A 24-year-old cheerleader had this secret affair with a 72-year-old Super Bowl coach

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The NFL world got turned upside down.

This is a relationship that raised eyebrows across the league.

And a 24-year-old cheerleader had this secret affair with a 72-year-old Super Bowl coach.

Bill Belichick goes public with his new girlfriend

Bill Belichick won more Super Bowl trophies than any coach in history.

Starting in 2000, Belichick played a leading role in the New England Patriots dynasty.

But parting ways with the Patriots in 2023 wasn’t the only change in Belichick’s life.

It’s now public knowledge that the 72-year-old Belichick is dating 24-year-old former competitive cheerleader Jordan Hudson.

Belichick and Hudson got together shortly after he broke up with his longtime partner in 2022.

“Sources close to the situation tell us the two have been romantic for a while now — becoming an item shortly after the ex-New England Patriots head coach called off his longtime relationship with Linda Holliday,” TMZ exclusively reported.

The two met on a plane ride to Florida in 2021 and Belichick apparently couldn’t get Hudson out of his mind.

“According to one of Hudson’s former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 … and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on,” the TMZ report continued.

In recent weeks, Belichick’s been out in public with Hudson which was the first acknowledgment of their relationship.

“Belichick was spotted rooting her on at a cheerleading competition in March. He also was seen with her on a work trip to Croatia. Just this week, she attended Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Bill as well,” the TMZ report read.

A joke that went over everyone’s head

Netflix’s Roast of Tom Brady didn’t just feature former teammates having fun at Brady’s expense.

Former Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski took a shot at Belichick cracking a joke about how his former coach liked younger women.

“Coach, you used to talk about Foxborough High School when we sucked,” Gronkowski began.

“But now I know why you were so obsessed with Foxborough High School: you were scouting your new girlfriend,” Gronkowski cracked.

“I mean coach, my joke wasn’t f**ked up but that’s f**ked up. You’re 73 years old, you should be trying to bang someone your own age – like Nikki [Glazer],” Gronkowski snarked.

At the time, no one understood what Gronkowski was talking about.

While Belichick’s relationship with Hudson wasn’t yet for public consumption, his former players clearly knew the two were dating.

And Gronkowski – a notorious free spirit who clashed with Belichick in New England – wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to get a dig in at his former coach.

Belichick will have plenty of time to spend with Hudson.

That’s because 2024 marks the first time since 1974 that Belichick won’t be coaching in the NFL.

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