This 2020 Democrat Candidate just made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal look like child’s play

Democrat candidates for President are trying to one-up each other with radical leftist proposals.

Nearly all the Democrat candidates endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

But this frontrunner just said something that made the “Green New Deal” look reasonable in comparison.

Cory Booker is living up to the vegan stereotype by telling everyone on the campaign trail that he is, in fact, a vegan.

Booker believes that the world can’t sustain humans eating meat.

He believes that by eliminating cow farting we can have a chance to save the planet from climate change.

Cory Booker is willing to force all Americans to adopt a vegan diet by supporting price hikes on meat.

The Daily Caller reports:

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker is not only a potential 2020 presidential candidate; he’s a vegan who says the world “can’t sustain” people eating meat.

Booker told the February issue of VegNews that he became a vegetarian in 1992 when, after a few days of trying the new lifestyle, he said, “Oh my gosh, I will never go back to eating meat.” He made the decision to go vegan in 2014.

“I remember my last non-vegan meal was Election Day, November 2014,” Booker told the vegan news source.

If Booker manages to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination and then the general election, he’d be the first vegan to do so.

The potential candidate is also a fan of New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which would like to eliminate “farting cows” from the American landscape. He compared the widely lampooned and sweeping environmental plan to winning WWII.

Cory Booker wants to make every American give up eating meat to save the planet from so-called “global warming.”

Every solution the far-left Progressives and socialists come up with to allegedly save the planet is a disaster.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plans include eliminating air travel, updating every single building in the United States with “green” technology, and eliminating gasoline.

Now, Booker wants to eliminate meat from Americans’ diets.

Booker is in an intense Democratic primary where he needs to prove his Progressive credentials in order to win.

Ultimately, these ideas will likely prove too unpopular to win the nomination.


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98 Responses

  1. John Decker says:

    Different day, new thought. Since Spartacus hasn’t got a chance of getting elected, maybe he’ll be generous and volunteer as food for poor people. Grass fed beef is the best, he might be good at feeding people who really need it. The taste would be awful, but canned with enough barbecue sauce might make it edible. I’d volunteer to taste test, but my doctor has me on a low idiot diet. Kids wouldn’t like it either, they’re notoriously picky eaters. He’d probably taste like chicken, everything else does. In the worst case, maybe ALPO would buy him, but I’d hate to see dogs get sick. I hear he’s a Rhodes Scholar, but so’s Bill Clinton and he wound up with Hillary. That’s a bad advertisement for a college education.

  2. John Decker says:

    There should be a motto over the door of Congress. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Ken R says:

    Would somebody tell me where the hell these left loonies were educated. If I didn’t know better, I think they were part of an exchange program where we sent our best Americans for a group of losers to be reeducated to be productive citizens of the USA. Sorry , it’s taking so long to teach them basic human ethics, behavior and how to be a benefit to society, and not so self-serving where getting reelected is the most important goal in life.

    • Pamela says:

      Ken, they weren’t educated, the majority don’t finish school and the ones who stay in are unable to learn, that is the problem with them….Their IQ’s are so far below normal it’s pitiful. Just have to look at the trash they voted into office to see that…..

    • Gene says:

      Bug eye was educated at a bar ib NY, her claim to fame is, she makes a hell of a scotch on the rocks(with help)

    • Glenn says:

      They may have gone to school but they did not pick up any info at all. The current crop of democrats are the most ignorant bunch I have ever seen in the past 66 years. Nobody was ever this bad. Then comes AOC and her followers ………….. I actually feel sorry for some of them, it must be terrible to be that ignorant, even Hillary was not that bad, but almost.

  4. MSPS says:

    The next thing you know the government will be like the Catholic priests of the past. Legislating what days you can have sex, who touches who, where and when. Of course one is not to enjoy it but lay passively. This is someof the religious nonsense that saw people flooding the interefence of the two churches of England to America and here we are back with moral police.

  5. Yvonne Snyder says:

    i’m not a vegan altho i rarely eat meat, but i do believe animals should be raised compassionately.

  6. scooch says:

    I have a BOGO ”Burger King Whopper
    coupie . last day 02.17.19 . 2 for 1 . haha.
    & gettin’ ‘the Deal’ ___ BK is Best for
    fast food around Town. L0L.
    > PREZ Should ‘GET 0FF’ Mac’D &
    Go To BK. > Waaay Better. LOL.

  7. Jack says:

    Does this idiot not realize that vegtables cause many people to fart more? What does he think makes the cows fart, hint, vegan food!
    If this fool had a brain he would keep his mouth shut! Oh wait if he did this he would not have any fun!

    • Steelie says:

      HaHa Haaa – Good 0ne. Call him
      ” FART ACUS!!!
      > Know SCIENCE re Earth.
      Carbon Di0xide Exchange w/ OXYGEN.
      >0)MG – this whole thang IS Getting
      Really STUPID.

    • Gene says:

      notice most of these nuts come from NYC or LA,SF, they know nothing of how people live.But hell it’s all over in 10 yrs, so live while the sun shines.

  8. Chief Kickabitch says:

    Spartacus is such a hypocrite. He wants everyone to go vegan, but everytime he goes into a restroom he has meat in his mouth.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

    • Glenn says:

      Spartacus has eyes on the money, he will say any stupid thing if he can clean up. If he ever got elected for anything, he will be in news sooner or later.

    • Glenn says:

      Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe. Have you met Pocahontas yet ? 🙂

      I got a good laugh on that one 🙂

  9. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Wonder if Cory even knows MILK comes from cows too; and thus butter and cheese as well? OR that humans actually require animal protein to be healthy because we CANNOT assimilate sufficient quantities of several essential amino and fatty acids from plant sources and they’re called “essential” for good reason?

    • John Decker says:

      What!? Milk comes from cows? Which end? (sorry) Cory knows one thing. He wants to be THE PRESIDENT. I’m pretty sure he thinks about in all caps. I really think all the Libtard candidates think they’re uniquely suited for the job because they all think they’re the smartest person in any room they enter. I agree, if they’re going to the bathroom.

    • Ladypyro1 says:

      Also because of older farming practices, a lot of the vitamins and minerals we need are lacking in sufficient quantities. Hence a daily vitamin and several minerals needs to added to our daily routine.

  10. bill depontbriand says:

    if all dems marry same sex and abort all the children in their blllies now, we will be rid of the idiots in a generation

  11. Bill says:

    Screw you patriot pulse post my comments you pansies.

  12. Wanda says:

    The Green Deal was so bad that Cortez’s staff had to take it off the Internet! As far as not eating Meat or cows farting—-please give me a break!! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    He’s a crazy as a S%&T House Rat!!!…………Don’t forget these mindless neurotic twits are products of American Families and Homes…………….They give the rest of Americans a bad name

  14. Anne says:

    Let them go. Sooner or later they will one up each other out of existence.

  15. Carlos says:

    This half baked mulatto moron is already doing what I predicted the Dem wannabes would do in their primary. It’s already happening, they think they can win by out doing each other to show voters who’s most radical and Marxist. They think because they flipped 42 House seats, they’ll have the same success twice-they won’t! Most of the nation’s voters are not like the imbeciles in coastal big cities, as Hillary found out. That said, the GOP needs to take back the House by running better candidates. It’s not gonna be easy with changing demographics due to stupid millennials and idiots who leave blue states but take their liberalism with them.

  16. trebor says:

    To make your day a little dimmer consider this. All the candidates running who are senators or congresspersons will continue to get full salary, and all the benefits while coming to work occasionally, they will be campaigning. They are looking for a new job and if they don’t get it they can go back to their old job with no penalty for not showing up for work. On second thought, maybe it’s not such a bad thing if they con’t come to work.

  17. Greg says:

    If they had a brain they would utilize the methane expelled from cows to create energy. Many farms across country are already doing it. Wake up

  18. N says:

    Spartacus, needs to be put out to pasture so that the vegan can eat all the grass his little NAZI Commie liberal heart desires!

  19. Nick says:

    People like “Spartacus” and “pocohantus” should be institutionalized. They are a danger to themselves, as well as everyone else. But, we vote them into offices so they can make laws for all to live by???? Who is the most stupid? I’ve heard it said, “if you want to see a stupid person, follow a stupid kid home from school”.

  20. Actually the green new deal would end the migrants from coming to the USA. How would they get if there is no transportation, no gasoline roads etc. Each community would have to be self sustaining, people would have to walk to everywhere. Since there would not be no carbon producing businesses, there would be no drugs, medicines, metal building materials, etc. Actually we would be going back to the stone age. The real problem that won’t be solved is that mother nature will continue doing what its been doing since time began.

  21. Karin says:

    We need comprehensive FBI, CIA, DEA, NCIC vetting of anyone running to government office. Federal, State, County, City, Town, AND income tax returns for the past 10 years, prior to running plus copy of tax returns of everyone serving during the Tax year. Then a social media and email verification for a period of 5 years before beginning an official. IQ does not measure Common Sense.

  22. Susan Dix says:

    Very smart to ruin the beef, pork, and chicken industries.
    Let’s ruin the oil industry too.
    Don’t forget to ruin the airlines as well.
    Maybe we can go back to the huge unemployment problem.
    Put everyone on welfare and create food shortages.
    Make what is left of the working class foot the bill for it all.
    Don’t have any borders and let anyone and everyone into America.
    Tell them it is a gravy train and that NOBODY needs to work.
    Free housing, food, medical care, education and tons of free money for all.
    Free abortions, come on in, it’s on our drones to pay your way!
    Welcome to the land of opportunity!!! As the commercial says “free, free, free, free, free”,
    What could possibly go wrong? A paradise of tent cities, used needles, urine, feces, garbage
    piled as high as an elephant’s eye! How wonderful can it get? Guns ripped out of law-abiding
    citizens’ hands and into the hands of thugs? Robberies, murders, diseases, famines, and
    rapes, running rampant, suicide bombings, what’s not to love? Yep grand ideas Cory!!

  23. Charles says:

    Perhaps if we had an IQ test to get to be in Congress of over 75 would be a great help. be best if it were 110 minimum, It would weed out 95 percent of these morons including Pelosi…

    • Mike Dar says:

      Corporate backers have no need and certainly do not wish for intelligent politicians.. that interferes with control.. of the politician… far better to promote and donate to highly corruptible dumba$$, brokea$$ fools.

    • Nick says:

      Charles, the real problem is the low IQ morons who voted these crooks in office. These people aren’t quite as dumb as they would like you to believe. However, they are very very very corrupt.

      • Carlos says:

        Those stupid voters are the result of the long game the keft has won. They did it by decades of taking over education, media and entertainment. If this divide worsens, we all have mass civil unrest and it could get violent.

  24. Gary says:

    who is funding all of these radical idiots?????????? more idiots??????
    and someone explain to me the rationale that this country should punish those that work very hard to make a nice nest egg and give it to those that do not want to work and have everything handed to them??? that is totally insane!

    • Nick says:

      Our public educational system is promoting or teaching this BS. Our children don’t know any different. So, do we continue to pay these ass holes to endoctrinating our children?

  25. Chuck Adkins says:

    I live in a rural area of my state where there are a lot of ‘feeder cattle’ raised to be sent to market, and in the warm months when one can drive with our windows rolled down, there has never been a cause for concern about the smell from the cows who do more than just fart. Do these people realize how many jobs would be eliminated if we killed all the cows and never again allowed farmers to raise them? Whatever happened to the ‘party of the working class’? The ‘left’ is swinging too far now, and better be very careful they don’t knock themselves unconscious. Chuck

    • Nick says:

      Wake up. The left wants everyone to wholly depend upon them and thier government for everything, including food. Then, they have millions of thoughtless minions to work for them. Sound familiar? China, Iran, North Korea, etc.

  26. AHH so smart…That’s what really killed the dinosaurs…too many farts in the air. Just imagine a fart from a dinosaur ….still wouldn’t be bigger than the hot air coming out of the mouths of these unbelievable idiots. Maybe they should be banned from the planet.

  27. Moe says:

    Another idiot tripping over his own ego. After the DNC said “screw you” to their base in 2015-2016 and ran Hillary, they should all go away quietly… never to return.

    • Nick says:

      Yes, but they turned around and gave the Congress to these criminals in 2018. Is this just stupidity or plain insanity?

      • Carlos says:

        No it was a combination of Trump hatred, Republican spinelessness and GOP running very weak House candidates.

      • george says:

        when the clintons and the obumas the criminals left , look at the clintons, cried poor mouth, they claimed they were broke, left the white house with millions, moved into a 10 million dollar house mortgage paid for bi tax payers as secret service is living in a place on their property and they are charging rent of the same price of their mortgage, gave their daughter a 3 million dollar wedding, and helped her to have millions, never had a job other then American politics, how did your employer treat you, same as obuma applied for student loan, only job politics, worth millions and lives in a 8 million dollar , do you think the Russians paid hiliary and willybilly the hide the weenie champ in the oval office millions just to hear their speech’s , and hiliary deleted 1000’s of emails, sold uranium to the Russians, responsible for the deaths of Americans at Bengazhi , obuma gave Iran 13 billion dollars, the clinton foundation was donated 13 million earmarked for Hatti for their Earthquake relief, still waitng for it, an hiliary called half of us American citizens on national Tv, Deplorable’s, an you call the new administration Criminals, you make me laugh. and to top it all of tlhe demwits voted for muslims in our government and love to kill babies.

  28. Vicki Small says:

    I have not lived this long for someone to tell me how to live and what to eat! Who does he think he is?!

  29. John Decker says:

    If they do away with cows there will still be plenty of chickens to eat. I prefer the dark meat.

  30. Bmad says:

    Don’t know how to response to these democraps my head hurts so bad maybe that is their plan to give common sense people headaches so we walk around dazed

  31. carmen says:


  32. Katee says:

    What happens when all these idiots who are going along with that nonsense green deal, figure out that it is bull hockey? By that time, ALL THEIR FOLLOWERS, will be running for the hills! After the debacle in NY with Amazon, people are already questioning everyone’s logic. Good luck turkeys!!!!

  33. Alan archer says:

    Bill Clinton while President stated his thoughts on illegals and why we need border security. He was not taken to court or threatened with impeachment for that statement. Democrats can do nothing wrong!

    • Nick says:

      Yea, they can screw thier neighbors wives, sell our uranium to a hostile government, lie out thier butts, blatantly obstruct justice, steal from the American people and commit murder by killing helpless children, and no one seems to be alarmed. WTF

    • george says:

      he was too busy playing hide the weenie in the oval office, he and obuma both were in favor of the wall, until Trump wanted it , then they changed their mind, just like they wanted to change the Electoral College, what ever goes their way,that is what they want.and look what they got running in 2020, took about Deplorable’s , right off the bat, the tax cheat Al sharpen, i will not go any further, it is too laughable.

  34. Helga Miller says:

    It is getting so tiresome to read about these Leftist who want to control our lives and take away our Freedoms granted by the Constitution. We don’t want to live in a Country run by these rabid and crazy Leftists!!

  35. James G. Mothes says:

    The new Demorats are beginning to show what the party is truly made of. Fruities, Fairies and Phonies, River Rats and Rinky Dinks, Dick Heads and Derelicts Oh, It is going to be an interesting four years. Hopefully, the people of this country will come to their senses. God help us if they do not!!!!

  36. Robert Sylvester says:

    Juan Williams is the biggest F–king idiot on TV today – He continues to say there is no National Emergency at the southern border – If Juan Williams or his wife or one of his kids was taken out by a DUI illegal alien would his family be in CRISIS ?

  37. maggie says:

    More ideas to hurt the poor and middle class. Rich people will still be able to afford meat. How many jobs will be eliminated because of this? This stuff sounds pretty on paper, but they never consider the domino effect. No wonder he is single! Idiot!

    • ronald fischer says:

      Maggie the SS Democrat Nazi Party should all be in a Insane asylum,and be but in shackles from their ankles to there waist and there wrist,then put up a long pole and hook them to it and let them all walk all around the pole till they all get dizzy and drop to the floor on each other.They are the most pathetic liars and corrupt,crooked and should be in a Federal Court and charged with treason upon our country for what they have done for the 8 freaking years by helping our enemies.Like IRAN,SYRIA,and giving the Russias 20% of our Uranium and you can bet on one thing they pocketed the millions that they received from our enemies.And that B—H who i call Top Secret(KILLARY) that committed Treason by selling our secrets on that Illegal server she had hidden in a bath room,and that other guy i call the Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that screwed and F—-D our country to the bare bones.And you can’t believe what this Kenyan did he took Foreign Aid to go to law school in chicago when he was younger,first of all you must be a Foreigner from another country to receive Foreign Aid there for this traitor was never a American Citizen and was never born in any of our states now there back in our Congress and ready to complete there corrupt and crooked ways like they did from 2009 till 2016,and if by any chance they ever take back our White House this country that i fought for in Vietnam and was wounded along with thousands of other young soldiers that the SS Democrat Nazi Party sent us to a war for no damn reason and had 60,000 young kids killed.And the SS Democrats are the worst Pathetic Liars i have never seen in my life time and they have been doing this for Decades and now they are back to do more damage to WE THE PEOPLE.

  38. Tom says:

    What a complete Asshole!

    • Randall Hart says:

      He’s upset because cows can fart more than he can but it’s a very close race. Now some cow farmers have specialized barns that collect methane and then use this to generate power,thus no problem. Cory is just another uniformed ass in DC.Has he ever been on a farm?

  39. The Real M says:

    Spartacus is an idiot! Just look into his eyes. Would eating meat restore his sanity, doubtful in his case but, is worth a try. He should remember Michael (Michelle) Obama tried to tell children what to eat. How did that work out? Democrats should stop trying to control people’s lives!

    • Nick says:

      The people must like being screwed and told what to do. They put the assholes back in control of Congress last year.

      • Carlos says:

        You can thank RINO Ryan and his spineless House cohorts who did nothing for 2 years!

        • Jon Darmes says:

          Generally speaking the best you can hope for from congress is that they do nothing. What do we expect when we generally elect only the most vile, useless, & ignorant to lead us? The solution should be to get rid of the RINOS, NOT to elect Demorats. When ignorance is bliss, governments thrive. Look to your neighbors who elected these idiots.

  40. Earl says:

    The cost to the average person would not be able to afford it.

  41. Caesar Meledandri says:

    This moron is another example of maybe why there should be infanticide.

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