A black Trump supporter left a CNN host speechless with this comment

With under 40 days to go until the Presidential Election, the Fake News Media is in all-out search and destroy mode.

Fake news CNN is leading that charge.

But a black Trump supporter left a CNN host speechless with this comment.

On fake news CNN’s morning show New Day, host Alisyn Camerota convened a focus group of voters to discuss their thoughts on the 2020 election and the candidates.

Fake news CNN is one of the ringleaders pushing the lie that Donald Trump is a racist.

Sean Roberts, a black Trump supporter from Florida shocked Camerota by telling her that the President was a uniter working on behalf of all Americans.

Viewers who tune in to fake news CNN never hear this kind of talk.

Instead they see a parade of left-wing commentators and activists pretending to be journalists trash the President as the reincarnation of segregationist governor George Wallace pushing a Jim Crow agenda.

These are all lies.

But the truth never gets in the way of a fake news CNN smear campaign.

Sean Roberts shut those falsehoods down with his forceful display of support for Donald Trump.

This appearance by Roberts reminded many Trump supporters of the Republican National Convention where a procession of diverse speakers testified to the fact that the Fake News Media and Democrats were lying to Americans about the President’s character.

The proof his strategy worked is in the polls where Donald Trump may win a higher percentage of the Hispanic and black vote than any Republican in recent memory.

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