12 Republican Senators had one jaw-dropping reaction to the impeachment trial

Democrats spent multiple days making their case for the Senate to convict Donald Trump.

The impeachment managers used video and never before seen testimonials to convince GOP Senators to change their vote.

And 12 Republican Senators had one jaw-dropping reaction to the impeachment trial.

The Fake News Media universally praised the Democrat House impeachment managers’ presentation.

It was called “powerful,” “gripping,” and “damning”.

But it missed the mark by a country mile.

On the final day of their presentation, Democrats essentially argued every Republican in America was guilty of tolerating Trump’s call to violence by condoning Trump’s allegedly incendiary rhetoric going all the way back to 2016.

This did not impress the jury pool.

The National Review’s John McCormack reported that a dozen Republican Senators got up and walked out of the Senate gallery in the middle of the Democrats’ presentation as Congressman Ted Lieu condemned them all claiming unless they voted to convict Donald Trump they would be responsible for the next riot Trump incited.

Many Republican Senators were upset about the shrill and nakedly partisan tone the Democrats case took on.

Telling your potential jurors that they are an accessory to murder is not usually the preferred method for the prosecution to win a conviction.

Democrats probably already understand they are going to lose this case.

Instead, the purpose of their presentation was to lay down a marker to use the riot to smear Republicans and Donald Trump in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

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