act and Asset Forfeiture, by involvement in joint unethical and criminal acts, up to and I believe including treason, these individuals should be dealt with legally as mentioned above (along with every person aiding them (including those rumming so-called sanctuary cities and states, as an organized crime family and prosecuted accordingly, having all assets confiscated and salaries and retirement withdrawn as contaminated assets gained collectively as unlawful profits from these crimes — as any normal citizen would be treated under these same two laws previously mentioned.

    If the actions taken against President Trump and every day normal patriotic citizens who do not buy the false narratives and agendas of the Democrats / Obama / Hillary Crime / Treason and Foreign Operatives Machine doesn’t demonstrate every aspect of a fully functional crime family then every Mafia and Crime Syndicate Member ever prosecuted under the RICO act deserves a full and formal apology by the FBI, the DOJ, and every individual member of the U. S. Government and every asset forfeiture victim deserves a full formal apology in person from each of these same officials to the very last one and a full refund of all assets ever forfeited with full punitive and compensatory damages awarded in each case to each and every person, company, and organization ever to suffer such forfeitures and based upon the current formulas for the legal determination of the amounts of such awards given the size and scope of the U. S. Government and similarly paid by every member of this government other than President Donald Trump (as the wrongfully accused innocent party) past and present each individually — each knowingly sharing the guilt involved and as knowing and equally willing participants in full violation of U. S. Law and the U. S. Constitution which all have freely sworn to uphold and to enforce (including activist justices writing law illegally and unconstitutionally from the bench (all inclusive) whom should also be fully and permanently disbarred.

    • True Believer says:

      Thomas, I for one vote you to be our AG when Sessions is finally thrown out. You know what to do and will get it done.

  6. Jesse says:

    Given that Mueller was Comey’s mentor and is his friend how can anyone say he is a good FBI man. He by not stepping aside on this LIE shows the TRUTH about him. He is a male without HONOR or INTEGRITY. He is not a MAN. He is out for REVENGE against Trump for Comey being fired something Trump had every right to do even if Comey has not proved himself to be a political hack just like Mueller.

  7. Gayla says:

    I heard that Rosenstein introduced Mueller to President Trump and recommend Mueller for the Attorney General job but was rejected by the President. The next day Rosenstein appointed Muelller to the Special counsel position. Is that correct? Because if it is then Mueller could have his own motives for taking out the President. It would be interesting to know is that information is correct!

    • Joeyounger says:

      What does it matter? The Republicans in the House already said that they can’t find any evidence of collusion and have already moved on from this Liberal “witch hunt”!!! I be willing to bet that Mueller will be asked to silently end the probe/investigation by mid-May by the entrenched Democratic Senators who are going to be up for reelection in November. I’m almost sure that they don’t want this embarrassment to be peeking at them around every corner as the campaign for their careers. Let’s face it they know that this circus is only being run by the entrenched creatures in the swamp(a.k.a. Pelosi, Watters, Schumer, et, all.) who already have the votes to re-elect them for the next 40 years. My money says the Republicans hold onto the House, and pick up a couple of the Lesser known Senate seats. That ought to take care of this 2 years of foolishness that the Democrats have been acting on. With the pick up in the senate the President won’t have to depend on traitors like McCain who is about to die any way, and is just bitter and butthurt that President Trump squashed his chance of ever being anything but a loser, Graham, who l suspect is secretly gay , and the other Demo-leaning idiot Flake. I’m hoping that the Republican voters can give President Trump the people he needs to finally, finally, finally rid us of this bunch of lowlife petty thieves we call Congressmen.!!!

  8. Warren says:

    “Robert Mueller was appointed, the establishment counted on his ( sterling) reputation” Sterling Reputation??? Who do they think they are Kidding other than the imbecile Democrats?? His Rep is Crap Sterling My @$$…!!

  9. Dolores says:

    Once again a person Mueller is out to get our president. He should be working with him (but not that’s impossible) to make our country great again.

  10. Mueller is a product of liar James Comey, What do you expect? They both are liars, I guess that is what it takes, to become a lawyer. Even the judges are the same way, I guess cut from the same cloth. It is time for Americans, to take our country back,from these liberal losers. They have ruined our country enough, making it politically correct, which is how can I steal your hard earned money and give it to useless vagabonds. That is what liberals do, nothing good for, our hard working citizens. I was a independent, until this past election, when they tried to force Clinton, down our throats. That was when I knew, I had to take a stand, for the conservative people, of this great country. Thank God I did, we have President Trump as our leader, at least he isn’t selling our country, to the highest bidder.

  11. William Brummett says:

    these polls are biased as can be

  12. B. Cassidy says:

    If he has not found anything after all this time; either there is nothing to find or he is incompetent. And exactly what do the democrats expect to gain? Hillary will never be President!

    • Kris Kritian says:


  13. Bill says:

    This crap has gone on far too long. This investigation will never find collusion on Trump. Mueller is just another member of the swamp with about two thirds of Congress. I think it’s high time we take our guns to Washington and clear this friggin swamp ourselves; otherwise this crap will drag on forever.

  14. walter says:

    we going to need more rope!

  15. zee says:

    Time for Mueller ‘to figure out’ – How to get 0ut of this Disgusting InAppropriate mess. Rudy G. Will Assist in this matter. Let E’one ‘save face’ & End. W/that
    being said, then – what is Muellers jobbee????

  16. Why do you insist I have already my post and you refuse to show them are you afraid I am too critical of your pets

  17. Always said mueller was out to discredit the president, he was good buddies with comey and did not like the president firing him, he set out to avenge comey and will do anything to make something up against Trump to get this revenge, if comey is investigated for his wrong doings wonder how long it will take him to throw mueller under the bus like he did mccabe to cover his own a**

  18. Linda says:

    Muller needs to go along with the rest of the dirty swamp!

  19. Mike H says:

    Mueller. Has anybody bothered to look up this guy and his record over the last 10 years. It’s pretty unbelievable how corrupt he was and is.He goes way back with their corrupt Hillary Clinton. I’m thinking most Democrats don’t realize how crooked he and Hillary Clinton was and is. It’s unbelievable how blind the Democrats are right now. Their hatred should be for their own party if they only knew what they’ve done. Especially to this country .They’re all money grabbing but the Clintons take the cake.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      Mueller is a disgrace to this country. He needs to for once in his life, tell the TRUTH. Stop wasting taxpayer money and shut this whole thing down. He needs to charge those that are guilty, Obama, Clintons, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Flake and I could on and on. Do it now or you will be the first one that gets arrested. You are a low life crook.

  20. Sal says:

    Drain the swamp, with all those corrupt monsters in it!

  21. Daniel says:

    End this now!

  22. Reuben says:

    Thank GOD for Trump he has done more in a short time than the Democrats have in years. All they have done since Trump beat their loser is complain . I hope America wakes up in our up coming election . They can’t vote for anything so we should remember that when we vote.

  23. Bender says:

    So some people who haven’t seen anything Mueller has thinks he has nothing. If that’s how the justice system works in your world glad your not lawyers. He is investigating Russian interference in our election which all our intelligence agencies said happened. Maybe Trump didn’t have anything to do with it maybe he did. Why don’t you want to know? Or care that it happened? Almost makes you as big of traitors that did help them.

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      It was your pal Killary that paid for the dossier. I’d say it was Killary that used the Russians, not to mention Killary, and mue-liar are both tied to the uranium one sale.

      • Frances King says:

        how sad that the one who will destroy evidence hasnt had a five AM raid but the man who cooperated with Mueller had his family scared to death by Muellers storm troopers. How much evidence is left with the clintons with two plus years to destroy more. Mr. Sessions send your storm troopers to seize everything the Clintons have.

    • Computer guy says:

      After 18 months and absolutely nothing found at all between Trump / Russia then there isn’t anything. That would of been found long ago. Mueller ( and all his democrat attached help ) has taken the investigation to then Russia and their interference with our election. That is over as well. As is everything the Intelligence committee has had shows nothing at all. In fact, it rather is now proving Trump is clear more than anything! Then he hits Trumps lawyer over what has to be for something else which is also over.
      So Mueller has taken it to different directions and has NOTHING AT ALL. When you change direction as he has, he is long out of things to go on. If there was anything at all- it would have been found by now. It is more just trying to make themselves look good with finding anything at all now or create something out of something they have found. That will also go in the dumps. You have to know this is done and over. All democrats doing the hunting and all are Hillary supporters we know. Not a thing found and do not play that they have to go on for decades longer either. Mueller has already taken two different directions as it is and come up BLANK. Hillary paid for the Dossier and the Uranium selling that was the Governments, not hers. There is your Collusion with the Russians and everyone knows it, not even new news at all. But Mueller won’t go there.

    • george says:

      how many of you cared about fast and furious? i didn’t hear a stink, or hear anything about appointing anyone to find out about it, but since its Trump, well… we`ll just have to make up something.. anything.. just get him OUT..right? well..i for one, will vote for him again in 2020… thank you very much!

  24. Pat Doyle says:

    I wonder how long it will take for us to trust
    the government. Could be never.

    • c nelson says:

      It would be a shame to let the mouth discredit the government. It is not perfect but the best in the world. at least it was. Trump is just stirring discontent so you will follow him and him alone. A sad day in our country. He has made all this stuff so personal. Bad business in doing that.

      • Joeyounger says:

        Personal, huh? I’m sure he was the “reason” for the UCBerkely riots, because God forbid that the 65,000,000 Americans who did vote for President Trump be trustee with his election instead of the butthurt California criminals. Personal, huh? I’m sure it was President Trump who called for the Special council that is on a “witch hunt” to find some trumpped up collusion charge( and forgive my ingnorance, but I’m really not sure what that really is!!) Personal, huh? I’m sure it was President Trump that sat on his hands during the State of the Union address, while the rest of the USA clapped and cheered at his honoring our military personell, or like racist Louis Gutierrez, it was President Trump that walked out when the Republicans started chanting USA, USA? Personal, huh? I guess it was the Democrats that voted for the tax cut most Americans got, and the Republicans who to a Senator voted against it. Man you talk like someone with a paper asshole…the Democrats have taken this President’s election “as a personal loss” from day one!!!Open your f**king eyes.

  25. John Harvey says:

    Mueller has cost taxpayers a whole lot more than the “pittance” run up for this investigation. Check what happened when he kept 4 inn9ocent men in
    prison for a murder they didn’t commit, but that he knew an FBI Informant did commit. When the two who didn’t die in prison finally got out, and sued, the resultant verdict was over $100 MILLION!!!

    • LARRY DENNIS says:

      So how do they have the nerve to refer to his sterling reputation. The reality is that he has a long term reputation for dishonesty and corruption. Why do we have a career criminal dragging out a never ending campaign to take down your president. The main reason he is dragging it out is that when this ends, the indictment and conviction of him and his friends will begin.

  26. HELGA says:


    NO – NEVER!

    • TP says:

      I read an intelligence brief sometime back . It had stated that Mueller has an 100 million dollar budget to create a criminal out of our President . Innocent of the reason the whole fiasco was based on . Now it’s Stalin type tactics . Create a crime true or false to perpetuate this illegal investigation and burn up that 100 million . Mueller is a crook , history and his actions have proven this . Arresting and charging those he knew were innocent is also part of his résumé . Which cost the tax payers millions of dollars. He is a Clinton ’employee’ also a known proven fact and he is complaisant in the Uranium 1 deal acting on Clinton’s orders . An illegal action . He not only needs to be shut down he needs to be brought up on charges of treasonous activities . Agree to an interview while under oath conducted by this heinous individual would be the actions of a someone wanting to commit political suicide . . . .IMHO !

  27. Mueller is a corrupt slug living off the tax payers;; his premise is a fraud and the wet dream of left wing liberals SORE LOSERS.

  28. Celia says:

    Mueller, Rosenstein, then Sessions need to be GONE? They have wasted millions in taxpayer money on their crusade against Trump. They ARE the swamp. Drain it!

  29. Della says:

    Investigation went on way too long. Trump is innocent. Now its Clinton & Obama administration turn!! They need a special counsel all up in their business for a year like they did Trump. BET you’ll find much more like many crimes there!

  30. Bob @ says:

    President Trump needs to fire Rodstein and then Sessions said he’d resign.
    Well………….HURRY UP already.
    Sessions must be a democrat or somebody has something on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LARRY DENNIS says:

      Sessions is very obviously dirty. He and Rosenstein are to busy protecting and covering for each other to be clean.

  31. Kay Walker says:

    Trump is doing a great job!

  32. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    I think….”The severity of the accusations is more important than the facts and must be investigated thoroughly through whatever means necessary….”


    20 minutes and we have all the TRUTH the left and the media is hiding from WE, THE PEOPLE!

  33. Walt says:

    He should be investigating the democrats

    • Adriana says:

      The Democrats are the problem, not our President and I am so tired of hearing all this crazy stuff. Why aren’t we investigating the Clintons? Comey?
      Obama and the rest of the corrupted Democrats? Why is Hillary getting away with murder and the rest of us have to pay the price for a parking ticket?
      Double standard? and if Some Republicans are guilty of corruption, get rid of them too, put them all in Prison where they belong, and take all their assets and give the money to our Vets who are our hero’s, the homeless, the sick. These politicians are evil and they make me sick. Mueller is just
      spending our money for nothing, that jerk. America wake up before it is too late. ????

  34. Lenora Seaton says:

    All crazies stick together thats why we have so many Fruit of the Prunes followers.

  35. Bruce Walters says:

    Mueller is just milking this for a paycheck.

  36. Bruce Walters says:

    While the evidence against Obama and Hillary piles up, Mueller ignores it and focuses on our President.

  37. Got to say Mueller is making a career out of this witch hunt and so far doesn’t have a thing to show. Did he work on the Ramsey murder?

  38. Susan says:

    Why is this corrupt criminal investigating our president to begin with?! Nobody trusts him and nobody trusts Rosenstein! They both need to go it’s been long enough!

    • Joeyounger says:

      After the midterms elections, Trump will fire this dog and pony show!!! That’s assuming that Mueller doesn’t end it anytime soon. Mueller knows it, and Rosenstein knows it…after the mid terms the Democrats can do what they like!!!They (Democrats)know that impeaching Trump will cost them dearly(that’s making a big presumption that they do take the House, which l highly doubt anyway) and they know that even if they do impeach him, they don’t have enough Senators to remove him from office…They all talk like its a sure thing!!! But when reality sets in, if it ever does, they will be seeing a “backlash” of the American people like they have never seen before…all this really comes down to is Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi trying to find some credibility that they have none of…plain and simple!!!

  39. Frank Colesanti says:

    Another political fallacy. Muelller and company would love to make a career out of this witch hunt. Months of nothing, shameful. Time to get off the pot!

  40. LARRY DENNIS says:

    Mueller, has a long history of criminal behavior. He has prosecuted and convicted innocent people for political reasons. He has failed in convicting the guilty because of his incompetence. He like the rest of his little criminal co-conspirators, has gotten rich betraying his country. He was one of the key people that signed off on the criminal uranium deal, selling 20% of our uranium to the Russian mob. He and Roseinstrien are both involved in this ridiculous conspiracy to take down our legally elected president. Roseinstein is the master mind behind a lot of this criminal behavior by our Justice department. I am convinced that do nothing Sessions is just as dirty as the rest of this group.

  41. The only reason that Prosecutor Mueller is still hanging around with the investigation is becasue just before the 2018 electrion , he is going to “hit President Trump with false, fake and phony charges to try and swing the Americna voters to elect a Democrat C ongress”!! If this happens, the Democrat Party will push forward hard with these false, fake and phony charges to destroy and impeach President Trump without a shred of proof and destroy our American Democracy in the process and even create a Civil War in the process for the American people will not stand for that and for don’t forget we got guns and the liberal Democrats do not!!!!……

  42. David Weaver says:

    Why has the left side continued this long? Why are they spending our money? No wander the country is so broke! May GOD help us!

  43. William Brummett says:

    you poll is 90% republicans in your polls and get your fake results trump is the biggest republicans lier that has ever been in office and there have been nothing but republicans liers in office

    • Joanna says:

      What may I ask did you poll in????Nut case!!!!!

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      Sorry, your Kenyan gay coon is the king of lies. They even wrote a book about it.
      Amazon.com: 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies …

    • Joker says:

      Learn to spell and use correct grammar before you write trying to be credible. I notice you didn’t mention any Democrat Liars, like…………..oops. too many to delineate. It would be easier to name Democrats that don’t lie…..none.

    • jrhunt says:

      William Brummett You must be mistaking Trump for a lying democrat,in what manner has he lied,give us just a little of your grand wisdom O wise one,what do you know that the rest of us don’t,what you are doing is following the lead of the democratic party who is comprised of some of the biggest liar that have ever been,how do you know this poll is 90% republican,there is no box designating political party,so those voting in the poll are not identified as one party or another,you like all liberals live in your own little world where make believe,and fairy tales rule the day.

      • LARRY DENNIS says:

        Sorry jrhunt, but the Dem one’s are not all lying. They are very wrong, but you are not lying if you believe your crap. They are brain damaged and really believe what they say. Their beliefs are like a religious faith. No amount of facts or logic will ever change what they believe. I think this is even sadder then lying. .

    • Wildmann says:

      Dem Fruit “Brummett the Grommett!”

    • Lawrence Wise says:

      you really need help brummett

    • Joeyounger says:

      90% Republicans, huh?
      1. And you know this how?
      2. I’m assuming you are a Liberal, or left- leaning right?
      3. Your not college educated, right? I make this assumption from all the grammatical errors(i.e. you forgot to capitalize President Trumps name, “liar” instead of “lies x2, and the needless pluralization of Republicans x2, and you forgot to capitalize Republicans x2).
      4. Your ” facts” are probably more “emotional outbursts” than “quantified or qualified” specifics.
      How old are you? What specific point are you trying to make, and have you ever thought about using spell check, or being tutored for English composition? I don’t mean to sound snooty but, man it is hard for some of us to read,(and probably for some of us to take what you say seriously) when you butcher the English language so badly.

  44. Gerry says:

    First off this so-called investigation was a fabricated farce from the beginning. As for this dirty cops “sterling reputation” — do just a little research on mueller and you will find out he is just as dirty as comey,clinton and obama. All this investigation is for is to slow down President Trump’s agenda of doing something good for America and Americans.

    • LARRY DENNIS says:

      Mueller, has a long history of criminal behavior. He has prosecuted and convicted innocent people for political reasons. He has failed in convicting the guilty because of his incompetence. He like the rest of his little criminal co-conspirators, has gotten rich betraying his country. He was one of the key people that signed off on the criminal uranium deal, selling 20% of our uranium to the Russian mob. He and Roseinstrien are both involved in this ridiculous conspiracy to take down our legally elected president. Roseinstein is the master mind behind a lot of this criminal behavior by our Justice department. I am convinced tha do nothing Sessions is just as dirty as the rest of this group.

      • Jo says:

        Larry Dennis: I agree with you 100%! Everything you have said on here is correct. I think Sessions also needs to go, he has done nothing (0) to help our President, I don’t even know why he is there. I want him and Roseinstien gone as of yesterday! It’s time for Mueller to be locked up with the other crooked Democrats!

      • Computer guy says:

        What is it now- 18 months and absolutely NOTHING found between Trump/ Russia?!! You know it would have been found already and early if it was just as the DEM’s said to get it investigated in the first place. You know once Mueller changed directions twice now he is long out of things to research or investigate. Mueller has to try to get Trump to say something he can make fantasy and make belief out of now. Trump should reject speaking with him now. Mueller has nothing to go on to speak to Trump as it is. The Intelligence committee already has gone through things and found nothing either. All DEM’s doing the investigating and nothing at all found.

  45. Brat says:

    It’s past time this fake investigation was stopped. The $ spent on this alleged investigation would have better spent investigating Hilary. Stop wasting my tax dollars!!!

  46. Vern says:

    I say investigate Mueller and his ties to uranium1

  47. all the democrats have left is lies the same thing they started with

  48. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    MUELLER HAS NOTHING ON TRUMP!!!! Stop him NOW!!!!! He has overstepped the bounders of the original Investigation .causing a WITCH HUNT. Mueller is a very SICK man….

    • Bill Wilson says:

      What many people don’t understand is that Mueller and his henchmen knew beforehand that Trump did not collude with Russia and he did nothing to obstruct justice. Their intent all along has been to keep the President and his staff so occupied with these drummed up charges that he will be unable to focus on developing policies that will return our nation to greatness. Mueller and his Hillary staff members have never forgiven Trump for defeating their tarnished darling, Hillary Clinton.

    • Liz says:

      Why does Trump waste Money on goling and wants a stupid ass parade for his egotistical narsassist ass! 30 billion parade that could house and feed alot of Vets????????has nothing but a bunch of Trumps “associates” who have plead guilty or plead the fifth whi was it that sai d people that don’t lie or have something to hide plead the 5th. Your complining about what its costing taxpayers doesn’t cut it Trump has spent more time on golfing then Obama did the 8yrs he was in office.This investigation wouldn’t be if Trump didn’t open his Mouth on TV and say he fired FBI director Comney because of Russian investigation.! If Trump has nothing to hide then let Mueller do his job why are you so afraid. Trump is the biggest Crook of all of them.He lies time and time again and his supporters (some) and doesn’t hide the fact that he’s lieing and you srill support him????we will see how you support him when it has an effect on your family with tax breaks for the rich the farmers are finding out know how he conned them with. His Tarrifc and tax cuts for the top 1% .True Americans question his loyalty to Russia. who are interfering in our democracy Trump can idiolize Putin but McCain who is a war hero he disrespects !!!

      • Chuck says:

        30 Billion for a parade? get your head out or your ass. Obama spent way more time on the golf course and at times when he should have been doing his job he was instead out playing golf, he was a no show. The mueller investigation was a result of a fake document generated by the DNC to make Trump look bad. The person who colluded with russia was Hillary. The tax cut by Trump has helped everyone and businesses too. the top 1 % are paying more because there deductions have been eliminated. i.e. limiting the amount they can write off on their mortgages so that taxpayers aren’t subsidizing their lifestyle. President Trump is the most truthful President we have ever had. McCain is an asshole.
        Thank God for President Trump

      • Jakester says:

        Liz,,, do yourself a favor and research the history of McCain. I was on the flight deck of the Forestall when he killed 72 men. His nickname when in prison was ” Song Bird ” When he got home he dumped his wife because she was badly injured in an accident. Three weeks later he married a ” Rich ” younger woman.
        The man is a traitor and a liar. I know I have met him.

      • Computer guy says:

        Where have you been LIZ ? Mueller has had 18 months. That is way beyond time needed to find what they said they knew so well about ! NO you do not have such long investigations. A decent investigator would of already found what they are looking for if there was something to find! Obama holds the record for Presidents playing the most rounds of golf ! Obama also was costing us taxpayers as he took the green each time. Trump plays on his own courses he owns !!! So it is FREE to us there. You also need to know that Mar-a-Lago is also owned by Trump for over 20 years now as well. Also free to us. Trump is also working for free as he is donating what he makes and already has. Got anything else you want to gripe about ?

  49. Hal Lemoyne says:

    (1) Has the Mueller probe gone on too long??
    Mueller’s TRUMP Probe Never Should’ve been @ (100%)=324,100,521 US voters

    NO @ (0%)=1,000,009 voters

    (2) Is it time for President Trump to leave the White House??
    yes @ (0%)=1,009 voters
    NO @ (100%)=230,291,001 US voters

    (3) Should Barack Obama have a 3rd term??
    yes @ (0%)=160 voters

    obama Should’ve Never A US President (100%)=325,000,009 US voters

  50. Bob Higginbotham says:

    When Mueller was appointed his “sterling” reputation did not reflect his criminal support of the Clinton’s treasonous selling of uranium to Russia. Mueller’s support of the Clintons as well as his close association with all the bad actors such as Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, etc. made him the worst selection as an independent council. He has taken over a year to find nothing incriminating about Trump but has completely exceeded his authority by illegally going after a number of people associated with Trump and has despicably ruined several reputations for no other reason than to force them to turn against the president. This person and his gang of trash should be investigated for the illegal and contemptible way they have conducted their so called business.

  51. jug says:

    The DNC is the new American Communist Party!
    They are no longer, and havent been democrats for many years!

    Perfect description of them, tells who they really are and where the came from!

    Which Russian President was it that enumerated what they planned to do to take over the US? I think it was 45 or so items that they needed to accomplish.
    One of them was to take over one or both political parties.
    Democrat party, mission accomplished!
    Republicans, still working, but having made significant progress.
    Take over education, again mission accomplished.

    They are about 75 percent complete with their list today!
    We had better wake up, or our way of life and freedom will be gone.
    If it is not already too late!

  52. Santiago Tello says:

    The Mueller with hunt is nothing more than a obama/communists plan to derail trumps administration. Get over it you miserable swine! You lost and heelary did not win!

  53. Carlos says:

    None of these polls mean craps! The left doesn’t care how full of it they and their sick crusade are, nothing’s off the table for them that can get rid of Trump. Our side cannot change their minds, we’re dealing with a soft coup here. The only solution is to defeat them in November and the pathetic GOP is doing its level best to piss off the base and lose. The only thing good about those numbers might be that we who support Trump are in greater number and we’ll punish them. That’s why this will be a turnout election and we’d damn well better turn out!

  54. jerryw.hart says:

    this has gone long enough that it has become another ho hum moment

  55. J Yelpir says:

    I think that he likes being in the news, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to run for president, seeing as he is getting all of this free publicity. I believe he will drag it out as long as possible.

    • True Believer says:

      Good point. I never thought about that but since the demoncrats have no one really to run in 2020, it could very well be Mueller.

  56. Colleen Bender says:

    Disgusting. Mueller and the entire Special Counsel are Corrupt!! It was a set up from the beginning to Impeach a new President. Mueller has disrupted good people’s lives that should not have been disrupted. What a mockery.
    If the President of the United States has no Attorney Privacy, what about the average American Citizen. Mueller will stop at nothing. He needs to be fired along with all his Corrupt Counsel.

    • Carlos says:

      And why is Sessions doing nothing and why hasn’t Trump replaced him?! He’s replaced much of his cabinet in short order, why not his worst pick yet? I think Trumps who and refusal to admit this one huge error, could end up being what does him in.

  57. Dawn says:

    The Democratic Party is totally losing it. They will not stop at anything to bring down President Trump and the American people.

  58. SFENGR says:

    It is past the time to break out the pitchforks and torches and march on the homes of Clinton and the rest of teh DNC hierarchy…they need to be frightened to the point where they sit donw, shut up, retract that stupid , lawsuit; and learn to play nice with the rest of the kiddies in DC.

    As for the republicans, they too need a timeout – cut the BS and learn to lead!

  59. Joanna says:

    Whats with all these polls??? You don’t need a poll for any of these questions! This investigation has gone on way too !!!!long!!

  60. Mike says:

    This investigation of Trump is nothing more than bait and switch by democrats!
    The DNC, Obamas and Clinton’s are the people who need to be investigated.

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