A big name at CNN just revealed whether or not they would replace Jen Psaki

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is stepping down next year.

Potential replacements are already scrambling to get their names in the mix.

And now a big name at CNN just revealed whether or not they would replace Jen Psaki.

Jen Psaki set the countdown on her leaving the administration when she told former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod she plans to leave her post next year.

That set off speculation as to who could replace her.

One name that was originally tossed into the mix for the job of Press Secretary last year was CNN’s far-left commentator Abby Phillips.

Phillips – who hosts the Sunday Inside Politics show – embodies the CNN ethos of pretending to be an objective journalist while using her every moment on air to advance a socialist agenda.

The Biden administration – which is obsessed with identity politics – would also surely like to replace a white woman like Psaki with a black woman like Phillips.

But in an email to POLITICO’s Playbook, Phillips took herself out of the running saying she would never replace Psaki.

POLITICO Playbook reports:

During the fall, some Biden officials tossed around ABBY PHILLIP’s name, according to someone familiar with the discussions. “If this is true, it’s the first I am hearing about it,” the CNN star told West Wing Playbook in an email. “I’ve never been contacted about anything like this nor would I ever consider it.” The White House did not comment.

Phillips star is clearly on the rise at CNN as network President Jeff Zucker loves her screen presence and radical left-wing ideology.

It probably won’t be long before Phillips hosts a regular weekday show on CNN and becomes another cog in the Democrat Party propaganda machine CNN has turned into.

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