A black Sheriff just became Black Lives Matter’s enemy by dropping one fact they hate

Black Lives Matter isn’t actually about black lives, as their name implies.

Their openly Marxist founder has admitted it is about destroying American history, and defeating Trump.

And this is proven after a black Sheriff became their new enemy because he dropped one fact they hate.

Black Lives Matter has proven they will jump on any police killing of a black person to promote their agenda.

It doesn’t matter how justified the police officers’ actions are, they will loot and burn buildings until they get their way.

This is proven by the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

Former officer Garrett Rolfe could get the death penalty for his actions after Brooks violently resisted arrested and shot a police taser he stole at him.

Atlanta prosecutors claim that Brooks was “cooperative” and “jovial” before being shot, which was true, up until the point he wasn’t.

While Black Lives Matter has gotten fake news networks like CNN to buy their telling of events, not everybody is buying it.

Burke County, GA Sheriff Alfonzo Williams, who is black, defended the officers’ actions in an interview with CNN, stating that he was “completely justified.”

Williams went on to explain exactly why.

“This is the third law enforcement agency I’ve been head of,” Williams, told CNN. “Every agency I’ve gone to, I’ve required every officer who carries a taser to be tased with it, so that you understand the incapacitation.”

“Five seconds; 1,001, 1,002, 1,003, 1,004, 1,005. That’s five whole seconds if an officer is hit with that taser that he, all of his muscles will be locked up and he’ll have the inability to move and to respond. And yet he is still responsible for every weapon on his belt.”

Of course, Black Lives Matter isn’t happy, as they are not a movement based on facts.

In fact, their entire movement is based on lies.

There is no “epidemic” of police racism.

In 2019, a total of ten unarmed black people were killed by police, with all but two being considered entirely justified under the circumstances.

Not only that, but more unarmed white people are killed by police every year, making the idea of police hunting down black people ridiculous.

Their movement is really about abolishing the police and advancing their Marxist vision for America, and Sheriff Alfonzo

Williams isn’t giving them a pass because he is black.

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84 Responses

  1. Debra says:

    My comment goes to this Dr J. D. Of who I’m sure isn’t a doctor anyway. You are a leader alright. You are most likely one of those liberal professors pushing this Communism and indoctrinating our youth with your filth!!

  2. Gary Fernett says:

    It’s time we use our 2nd amendment rights and deal with these him people the only way the will understand it…they are not our elected officials and have not power to demand anything…we the people are in charge in this country…do not attempt to force anything on us…we will deal with you very soon….God bless America

  3. Jay says:

    BLM is nothing more than a terrorist organization backed up by the Democratic Party. Shaun King should be prosecuted for his threat to burn cities down if they don’t get their way. The organization should be broken up like the Mafia was. The only difference between the BLM and the Mafia is the Mafia didn’t go around rioting, looting, and burning down blocks of stores. Nothing matters to them except power and creating fear in order to control people.

  4. Tim Toroian says:

    There is ONE kind of good communist!! Only one! If two of your founders are avowed communist your FRIGGING ORGANIZATION IS COMMUNIST no matter what you claim to protect and if blacks are going to fall for this as well as pale leftists they are all in for the shock of their lives if that group ever achieves any kind of power. STUDY THE DAMNED HISTORY BOOKS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THE sOVIET UNION and see how fine things are in North Korea, Cuba, and the degree of personal freedom in China. Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega tried to conquer it in the 70s and early 80s and like Hitler eventually took power legally, by election. Check to see how great the economy is and how well off the people are.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m sorry.in the case of Rashard Brooks who was peacefully sleeping off a drunk in his car, the officer did not handle the initial encounter correctly. He should have driven him home or had a relative pick him up, IMPOUND HIS CAR, and ticket him. It was the SURPRISED arrest that turned things badly and a man died.
    I was a passenger in a car with a driver who was drunk. I did not know she was drunk, I was not. We were stopped by a cop, he gave us both the drunk test. He gave ME the keys and said drive her home. He gave her a ticket. THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE.

  6. LINDIESUE says:

    What’s the difference between racist and bigoted statements yesterday and today? My conservative biracial sons have been told they are not black enough and are traitors to their race. I’ve seen over and again folks on MSNBC/CNN bash “old white men” of which I have 2 in my family and from whom I’ve never heard a racist word or comment out of their mouths in my 65 years of life. I remember when JayZ said that “It’s about time we got the white out of the White House” just days after Obama’s inauguration. I’ve heard Obama call all white cops racist. How many households use the words cracker, white trash and hillbilly in their households? No, really? Racism does exist today. The brunt of today’s racism does exist on the left.

  7. Rene Rivera says:

    BLM’s intent is becoming clearer by day.

  8. JBeau says:

    Sad thing about it all is that the people that are really behind all of this BLM crap could care less about blacks, whites or any race for that matter. Evil fake news slime predicating all of this Marxist BS to rid our glorious country of it’s freedom. Anyone with a brain knows this. Patriots it’s time to unite & turn the tables on these losers and show them that real Americans aren’t going to stand for their S##t…Communities one by one across the USA are pissed & coming together declaring we love our police department because God demands order!! No order no freedom…because that’s what prevails above all. Police & community in my town are ready. Peaceful protest in our town is fine. Try & throw one brick or light one fire and we’ll show you Americans that won’t kneel for anybody but Jesus and that will fight for Justice & freedom for all no matter what race.

  9. Michael Kirk says:

    Pelosi and the rest of her crooney Demorats need to be outs in Nov, Drain the Swamp is just the nice words for Corrupt Politicians who instigate more racism and division in this Country.

  10. Dr. J. D. says:

    Good, 99% of you in this internal question, are wound up in believing BLM are a bunch of terrorists. Why I think this is good is knowing you clearly don’t get it, you are locked into your “tearing down others” is the key to success, and it will ensure your political doom very soon. You are so busy finding fault, you don’t listen to what minorities have been saying, you don’t listen to what modern women have been saying and how they are not their mother’s generation, and you are totally oblivious to how America is changing and making your ideas outdated and irrelevant. Good, it is time those anachronistic ideas die out, and there be room for people that are pro-scientific facts, for understanding that ALL people are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights . . . it is not just about white males any more.

  11. Jay Sanders says:

    All lives matters. Period!
    There is only one race on Earth. Humans.
    The officer that killed brooks acted in self-defense,
    therefore justified and innocent.
    BLM actually is a recognized orgsnization, and should be designated as a terrorist organization.
    And everyone in it should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    God bless America. Amen.

  12. Blind willie says:

    Thank you Alfonzo for having the gumption to stand up for what’s right. All lives matter and MLK Jr. hoped for the day we could be judged by our character and not the color of our skin. It’s not that difficult to get along with everyone.

  13. Paul Zeigler says:

    In fact, the demoncrap party ARE MARXISTS, not just applauding it.

  14. Paul Zeigler says:

    I would LOVE to see a movement called, “ALL LIVES MATTER”. (or at least MANY SIGNS, if not a movement). Would not this be a GREAT ANSWER TO THEIR RACISM, as if only black lives matter? And these are the SAME COMMUNIST FOOLS WHO claim that everyone else is “racist”!!

  15. Felino says:

    There is no such thing as black lives matters. Regardless, there is only one color that runs in every human beings. That color “RED” which is your blood indicates who you are, and that we are all human. But if you go against it, you’re more than inhuman. So forget BLM. All human lives matters is the correct one to be observed at all times.




  19. sharon says:

    Bob-I agree. Notice how the newsmedia goes after the background of the Police Officer but not the background of the person who was being arrested and resisted. You put other peoples lives in danger due to your actions-you should be responsible for your actions-do the crime-do the time.

  20. LOL says:

    The cop should not be charged with murder. You can’t beat up a cop and steal his weapon then try to run away without consequences. The only reason the cop is being charged with murder is because of the hostile environment we live in now thanks to BLM. People are afraid of BLM and they shouldn’t be. This is no way for our justice system to operate being coerced by Marixist thugs. We are letting our country be taken over by Marxists while the democrat party stands on the sidelines and applauds it.

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