17 Democrats handed Nancy Pelosi a letter that could end her career

Democrats are trying to count votes for the next Speaker.

Nancy Pelosi has predicted she will win.

But 17 Democrats handed her a letter that crushed her hopes and dreams.

Many House Democrats campaigned saying they would not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

Now at least 17 have signed a letter saying they will not vote for Pelosi for Speaker.

Fox News reports:

The revolt inside the Democratic Party against Nancy Pelosi’s return to the House speakership is gaining momentum with a growing number of Democrats signing a letter pledging not to support the California Democrat for speaker.

“It’s going to get ugly,” a senior House Democrat told Fox News.

Fox News has confirmed at least 17 House Democrats, including incumbents and incoming members, have signed on to a document saying they will not support Pelosi on the House floor for speaker. A Democrat familiar with the effort says they are trying to add more names before the letter is publicly released.

If all those Democrats vote against Pelosi on the floor, Pelosi would not have the votes for speaker. To get the gavel, Pelosi will first need to pick up a majority of the Democratic Caucus in internal leadership elections, then go on to win an absolute majority of the House.

Pelosi can’t afford to lose any more votes.

But so far, no other Democrat has stepped forward with a legitimate shot at grabbing the Speaker’s gavel.

Pundits have reported on an internal “civil war” within the Democrat Party.

The new generation of Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are socialists in the mold of Bernie Sanders.

But Nancy Pelosi has an unmatched political fundraising machine.

That – along with no other viable alternatives – could be enough to propel her back to the Speaker’s chair.

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67 Responses

  1. Kenneth Barr says:

    Justice for California!! Vote this “has been “ crooked POS out of Office and California will regain Respect from millions & millions of Americans!!

  2. Kenneth Barr says:

    Californians are waking up and finally realizing she is for Herself only and to Hell with the People!!! Vote her Out of Office people and your district, state & USA will be a Must better place to live & work in America!!

  3. Susanne Lee says:

    She holds it as long as she useful to her master..that is her power../money….she is nothing on her own….

  4. marleen davis says:

    oooh, good one.

  5. marleen davis says:

    The problem is that something worse might take her place. I know that is difficult to phathom but it is possible, being that all democraps are nuts. This is a scary time and the vile and evil are prevailing in Congress. We have to hold on and vote them all out in 2020!!!

  6. Laurel says:

    Well, she’s the Devil we know, versus the Devil we don’t know. We know what she is, and what to expect from her. Alexasawacko OCrazy no-Cortex is truly a wild card, unpredictable, and nuts! So are Kamal-breath, Boogeyman, and Pocahantas!

  7. carl says:

    My friend, research who or what entity has the Power to invoke Term Limits and there you will see why it will be impossible to accomplish this well needed goal.

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